restructuring panel promotion date can modified or not.

Submitted by BHARAT LAL on Sat, 02/06/2012 - 20:07

I was promoted as SSE in restructuring panel of 2003. letter for promotion in Feb 05 and some of panel candidate promoted as SSE from 01.01.11 some from immediate effect and two of them including me panelized but not promoted due to two year not completed in previous cader (SE). two year completed in Dec 05 but promotion has been given from 27th Jul 2006.

I talk to Sr DPO in this matter and asked "can my date of promotion modified from July 06 to Dec 05, He replied that as this is a matter of restructuring it can be considered if there is no any specific restriction but APO replied that promotion date can not modified without any specific rules.

I want to know that " date of promotion can be modified in case of restructuring or not." 

 " in panel some candidate has  been promoted in Feb 05 and before why two candidate promoted so late (more than 6 months) is is admissible.