Job Profile of a skilled artisan gr-III (Mech) in electric department TRS/SDAH

Submitted by Mayukh Khasnobis on Wed, 04/11/2015 - 05:33

I have been selected for the post of a skilled artisan gr-III (mech) in electric department TRS/SDAH.
1.It will be very helpful if you could tell me the job profile with as much details as possible. I know that I'm required to do some maintenance but am I expected to handle machinery as well?

2. Another query is that. I belong from humanities background and how would I benefit from this job? Please pardon my ignorance but does it even make sense to recruit a student from arts background to a post hat requires +2 pass in science? 

3. I've been told that I am expected to do some cleaning service when I will be attending my theoretical training. Is it true? If yes then why? Aren't technicians and cleaners different posts?

4. Would I enjoy the benefits of a railway employee during my three-year long training? If not exactly what will facilities am I offered?