Guard promotion policy

Submitted by deepakchitre on Sat, 20/10/2012 - 11:53

< >Correct me if i am wrong.The levels of promotion of guards are- 1) goods guard. 2) sr. goods guard. 3)pass. guard. 4) sr. pass. guard. 5) mail exp. guard. -Should a person be posted as a pass. guard (m/l) from pass. guard(sub) or promoted? ---Is there any such post as Pass. guard (sub) and Pass guard(m/l)? ---If passenger guard (suburban) is PROMOTED as passenger guard (mainline) then is he entitled for - 1)refusal of promotion, 2)monetary benefits like an increment? ---If the duties of a pass. guard are the same as that of a mail guard, then, why is there a difference of post & benefits?
--- What is the Railway board promotion policy of guards?