Various Allowances for Running Staff

Pay element in Running Allowance in Railway Services(Revised Pay) Rules 2008

  • 30 % of Basic Pay for computation of benefits excluding Retirement benefits.
  • For pensionary benefits, an additional 55% of Basic pay.
  • DA will be paid on Basic Pay plus Pay element of Running Allowance (ie, 30% of Basic Pay).
  • Benefit of reckoning Pay element for fixation of pay of Running staff on their appointment to posts under GDCE not admissible.

Allowance in lieu of kilometrage
When Running Staff are employed in non-running duties they will be entitled for Allowance in lieu of kilometrage as indicated below for every calendar day:
i) At Headquarters – 30% of Basic Pay.
ii) Outstation - Allowance in lieu of kilometrage at the rate of 160 km per calendar day.
This is admissible in the following cases:

  • Attending Medical examinations.
  • Journey on transfer.
  • Joining Time.
  • Refresher Courses & Training in carriage sheds.
  • Attending enquiries.
  • Attending law courts.
  • Attending as Defensel Counsel .
  • Trade Union meetings.
  • Attending First Aid classes.
  • Attending Ambulance classes.
  • Taking part in Territorial Army camps.
  • Attending Staff Loan societies.
  • Attending Welfare and Debt Committees.
  • Attending Sports Duties.
  • Undergoing Sterilisation operation.
  • Attending Hindi examination.
  • Guards booked on escort duties.
  • LP/ALP kept as spare for examination/cleaning engine for VIP special trains.
  • Any other duties declared in emergency as qualifying for Allowance in lieu of kilometrage.
  • Allowance in lieu of kilometrage 120 km to LPs working as Power Control/Crew Control.

Allowance in lieu of Running Room facilities

  • At outstations where Running Room is not provided.
  • Rates specified for every 24 hours or part thereof reckoned from time of ‘signing off’ subject to period of rest exceeding 4 hours between arrival and departure timings.
  • Half of the rates are admissible if cook is not available in running room.

Breach of Rest Allowance

  • Payable as Overtime Allowance under HOER at the rate of 2 hours for every hour by which rest fall short of prescribed hours of rest.
  • Periods of less than half an hour will be neglected and half an hour or more shall be rouded off to one hour on each occasion of Breach of Rest.
  • Breach of Rest Allowance shall be granted to running staff who work a train to outstation and return to headquarters and are booked for duty
    i) Before completion of 16 hours when duty before rest was 8 hours or more.
    ii) Before completion of 12 hours rest at headquarters when duty before rest was less than 8 hours.
  • Breach of Rest Allowance shall be granted to Running staff like shunters staff manning suburban services who avail daily rest booked for running duty
    i) Before completion of 12 hours when duty before rest was 8 hours or more.
    ii) Before completion of 8 hours rest when duty before rest was less than 8 hours.

Outstation(Detention) Allowance

  • Running Staff who are held up at any station other than headquarters due to an accident for a period exceeding 16 hours from the time they ‘sign off’ shall be paid Outstation(Detention) Allowance at the rate of 70 km for every 24 hour or part thereof after expiry of 16 hours from time of ‘signing off’.
  • At outstations where running rooms are not provided Running staff shall be entitled in addition Allowance in lieu of Running Room facilities.

Outstation(Relieving) Allowance

  • For Running Staff deputed to work outside their headquarters either on running duties or stationary duties.
  • Payment will be made from each day reckoned from the date of arrival at the outstation in the following manner.
    i) When officiating in higher post allowance shall be paid for 14 days only.
    ii) When Running Staff are sent to outstation in the same capacity allowance shall be paid for a maximum period of 2 months.
    iii) The period of journey to and from relieving station shall be treated as duty either spare or unning and allowance paid accordingly.

Accident Allowance

  • Running Staff who are held up at any station other than headquarters due to an accident for a period exceeding 8 hours shall be paid accident Allowance at the rate of 70 km for every 24 hour or part thereof reckoned from time of commencement of detention.

Minimum Guaranteed Kilometrage Allowance

  • Each Railway shall identify sections and circumstances where Running staff cannot earn adequate kilometrage within stipulated duty hours.
  • For these identified sections and circumstances Running staff shall be paid at the rate of 120 kms for full stipulated duty hours.

Officiating Allowance

  • When Running staff are put to officiate in a Running post for 30 days or less Officiating Allowance shall be paid as admissible in the lower grade plus running allowance at the rates applicable to higher grade in which they officiate enhanced by 15% except Fireman A/ALP and second Fireman.
  • When Second Fireman is put to officiate as Fireman A/ALP enhancement will be 20% of actual kilometrage performed.
  • When put to officiate in a running post for more than 30 days their pay will be fixed under normal rules.
  • When put to officiate in a Stationary post for more than 30days their pay will be fixed on the basis of pay in lower post as pay element of Running allowance.
  • When period is 30 days or less Officiating Allowance shall be paid for a period of 14 days only

Incentive scheme for through Goods trains

  • Seperately for Steam traction and Diesel Traction.
  • Inflated kilometrage based on actual kilometrage during prescribed schedule from ‘singing on’ to ‘signing off’.

Computation of kilometrage for slow moving trains

Shunting and Van goods trains
For first 60 km
To be paid at double the kilometrage.
Beyond 60 km
To be paid at 3 times the kilometrage.
Ballast/Material Train/Crane Special and Light Engine on Medical account
20 km per hour subject to a maximum of 200 kms for prescribed hours of duty from signing on to signing off.
Brake Down special and Medical Relief Train
25 km per hour duty from signing on to signing off.

Passanger Services

Hours of duty signing on to signing off.
Kilometrage to be paid for
Less than 4 hours
Actual kilometrage subject a minimum of 120 km
4 hours and above but less than 5 hours
Actual kilometrage subject a minimum of 130 km
5 hours and above
Actual kilometrage subject a minimum of 150 km

 Running staff working Pilots

  • Trip allowance to Running staff working Coal Pilots at the rate of 160 km for eight hours.
  • In addition a bonus of 50 km if they perform complete trips within stipulated target time.

Waiting duty Allowance
At the rate of 15 km per hour upto 10 hours in the following case:

  • Waiting/Standby duty as per roster.
  • Station duty including detention on account of cancellation of trains or cancellation of booking of staff after they have reported for duty.
  • Running staff kept back in administrative interest such as booking for President’s special, Relief Trains etc.
  • Waiting in steam in case of President’s special.

Ghat Sections

  • Sections with a ruling gradient 1:40 or steeper shall be classified as Class I Ghat section. Running staff working on ghats where banker is employed in assisting train computation of km will be 5 times the actual distance travelled.
  • In all other cases(including where banking engine is run as a Light Engine or assistance not required) it shall be calculated as 5 times actual distance travelled in case of Class I Ghat and 3 times Class II Ghats.

Trip Allowance

  • For High speed/Rajdhani Exp for completion of Trips.

Shunting Duty Allowance

  • Running staff working Van Goods trains and Through Goods trains.
  • Where main line crew is used for shunting at terminals preceded by or followed by train working such duty shall be paid at 15 km per hour.

Learning Road

  • Paid for actual Km run learning the road.
  • Infaltion on account of incentive, Ghat , minimum distance etc. not applicable.
  • Notmore than 3 trips up and 3 trips down permitted.

Travelling as Passenger on duty

  • Before or after working trains or for working a train at outstation shall be light duties and half the km is paid.
  • In case of trains provided with double set of crew spare crew travelling in rest van shall be paid half km admissible to crew on duty.

Natural calamities/Coal Shortage

  • When running staff cannot be allowed running duties or other duties on account of Natural calamities/Coal Shortage they shall be paid pay element of Running Allowance at the rate of 30% of Basic pay applicable for the day.

Rounding off
Total km for the month is rounded off for Running allowance calculation as

1 to 24
25 to 74
Rounded off to 50 km
75 to 99
Rounded off to 100 km

Line Boxes to Running staff

  • LP/ALP is paid Rs.80 as cost of Line Box in initial or replacement.
  • A standard air bag is also supplied to them every 3 years for carrying their personal items while on duty.

Supply of battery operated signals

  • Guards of Mail, Express, Suburban, Passenger trains will be supplied tri-color Hand signal lamps.
  • A cash allowance of Rs.25 paid for replacement of dry cells.



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pritesh singh (not verified)

Fri, 24/08/2012 - 11:52


i am working as assistant loco pilot in WCR,

my basic is 7970.

presently i am workingg in lobby in stationary duty (STDW).

sir, i want to know that what are the allowances i will be paid and also is i am eligible for Minimum Guaranteed Kilometrage Allowance 120 km

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a.jayaram (not verified)

Thu, 30/08/2012 - 10:32

sir I am working as officiating loco pilot from 2 months i was not given any posting till now and utilizing me as(L P )please suggest me

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Vyshnavi from … (not verified)

Thu, 30/08/2012 - 13:46

Dear Sir,


I have applied for the Sr.Section Engineer post in the Advertisement Emp.notice No.CEN.NO.01/2012 I have passed my Electrical Engineering in 2010   and so i have applied for the same Electrical.

 But,i  got Hall ticket with the Sr.Section Engineer(Mechanical Workshop) so i must answer all questions related to  mechanical stream which am not aware of.


Can you please justify my question am in trouble and i have to give my exam on 16-Sep-2012.




U said u just applied for Sr SE post.. Didn't mention the  category u applied.. U might have applied for the category of which u got the hall ticket.. Otherwise its a mistake from RRB. And about the questions.. there ll be questions from all those branches which are eligible for the post. So for Mech workshop there ll be questions from Mech, EEE, ECE and other relevant branches

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verinder jit (not verified)

Thu, 06/09/2012 - 20:56

 there is requirement of actual 75000 kms footplate experience for selection  of chief loco inspector selection Iwant to know that which kms is to be counted actual kms.whether minimum gurantted kms, incentive kms, road learning kms, spare kms, shunting kms are to be counted as actual kms or only engine run kms are counted as actual kms.

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Bibhas Midya (not verified)

Wed, 19/09/2012 - 00:08

how much KM should I get for out station detention for the following two cases?

1. more than 24 hours from Sign Off time at out station.

2. more than 32 hours from Sign Off time at out station. 

Outstation(Detention) Allowance at the rate of 70 km for every 24 hour or part thereof after expiry of 16 hours from time of ‘signing off’.

That means in your case both situation will get 70 km. Upto 40 hrs(16 + 24 ) you will get 70 km.

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PRITESH SINGH (not verified)

Thu, 20/09/2012 - 11:57


i want to know that if a alp/sas is used as shunter then what allownces will be paid?

is he eligible for 15% of higer grade?

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kushal ganguly (not verified)

Thu, 27/09/2012 - 23:18


My name is KUSHAL GANGULY. I am a Sr.Assistant loco Pilot,  of eastern railway. my G.P is 2400/-

I am medically Decatagorised ,a few days ago,now  I want to know ,what  will be the next G.P of myself ?

     And pl. help me to give the latest  circular of  C.P.O/ E.R/KKK's  regarding this matter.

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H l rawate (not verified)

Fri, 28/09/2012 - 08:47

Sir,i am a loco pilot and available today at 13.00hrs.if i want leave than I can apply leave from today or next day,pls send me rbe no.


But there are no rules that the administration should supply option form. It is the employee's responsibility to give the option. Besides there is no need that you give it in a printed form. You can just write it on a paper and give.

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Guest (not verified)

Mon, 08/10/2012 - 09:21

I am working as sr.goods guard in eastern railway in gp 4200/ and qualified for the post of welfare inspector of same gp.shall I get my 30%( pay aliment) while fixation pay in welfare. inspector.uu

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naresh rathore (not verified)

Fri, 12/10/2012 - 00:59

sir i m working in railway as a post of assistant loco pilot in rajkot division. sir i have done ITI in electrician. i want to part time diploma in electrical egg. sir from which collage can i do the particular course. plz give me suggestion. thank u

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Guest (not verified)

Sat, 13/10/2012 - 15:52

Dear sir, how the ALKM will be calculate. If the running staff utilised for non running duties what is the ALKM will be paid per day.

Krishna Das

Sun, 20/01/2013 - 12:28

my certificate varification for RRB tvm(assistant locopilot ) is over..Could anybody tell me how long it will take for calling medical examination and and also for final appoinment..Im thankfull if u aware me the details .. Im little bit tensed about the medical test so that i already prescribed 3 eye specialists..They all certify that im k with my eye sight..         Pls anybody instruct me that wether can i pass the medical examination cocerned by railway administration..............

Jaydeep Joshi

Tue, 24/09/2013 - 12:31

Respected Sir/Madam,

If any Loco Pilot Mail/Express, Loco Pilot Passenger or Loco Pilot Goods is transferred from one station to another, whether he is eligible for Composite Transfer Grant with one basic including 30% element or only one basic without including 30% element?

Please guide on the issue.


Dear Respected Sir,

Iam Working As a Loco pilot (goods) and  i want to know about the rules of NHA During  the Trg. period of passenger driver promotional course (At out station )Will be paid or not,? if yes! then please write me with establishment/rly. board letter no.



I'm kumar and working as an alp in guntakal division. I have been transferred on temporory basis from one lobby to another lobby. Now i'm working at another lobby . May i know what are the benefits that i can get additionally and any special allowances applicable to me please reply


Mon, 17/03/2014 - 15:42

Sir i got selected for ASM in rrb chennai.. I am working as an assistant in postal department for three years and also gave noc to RRB... shall my three years experience was considered  for departmental exams in railways  , shall i get any monetary benefits etc etc.. pls reply...


Sat, 18/02/2017 - 18:09

I am working as sr pass guard in waltair divn in east coast date of birth is 2.6.64 my retirement DT is 30.6.2024. My annual increment DT is 1.7. With this I may loss one increment which is due on 1.7.2024. Pl clarify my doubt and what can I do? Pl clarify.

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Anil kathit

Sat, 09/11/2019 - 02:19

Dear sir,

           I am working of sr.goods guard please you send me waiting duty allowance railway board letter no. copy please.

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Sumit kumar9991

Sat, 21/03/2020 - 23:27

Shunting allowance.

Sir i am working as loco pilot goods.i want to know that. there are only two rules for performing shunting when we worning train on line.(1) point for shunting from 3rd station to last station but one.(2) shunting hours at terminal station only for  starting or ending station. But if we do eroute shunting at any station then what allowance we are alligible for??? Do we alligible for shunting allowance which is 15km per hour.???