Streamlining of working of RRBs

Salient features of the recommendations by Railway Board on streamlining the working of RRBs and for expeditious formation of panels are as follows:

  • Zonal Railways/Production Units has to place indents to RRBs on 1st March & 1st September each year.
  • A Model Time Schedule for activities of RRB has been suggested. 
  • List of Nodal RRBs is published. 
  • Examinations for a particular post will be held on the same date simultaneously by all the RRBs once in a year. 
  • Examination for more than one category may also be held simultaneously based on administrative convenience.
  • All the RRBs shall advise to the nodal RRB the number of vacancies to be filled up, category-wise together with community breakup.
  • Nodal RRB will issue Centralised Employment Notice on behalf of all participating RRBs indicating the vacancies to be filled up by each participating RRBs. 
  • IndividuaRRBs will issue Employment Notice[s] in the regional Newspapers. 
  • A candidate shall be free to apply to more than one RRB but he will be doing so at his own risk as the examination will be held by all RRBs on the same date.
  • All RRBs [nodal/participating] shall set & print their own question paper and question booklets.  Evaluation of OMR sheets and subsequent stages of examination will also be done by respective RRBs.
  • The examination centres for each RRB can be fixed by each Chairman.

Ref : RRCB 04/2009 dated 28/10/2009


vijay kr yadav

Thu, 01/03/2012 - 13:39

Respected sir

I want to know that after document verification at RRBs level .

Is also second time original document verification at division level / before final selection or not ? 

and police verification is done after training or before training ?

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Fri, 02/03/2012 - 10:29

All your documents will be verified also at Divisional level just before appointment. Police verification can be any time. But it is not done in all cases.