School Pass for wards of Railway Employees

General conditions of elgibility

  • School passes may be issued to the son or daughter of a railway servant who is a bona-fide student of any recognised educational institution.
  • School passes are admissible for students including those who are engaged in research work and are not getting any stipend/scholarship, other than on merits/means basis.
  • Students over 21 years of age and doing a rotating internship for one year after passing MBBS or degree in Homeopathy/Siddha/Unani and Ayurveda are eligible for school passes provided the same forms a part of his/her medical course to be completed before becoming eligible for the award.
  • In cases where both husband and wife are railway servants, school passes shall be allowed against the account of either of the two.

Number of sets

  • A railway employee is entitled to 3 sets or 6 half-sets in a year.
  • Parent / guardian(In case of a boy under 18 years and a girl of any age) may be issued a separate pass for going to bring the student or returning alone after leaving the student at school/ college etc. and the passes thus issued shall be treated as part of one half-set of school pass. It will not count as a separate half-set.


  • Travel from school or college to the railway servant's headquarters to see either parent and back to school or college. Or to a place other than the railway servant's headquarters where either parent is residing and back to school or college.
  • Recognised vacations of not less than three consecutive days duration or closure of institution due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • To travel to an institution for admission (including counseling purposes) and back to head quarters of the railway servant.
  • To travel to recognised institution for joining and back to head quarter of the railway servant.
  • To travel to examination Centre for submitting forms of admission and to take up examination and back to headquarters or to take examination at place other than the place of school or college.
  • Travel back to the headquarters of the railway servant when he/she is withdrawn from school/college at the close of the course or for admission at the headquarters of the railway servant.
  • Travel on educational tour forming part of the school syllabus.
  • Travel upto port of embarkation and back if studying abroad. This would be on production of a certificate or other acceptable evidence that the student son/daughter has got admission in a college or University abroad and that he/she is required to join it by a particular date.

School certificate

  • A certificate from the school/institution has to be produced indicating that the son/daughter of the railway servant is a bonafide student of the recognised institution.
  • The School Certificate should be submitted only once a year at the beginning of the academic session.
  • A pass can be issued without production of the School Certificate.In this case School Certificate should be submitted within a period of one month from the date of issue of the pass.

Inclusion of Parent/Guardian in School Pass

  • In case of a boy under 18 years and a girl of any age, the parent or guardian may be included in the pass issued.
  • Parent/Guardian can be included in the School Pass issued to handicapped student sons of railway employees who are 18 years of age and above subject to production of a Medical Certificate from the DMO that such boys are unable to travel alone.
  • A parent including a step-parent or guardian in the same class may be included in a pass outward or inward and he/she may be issued a separate pass for going to bring the student or returning alone after leaving the student at school/ college etc. and the passes thus issued shall be treated as part of one half-set of school pass i.e. it will not count as a separate half-set. If the attendant is a guardian he/she will be issued only a II Class Pass.

Class of Travel

  • Entitlements to School Pass will be as follows.



1. Group ‘A’ & Group ‘B’ (Gazetted)

I Class ‘A’

2. Non- Gazetted employees:-
(i) In Grade Pay ` 4200/- and above
(ii) In Grade pay ` 2800/-
(iii) In Grade Pay below ` 2800/-

Ist Class
IInd Class ‘A’
IInd /Sleeper Class

  • However, the children of railway employees studying in Oak Grove School, Jharipani, who are not ordinarily entitled to 1st Class Passes, may, as a special case, be issued 1st Class Passes from their homes to Dehradun at the beginning of School Session and back to their homes at the conclusion of the school session and during vacations. On these occasions 1st Class Passes may also be issued to the escorts (School teachers) for their up and down journeys.
  • Student can carry a bicycle in the pass in addition to free luggage permissible by making an endorsement in the school pass.
  • School Passes are valid in Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains also subject to the pass quota availability.

Advance issue

  • School Passes may also be issued upto 4 months in advance as per the request of the employee.


  • Validity period may be decided by the pass issuing authority in each case depending upon the requirement of the occasion.

Break Journey

  • Break of journey en-route is permissible on school pass if endorsement to this effect is made on the pass.


Issue of School passes during Punishment/Suspension

  • School passes will be issued even when the privilege passes of an employee are stopped due to punishment.
  • Issued even if employee is under suspension.

Definition of School/College for the issue of School Passes

  • School or College both academic and professional, recognised by the State Governments/ Central Governments/Recognised Universities.
  • Government Military Educational Institutions Such as National Defence Academy, Khadakvasala and I. M. A. at Dehradun, Armed Forces Administrative College, Coimbatore.
  • Any educational institute recognised by the the Ministry of Education such as Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad/ Banglore/ Calcutta/ Lucknow, National Institute of Training in Industrial Engg., Bombay, etc.

The following are not permitted for issue of School Passes

  • Institutions such as day/night Adult School intended for the spare time education of adult/wage earners are not included in the definition of of School/ College.
  • Schools/ colleges imparting part-time/ whole time education in language etc.
  • Correspondence course.

Wards of Retired employees not eligible

  • Wards of retired railway employees are not eligible  for school pass, even till end of current academic year, in case the railway servant retired in mid-school session. 


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Rita Rani Rodrigues

Wed, 16/02/2011 - 06:37

Respected Sir,

At present I am working  as Matron in Jhansi: pay band 6600 and may be asked to appear in departmental exam fo Assistant Nursing Officer.  may I get the formate of the paper (model test paper) so I can prepare for the same.

with regards


Rita Rani Rodrigues


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Dear sir, is there any Vacancy of  "Commercial clerk"  ? heartly request to you please inform me to on my email id- [email protected] of any Railway Zonal. i am intrested in  Ticket Checker/ Collector. if there any Vacancy must inform me. :-)
  • its very important to me, i am belong to  poor family but good in 10 th and 12 th marks are very good. So its my heartly request to you presonaly inform me about Commercial clerk Vacancy please!! i would grateful for your replies ..thank you.

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S.PRABHAKARA RAO (not verified)

Thu, 20/09/2012 - 08:34

Dear Sir,

I posted comment on 18th Serpt. at 8.15 am regarding traveling in 2AC with photocopy of Ist Class comp. pass, original tickets and pass identity card. Since I have to go to BPL on 25th Sept. '12, Please communicate guide lines either YES or NO.  If Yes, please give me ruling to avoid frustration during journey. 

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Sai Krishna Ka…

Sun, 14/10/2012 - 22:01

My father is an EME in the Indian railways (South Central Railways).

I am a student of IIT Kharagpur and would like to avail the school pass to traverse between Hyderabad and Kharagpur during the vacation. 

Could I please be clarified about the documents to be submitted for the pass?

Is a bonafine certificate enough or should I have to  provide an officially attested list of holidays?

Please clarify.

Thank you.

Dilip Mavadia

Tue, 12/11/2013 - 17:48


Is a college declared Autonomous by UGC is covered under School pass rules i.e. whether a School pass can be issued to a ward of railway employee studying in an autonomous college?


Fri, 31/08/2018 - 11:16

please inform me about for how many kilometres does a school card pass is to be issued suppose a ward is studying MBBS 60 Kms away from his fathers Head Quarters then he is eligible to get the school card pass or not

Hi Sir,

I am a retired Senior Section Engineer in a NER Railway ,I lost my pass yesterday whose validity is till jan 2019,I issued this pass back month.

So is there any way is there by which the service of lost pass can be stopped and I can Issue a new pass in place of lost pass.

If any helpline number is there from where I contact and gather the information so I am curious to know.

Waiting for your valuable feedback


JK Singh





KUMAR sanjaych…

Sat, 11/05/2019 - 13:39

R/Sir, My son will travel from Jharsuguda (ODISHA) to IITK(Kanpur) to attend his classes on 23 July 2019. In this regard kindly send the validity period so that by presenting the same I can issue by concerned office/department of Railway and oblige me. Thanking you. For any queries in this regard my mobile phone number is 9777582657.