Railway Budget

  • Article 112(1) provides that the President shall, in respect of every financial year cause to be laid on the table of both the Houses of the Parliament a statement of estimated annual receipts and expenditure. This is called Annual Budget.
  • Railway Budget was separated from General Budget in 1924.
  • The responsibility for the compilation of accounts for the Railways was taken over by the Financial Commissioner, Railways from the Auditor General from 1 April 1929.
  • The financial forecasts in the Budget serve as a useful tool of management and to enable better appreciation, Performance budgeting has been introduced by presenting Budget in terms of important functions and activities.
  • Every spending and earning authority gives figures, but the accounts branch does the scrutiny and compilation.

Presentation to the Parliament

Minister for Railways presents the Railway Budget in Parliament during the month of February in advance of the General Budget. Budget as a whole in the shape of demands will be accompanied by the following Budget papers:

  • Speech of Railway Minister.
  • Books of Demands for Grants.
  • Explanatory Memorandum to Budget.
  • Works, Machinery and Rolling Stock programme for each Railway.
  • Performance Budget.
  • Indian Railways-Year Book and Indian Railways-Annual Reports and Accounts.
  • Appropriation Bill.