Psychological Test Preparation for Railway Recruitment - Odd/Dissimilar Test

Odd/Dissimilar Test
In this test a set of 4 or 5 pictures will be given out of which one will be different in some way than all the others. All the other except one will have some similar features. The answer will be the one which is different.








1. Answer : D
Exp : ‘D’ has 3 curved sides whereas all the other figures have 2 curved sides.

2. Answer : E
Exp :Except ‘E’ all other lines originate from the lower end of leaf making acute angle inside leaf.

3. Answer : E

Exp : Except ‘E’ all other triangles have 5 dashes.


4. Answer : C
Exp : Except ‘C’ in all other figures the blackened circle or rectangle comes across the same line whereas in ‘C’ it is side by side.


5. Answer : E
Exp : Except ‘E’ all are right angle triangles.


naval sharma

Sat, 26/07/2014 - 07:17

Dear sir
I want to know that when will result declar of ALP 2014 for phycology test.
My exam held on 15-06-2014.
Please sir reply me