Provision of appeal in case of Medical examination of candidates selected for Railway jobs

  • The provision for reconsideration/appeal in case of candidate being declared unfit for employment is detailed in Rule No. 522 of Indian Railway Medical Manual.
  • Ordinarily, there is no right of appeal.
  • But a request for appeal can be considered if the candidate concerned produce evidence regarding the possibility of error of judgment in the decision of the examining medical authority.
  • Such evidence should be submitted within one month of the date of communication of the decision of the first medical authority to the candidate.
  • The appeal after one month can also be accepted in case of a reasonable cause for not proffering appeal in time.
  • Consultation and investigation charges will be recovered for appeal.
  • If a medical certificate is produced by a candidate as evidence it should contain a note by the medical practitioner concerned, to the effect that the certificate has been given in full knowledge of the fact that the candidate has already been rejected as unfit for service by the Railway medical authority.


1. Rule No. 522 of Indian Railway Medical Manual

2. Ministry of Railway's letters No.91/H/5/1 dt.. 23/08/1991 and No.87/H/5/18 dt.. 26/10/1988



I am santu , from kolkata. I recently quailyfied in eatern railway group d post. can I choose helper-II  catagory. I am science graduate. NO ITI/DIPLOMA .please reply ..........

amitava sarkar

Thu, 10/04/2014 - 10:27

I have selected for asm in eastern railway, I have got my tr. asm appointment letter , i have submitted the attestations from, now the medical check up is going on, if I would fail in 'C' test will my candidature be rejected ?