Promotion to Non- Selection Posts

  • For non-selection posts selection is done based on seniority cum suitability. 
  • Non-selection  posts  will  be  filled  by  promotion  of  the  senior  most  suitable  Railway  servant  after suitability is determined  on  the  basis  of  the  record  of  service  and/or  departmental  tests .   
  • A senior person is rejected only when declared unfit. (Ref 2)
  • For promotion within Group C one must render a minimum of 2 years service in immediate lower grade.  (Ref 2 & 3)
  • The  Service  for  this  purpose  includes  service rendered  on  ad  hoc  basis  followed  by  regular  service  without  break also.  (Ref 2 & 3)
  • The  condition  of  two  years  service  should  be  fulfilled  at  the  time  of  actual  promotion  and  not  necessarily  at  the  stage  of  consideration.  (Ref 2 & 3)
  • Where candidate with 2 years service are not available post may be downgraded and operated in lower grade.
  • GM may give relaxation in this rule in administrative interest.
  • Prescribed period of probation should be satisfactorily completed before promotion.
  • The  number  of  eligible  staff  called  for  consideration  should  be  equal  to  the  number  of  existing  vacancies  plus  those  anticipated  during  the  next  six  months  due  to  retirement/superannuation,  likely  acceptance  of  requests  for  voluntary  retirement/resignation,  the  vacancies  in  the  higher  grades  in  the  channel,  staff  approved  to  go  on  deputation  to  other  units,  staff  already  empanelled  for  ex-cadre  posting,  creation  of  additional  posts  already  sanctioned  by  the  competent  authority  and  due  to  staff  likely  to  go  out  on  transfer  to  other  Railways/Divisions. (Ref 2)
  • Employees  passing  the  suitability  test  should  only  be  placed  in  the  select  list.  (Ref 2 & 4)
  • An  employee  who  has  passed  a  suitability  test  once  need  not  be  called  for  the  test  again  and  should  be  eligible  for  promotion  as  and  when  vacancies  arises. (Ref 2 & 4)
  • A  suitability  test  should  be  held  at  the  interval  which  should  not  be  less  than  six  months.  If  an  employee  fails  in  a  suitability  test  but  passes  a subsequent test after a gap of six months,  he  should  be  given  preference  over  his  junior  who  had  passed  the  suitability  test  earlier  than  him  but  is  still  waiting  to  be  promoted  for  want  of  a  vacancy. (Ref 2 & 5)
1. Rule 212 of Indian  Railway  Establishment  Manual
2. Rule 214   of Indian  Railway  Establishment  Manual
3. Railway  Board’s  letter  No.  E(NG)I-85-PM1/13(RRC)    dt.  9.02.87  and  E(NG)I-97/PM1/39  dated  7.8.98
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suresh p makwana

Wed, 18/09/2013 - 20:09

Sir, I was promoted as loco pilot (shunting)(GP-2400) as on 09.11.12 & resumption on 14.06.13 , earlier, I am Sr.asst.loco pilot (GP-2400).
I asking that additional increments would be payable in promotion in same GP/scale.


Fri, 18/12/2015 - 17:46

Dear Sir.

                Myself Anand I would like to know authorized person to promote track maintainer ,weather it is ADEN or DPO. So please help me with this problem......

I completed my 3 yr service IN RAILWAYS, joined as ALP, My last promotion was on JULY 2015 as SR.ALP. Now I completed my ALP to LP(G) training and succeeded, started officiating as LP-SHUNTER.

Is it required to have 2yr of minimum service as SR.ALP to get promoted to SHUNTER or total 2 yr service within ALP/SR.ALP.

Please reply with reference



One of my colleague was selected as JE 4200 gp . Now he is in training. He was called to mctcm exam of 4200 gp. Mctcm is lower cader compared to JE. How can he attend mctcm exam when he is in higher cader


Thu, 03/10/2019 - 00:32

sir i am sr.tnc on 2400 gp.tnc category is not in safety please tell me that for taking promotion in 4200 gp will i have to complete two years of service in 2400 gp .if yes than is there any rule to get rid from this problem..please tell me.