Posting of husband and wife at the same station when both are Railway employees

Guidelines to follow when both spouses are Railway employees

  • Where both the spouses are railway employees and belong to the same seniority units: They should invariably be posted together in order to enable them to lead a normal family life and look  after the welfare of  their children. Both the railway servants may be posted at the same station /place ensuring that one of them does not work as subordinate to the other. 
  • Where both the spouses are railway servants but belong to different seniority units: Efforts  may be made to post both the railway servants at the station where posts at appropriate level exist in the respective seniority units failing which requests for change of the category may be considered sympathetically keeping in view all other relevant rules in the matter.  
  • Where one of the spouses is a railway servant and the other belongs to All India Service or another Central Service: The Railway servant should be posted at station/place in the Railway /Division/PU in whose territorial jurisdiction the place /state of posting of his/her spouse falls or as close to it as possible if there is no Railway Organisation /post at the place/state of posting of the spouse.
  • Where one of the spouses is a railway servant and the other belongs to a State Service: The Railway servant should be posted at the station/place in the Railway /Division/PU in whose territorial  jurisdiction the place /state of posting of his/her spouse falls.    If it is not possible, if a request from the railway servant to the Controlling Authority of the spouse for his /her  posting at the place of posting of the railway servant is received the same may be forwarded to the concerned authority for sympathetic consideration.
  • Where one of the spouses is a railway servant [ All India Service] and the other is working in a Central/State/Public Sector Undertaking/Autonomous Body/Private Sector: The Railway servant may apply to the controlling Authority for a posting at the place of posting of his/her spouse which may be considered favourably by the competent authority.  If no post is available for posting of the railway servant at the place of posting of the spouse he/she may be posted to a place closer to the place of posting of the spouse.  If this also is not possible application from the railway servant for posting of the spouse who is working in the Central/State/Public Sector Undertaking may be forwarded to the controlling authority of the spouse for  his / her posting at or near the place of the railway servant. 
  • In all cases the cadre controlling authority should strive to post the employee at the station of spouse as far as possible. In case of inability to do so for some specific reasons, this may be communicated to the employee.
  • The complaints against non-adherence  to these instructions should be decided by the authorities at least one level above the authorities which took the original. All such representations should be considered and disposed off in a time bound manner.
  • While all efforts may  be made to post the husband  and wife at  the same station, instructions issued by the Board from time to time in regard to request transfer/Change of category should be followed in all such cases. 
  • A separate register may be maintained at each Divisional and Zonal headquarters of the Railways for registering requests for transfers from railway servants for posting at the place of posting of their spouses, which may be reviewed from time to time, by competent authority.

**Railway Board’s ltr. No. E[NG]I-2009/TR/29 dated 02.02.2010  [RBE No.23/10]PC-VI185



sir am working at divisional railway hospital at asansol as STAFF NURSE,my working working at central govt at chennai..and appointed NOV 2012.,can i apply for one way transfer to chennai or bangalore on spouse ground,.and idnt want at mutual because its not no candidate is ready.,.pls help by suggesting..thanks,.


where shall i get application for applying transfer ? in  office iaskd they are not ready to help? and appointed on 2012 joined duty on nov 1st ? am i eligible/ and am comes under ST category any rule over that / pls help.pls help in details i wil be thankful to you.

I m working as ASM in Dhanbad. My husband is working as chief controller in Howrah division.. What is the procedure to get transfer in Howrah division?

Joydeep Das

Sat, 19/12/2015 - 15:35

Spouse Ground transfer there is any time limitations new circular R.B
Most Respected sir,
I am helper..Lumding Division, N.f.Rly.My wife working SDAH Division ,E.Rly(same deptt.).I was applied inter railway transfer on spouse ground on 21.08.15.Now Rly Boards new circular no.E(O)III/2014/PL/05 dated 31.08.15 there are para no.xi and xvi are confused on spouse ground transfer time limitations.
Sir Plz about me there is any time limitations on spouse ground transfer inter railway. as per new circular.


Fri, 15/12/2017 - 15:42

Sir I AM Assistant Loco pilot in sec railway and my wife working in union bank of India at my home town bihar any transfer rules to get transfer at ECR RAILWAY any Loby at my home town bihar give me full details sir plss and which forum I will be submitted in spouse ground plss help me and also contact at this no 9386869372 please sir...

srikant padhy

Fri, 12/01/2018 - 23:48

Sir previously I was working as JE in Bokaro & on mutual transfer I am presently working as JE in MEMU car shed, Kharagpur & my wife working as Jr.clerk under Govt.of Odisha. Now I am applying for transfer on spouse ground. But my office won't forward my application as I am recently done the mutual transfer. where as the gap of my mutual transfer to apply for on request is more than six month. Is there any rule sir..Please clarify me

Sir,I am a Station Master at adra divsion.  I have applied railway transfer on January 2017 from Adra to HWH.  Adra forwarded to zonal office 15 Sept 2017. Zonal office forwarded it to EASTERN Railway 15 th January 2018 to ask whether I will accommodate at HWH  or not. No response received from EASTERN railway till date. I have also applied for station change with in Adra division on spouse ground which is nearer from my home town. As per basis of application submition, I am senior most. But now my authority posted another person who is junior. Is there any rule that I am not eligible for station change due to I have applied for Railway change?  Please inform me. 


I'm completed Bsc chemistry and 2 year diploma course in Helath there any vacancy in health and malaria inspector in RRB?

shreya verma

Thu, 14/06/2018 - 13:33

sir i  am posted at ecr/hjp and my husband posted at ser/dls /bndm.he submitted his transfer application on basis of spouse ground from ser/dls/bndm to ecr /hjp but his sr.dme not forwarded his application for further action .sir kindly give us guidance how we process our application further.

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