Pay Bills

Wage Period

  • All salary and wage bills are for a period of one month. 
  • Efforts are being made to uniformize wage periods Different wages from 1st to last day of the month though bill periods such as full calendar month or 15 th to 14 etc. for various categories are still done for administrative convenience.
  • Each pay bill is a unit and each bill unit has a specific number.
  • The date of submission of bill its checking by Accounts department and payment to staff are fixed depending upon wage period.
  • The date of payment should be notified through a Notice Board displayed at the place of work for the benefit of Railway Employees.

Pay Bill Accompaniments

  • Absentee Statement.
  • Rent rolls.
  • Night Duty/ National Holiday Statements.
  • Memorandum of Differences.
  • Electricity Bills.
  • Telephone Bills.
  • PF deduction Statement.
  • Workshop, Station, Stores etc. debit list.
  • Recovery for institutes, Co-operatives, SBF etc.
  • Doctor’s fee.
  • Summary of staff strength.
  • Court attachment recoveries.
  • LAP/LHAP statement.
  • Deductions from Pay Bill.
  • Provident Fund subscription.