Ordering of a Goods Train and process of Freight Train Operations

Ordering of Goods Trains

  • The message from Divisional Control Office that a train is scheduled to leave from a station or yard at a certain time is known as Train Notice. The message is further conveyed to all concerned.
  • Availability of suitable load, loco, crew, guard and path has to be ensured while ordering a train.
  • Each freight train has to be run under a unique number/name/train ID for monitoring its movement through intermediate Divisions /Zones and also to facilitate activities at Control Office, Yards, C&W Depots, Crew/ Guard booking Lobby, Power Controller, Traction Loco Control. Co-ordination between Traffic control and PRC(or shed if fresh power is required), Yard/Station, C&W, Crew/Guard booking lobby is then essential.
  • Regular conference with yards, terminals, adjoining division is held by Control office for exchange of information on forecast of trains, completion of loading/unloading and interchange information.
  • Monitoring is done also through FOIS.
  • Constant monitoring of Loading/unloading at sidings / goods sheds by station staff and control.

Complexity of Freight operations

  • Changing patterns and fluctuations in demand for rakes/wagons.
  • Variety of commodities to be moved requiring different type of wagons.
  • Preferential traffic schedule, rationalization schemes, and other public policy regulations.
  • Seasonal variations in demand.
  • Time taken for loading/unloading and weather it is manual/mechanical.
  • Train examination systems – End to end, CC rakes.
  • Wagon maintenance, sick wagon detaching, attaching fit wagons.

Steps involved in Freight Train Operations

Basic operations involved in offering empty rakes for loading are:

  • Examination.
  • Supply/placement
  • Loading/despatch.
  • Inward loaded trains released after unloading and which has to be back loaded may require an outward examination unless rake is certified fit for a round trip or for a prescribed distance.
  • Once the train is certified fit all the commercial formalities has to be followed.
  • At this stage train ordering is done by Control office and crew and loco has to be arranged.
  • Movement of freight traffic is monitored at different levels in Control Office upto its arrival at destination and co-ordination with Divisions/Zones are also done.


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