NEW PASS NORMS - AIRF & NFIR keeps on bluffing

AIRF chief S.G. Mishra to railwaymen.

Sub: Entitlement of Privilege Pass  

Dear Coms.,

Today I met the CRB, MS, AMS and Adviser(IR), Railway Board and apprised them the serious unrest prevailing amongst the Railwaymen because of inordinate delay in the matter of New Pass Rules. They have informed me that that the matter is being pursued vigorously. But I know that Finance is the stumbling block and that is the reason, it is being delayed badly.   
 I also warned them that in case this issue is not resolved early, Railways should ready to face the anger of the Railwaymen; which may lead to serious agitation of the Railwaymen. 

And since  “No ” is not  coming from higher  echelons of the Railway Board ; we have to wait for some more time. (what he comes to say here)

They have assured to settle the matter shortly. 

Yours sincerely,

sd -

This letter has been written to so called poor comrades on 3rd of august 2010.. This is the level of today's FEDERATIONS.


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Haridas (not verified)

Sat, 15/09/2012 - 19:56


         Senior permanent way supervisor belongs to which category in Indian Railways ( Excluded or Continuous). Who are classified supervisory as per HOER . 


Sr. PWS come under Excluded as he doesn't work in roster .
As per HOER all supervisors comes under Excluded. Now who is supervisor is decided by Railway administration. That means same job in same job can be Excluded or C in different contexts . A JE in workshop work in roster whereas a JE in charge of section is in Excluded

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H.kumar (not verified)

Tue, 02/10/2012 - 00:26

dear all concerned.....some comments ,caustic remarks,biased quotes are  personal feelings and jaundiced personal views only.the corrupt and corruption has crept into all levels. Cashiers if earn any that is railway yardstick to pay them as no way the black money or earned by unholy means...can u say   Or fathom that hard earned money on the expenses of sleepless night.the loss they bear for making the payment at short snap...Ill earned money u can see or observe on the running train or in the engineering  stocks or by protecting railway goods or by the contractors or you know very well.......why you come into the traps of money lending.....a money lender in all forms remain loitering in all why scashiers only thou not attitude  for holiness is not correct.....come to south eastern can observe the honesty and labour attached with pay office...

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H.kumar (not verified)

Wed, 03/10/2012 - 19:16

NCash and pay office staff are making the scapegoat for the smudge they are not responsible for.....some guys are resorting to make caustic remarks to get easy popularity..corruption and faulty means can't be the general check such malpractices there are so many agencies to act dearth of highly qualified and honest employees in this organisation which can be easily manifested in the result of appendix 2and 3 successful candidates from cash and pay office and decorate so many post of section officers these day.we must think over the payment to be paid in time with cash and pay office staff are working in changed mode of and pay module in full swing in so many railways...honorarium payment is white money as per established yardsticks of railways but we all are aware with wastage and loot what goes on.....we should not throw dirt on others for any intended purposes........attract the attention of our comrades to do needful for the modernisation of cah and pay office.