Medical facilities for Retired Employees

Retired Employees Contributory Health Scheme

  • Retired/Invalidated employees can avail medical facilities by joining RECHS at a nominal monthly contribution.
  • No new members are allowed in the scheme.
  • Existing members may continue indefinitely.


Monthly Contribution
Gr A
Rs. 36
Gr B
Rs. 27
Gr C
Rs. 18
Gr D
Rs. 9



Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme

  • Minimum 20 years service. Those resigning not eligible.
  • For Ex. Casual Labour, 50% of temporary service rendered as Casual Labour shall be counted for calculating Qualifying Service.


  • One time contribution equal to last month Basic Pay to be made at the time of retirement.
  • Members of existing RELHS scheme will automatically become member without any fresh payment.
  • Option to join may be given 3 months before retirement.
  • Retired employees and spouses of deceased retired Railway employees may by paying an amount equal to all monthly contribution due under RECHS from date of retirement to date of joining RELHS in addition to equalised Basic Pay at the time of retirement as per successive pay Commission’s recommendations.

Rate of Contribution for Pre 96 retirees

  • 2 times of revised pension as on 01.01.1996 including commuted portion.
  • For family pensioners it will be double the normal family pension as on 01.01.1996.
  • For SRPF optees a one time contribution at twice the ex-gratia monthly payment may be deposited.
  • Medical facilities will be available for self,spouse, widowed mother, dependent children who will get indoor/outdoor treatment as in case of serving empoyees.
  • Benefits include special diet, reimbursement of claims for treatment in government or recognised non-Railway Hospitals. They will be eligible for ambulance services, medical passes, home visits, treatment of first two pregnancies of married daughters at concessional rates, treatment of servant etc.


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Trushant Walde (not verified)

Sun, 19/08/2012 - 14:30

My Mother Late Sunanda Shankar Walde has enrolled in the RELHS .She went in coma so I admitted her in private hospital (Orange City Hospital , Nagpur) .She expired in Hospital .Is it feasible to reimburse her medical expenses, which has run over two lacks and fifty thousand.


Trushant S Walde




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49 years 6 months

Tamal Kumar Pal (not verified)

Mon, 03/09/2012 - 20:49

Dear Sir

My father Sh Rabindra Nath Pal retires as Chief Parcel Supervisor from Durg Statiion in 1998. He had not opted for the RELHS at the time of retirement. Is it possible for him to opt for this now?

My Mother is a kidney patient and is on dialysis and intention is to get medical help for her treatment

thank You



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49 years 6 months

uttam (not verified)

Fri, 07/09/2012 - 09:57

My fatheris retired from Delhi division  Northern Railways in 1983 but had not opted for any health scheme *(he has been operated for heart privately in 2004)  can he join RELHS

what are the formalities & where one should contact



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Guest (not verified)

Tue, 18/09/2012 - 12:51

Dear Sir,

My father is given compulsory retirement worked in North-Central railway, Allhabad division not getting RELHS facility yet. Now, we are in Kolkata, west Bengal, nearest Railway office is Head quarters South Estern Railway. Is it possible to get issued medical card from the nearest railway office?


arka Chakraborty

Dear sir,

yes sir, SER dont have record but my father appeal for that, and SER gave a letter from public grivrance  Dept. to my father. My father is unwell now, and unable to go Allahabad. So. sir can I go Allahabad for the reason? Is this fruitful to me to go North-central railway's office?


Arka Chakraborty.

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49 years 6 months

Guest JR Sharma (not verified)

Sat, 22/09/2012 - 17:44

Dear Sir,

My brother has taken Voluntary retirement from northern railway in the year 2001. He was working as TXR (train examiner) at Amritsar .  He is getting FDA.  Please let me know whether he can join RELHS now as he  requires medical facilities urgently.  What is the procedure and to whom contact.


Janak Raj Sharma



Thanks for the information. It is to state that while I was sending  my query I got telephone from the family of my brother about his sudden death the due to cardiac heart arrest at private nursing home yesterday in the evening at Amritsar.  This is very shocking news for me.  Now my query is about  his family, how the family get the benefit of RELHS and whom to approach for membership and family pension. He was getting FMA (fixed medical allowance).


janak raj Sharma

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rahul garg (not verified)

Mon, 24/09/2012 - 20:55

what is the salary package for C group and D group

employees....................plz tel me as soon as possible

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49 years 6 months

Manish Bansal (not verified)

Sat, 29/09/2012 - 08:23

My Father Shri Kishan Bansal is retired form NW railway from account departement.He has Railway medical card issued for my parents at the time of retirement and registered in Ajmer.

Now for time being (three-four month)he is staying with me  in Mohali near to chandigarh and wants to avail medical facilities like free medcines from CHandigarh dispensary. But when we asked for medicine they always denied and says that you are not eligible for this as you are registered in Ajmer and if you want to get the facility you have to transferred it here.

My job is transferrable and even my parents comes occasionally  for few months.It is not possible to get transferred the card in chandigarh as my and parents stays is not fixed.

Please suggest how can we get this facility?




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lokesh r (not verified)

Fri, 05/10/2012 - 14:57

My brother Sri R.Kumar who was in service since 1978 to 1998 in Railways . due to continued absence from duty he was removed from service in 1998. No compassionate allowance was extended and now RELHS is also not available. He is now 58 and now struggling  for life 

We are planning to put a review petion.

please inform whether he is eligible for RELHS . If their are any specific Railway board orders please furnish the same.


My father retired from Southern Railways in 1991.

However, at the time of retirement he did not contribute to the Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme and so does not have any health benefits.


Is it possible to contribute whatever is the sum now and become eligible under this scheme.





Deva Priya

Fri, 06/09/2013 - 15:32


My father retired in September 1993 from SCR secunderabad division and has not availed of the retired medical facilities during that time. Today when i approached his concerned office for finding out the procedure and making necessary payments for subscribing to the retired medical facilties from railway, they have informed that employees retired prior to 1996 cannot join this scheme now. It is right? Where and whom do i approach to apply for the retired railway employees medical facilties for my  father and mother. Pls expedite the reply. Thanking you in anticipation .....


Deva Priya


Mon, 16/09/2013 - 21:14

Dear Sir,


        My Father has retired from his service from SER as an head clerk, from electrical dept in year 2003, job location NAGPUR.

he is having his medical RHS card. can he able to reimburse his medical bills if got treatment in a private hospital.


Plz help..


Warm Regards


[email protected]


Mon, 25/12/2017 - 09:35

Dear Sir,

I am Pradeep Chauhan ,son of late railway employee Balbeer Singh Chauhan. Recently my mother Puspa Devi, was admitted to hospital (Ram Krishna mission hospital , Kankhal haridwar) in emergency due to respiratory problem. She later died after surviving on ventilator for 12 days. She was in hospital for about 14 days. 

My mother was a pensioner and use to collect her pension from post office. My father died in 1983, he use to work in Moradabad division in Uttar Pradesh and was an Engine driver. I am looking for the reimbursement of medical expenses that was incurred during the hospitalization of my late mother.  

Requesting you to look into the matter and necessary help from railway. Hoping for the best.


Pradeep Chauhan

NOTE: This mail has been written by my nephew due to my limited knowledge of using internet/computer. 


Fri, 29/06/2018 - 15:25

my mother diagnose with meningioma (Brain Tummer) on 31 dec 2017. in emergency we operate her in brain hospital jalgaon which is not recognized hospital the doctor billed us about 3.50 lacks we Immediately provide the emergency certificate on date 2 jan 2018 to railway hospital & submit our reiumbersment file on 24 feb 2018 but till now we didn't get the reiumbersment amount. yesterday i inquired about the same to concern in railway hospital he told me my file is sanctioned & i will get amount of 21645 instead of claim file of 3.50 Lack  is this fair enough which hospital charged such less amount for brain surgery. please suggest what to do.

Dear Sir,


My Late Grand Father was retired in 1986 and did not opted for RELHS at that time, is it possible for me to avail the same for my Grandmother.

Also her details are being routed from Northern Railway Allahabad, what would be the formalities and can we avail from Delhi Northern Railway Department.

Hi Sir,

My father retired from PGIMER , Chandigarh and my mother who works in railways wants to avail Medical facility being dependent on my father after retirement. Will she still have to opt for railway medical facility?

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Tue, 05/11/2019 - 13:30

My father retired in the month of June 2006 and he has opted for RELHS scheme and he is paid with Rs. 1000 as fixed medical allowance and hence he cannot take treatment as OPD in the Railway Hospital. 

If he wants the OPD facility in the Railway Hospital what is the procedure he has to follow. Kindly guide me please.