Medical Examination of Candidates for appointment to Non-Gazetted Railway services

  • Medical examination includes-

                 (i) general physical examination, and
                 (ii) vision tests

  • Non-Gazetted Railway services are divided into the following broad groups and classes: 

Group A : Vision tests required in the interest of public safety


Staff classed in this group

Required Vision standards


Foot plate staff, Rail car drivers and Navigating staff

Distant vision : 6/6, 6/6 without glasses with fogging test(must not accept +2 D)

Near Vision :

Sn.0.6, 0.6 without glasses 


Other running staff, Other shunting staff, Point lockers                                                          Station masters, and other staff in operative control of                                                              signals.

Distant vision : 6/9, 6/9 without glasses(no fogging test)

Near Vision :

Sn.0.6, 0.6 without glasses 


Loco, signal and transportation Inspectors, staff authorised to work trolleys, Yard supervisory staff, Road motor drivers and gate keepers on level crossings.

Distant vision : 6/9, 6/9 with or without glasses. Power of lenses  not to exceed 2D.

Near Vision : Sn.0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses.

Group B. Vision tests required in the interest of the employee himself or his fellow workers or both


Such  station and yard non supervisory, shed and other staff  , excluding shed man, as are engaged on duties where failing eye sight may endanger themselves or other employees from moving vehicles, road motor drivers, permanent way mistries, gang mates, keymen,  and staff of the Railway Protection Force.

Distant vision : 6/9, 6/12 with or without  glasses. Power of lenses  not to exceed 4D.  

Near Vision : Sn. 0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses when reading or 

close work is  required


Certain staff in workshops and engine rooms engaged on duties when failing eye sight may endanger themselves or

other employees from moving parts of the machinery and

crane drivers on open line.

Group C. Vision tests required in the interest of administration only


Other workshop and engine room staff, shed stockers and other staff in whom a higher standard of vision than is required in clerical and kindred occupation is necessary for reasons of   efficiency and others not coming in group A or B

Distant vision : 6/12, 6/18 with or without glasses.

Near Vision : Sn. 0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses when reading or 

close work is  required


C-2 Staff in clerical occupations  not included in A,B and C-1

Distant vision 6/12, nil with or without glasses.

Near Vision : Sn. 0.6 combined with or without glasses where reading or close work is required

  • Spectacles:  No glasses are to be permitted  for categories A-1 and A-2 and for Railway Protection Force staff where their medical category is B-1.
  • Candidates in classes A-1, A-2, A-3 and B-1 on being medically examined shall be tested for color perception with the prescribed apparatus and recommended methods of examination.
  • For both Candidates and employees contact lenses shall not be permitted in category A and B.
  • Candidates  of classes A-1, A-2, A-3 and B-1 will be examined with regard to their vision in diminished light.
  • Candidates class A-1 will be examined to ascertain that the fields of vision are not seriously restricted.
  • Candidates in Classes A-1, A-2, A-3, B-1 and B-2 will be tested for the presence of binocular vision, i.e., peripheral fusion, depth perception and stereoscopic vision.
  • Candidates from A1 to B-1 categories may be examined in glaring light by providing a 200 Watts Bulb 90 cm. above and over the Landolt's Board in front of the examinee's eye. Response to glare and recovery time should be noted by examining the candidates 

Fundus / Full Ophthalmology Examination:

  • Compulsory in the following circumstances,
  1. For all candidates in A-1
  2. For categories C-1 and C-2 when the power of lenses exceeds 4 D., the candidate should be examined by an Ophthalmologist to exclude progressive eye disease. 

General physical examination:-

Candidate must be in good mental and bodily health and free from any defect likely to interfere with the effective performance of the duties of his appointment.

Following are examined:

  • Measurement of height, weight and chest girth will be recorded.
  • The condition of heart and lungs.
  • The condition of teeth and gums (well filled teeth will be considered as sound).
  • Whether there is any evidence of abdominal disease.
  • Whether there is any hernia or tendency to hernia.
  • Whether there is any degree of hydrocoele, varicose veins  or  piles.
  • Whether there is free movement of the joints.
  • Whether there is any inveterate skin disease.
  • Whether hearing in each ear is good and whether there is any disease of the ear.
  • Whether there is any speech defect.
  • Whether there is any contagious disease of the eyes or any other condition likely to lead to impairment of vision.
  • Whether there is any acute or chronic disease pointing to an impaired constitution.
  • Whether there is any communicable disease.
  • Hearing:  In the examination of hearing of the candidate/serving employee, the speaking voice test will be employed.  The use of hearing aid should not be permitted for candidates in categories 'A' and 'B'.
  • Speech:  Stammering is not to be considered a serious defect disqualifying a candidate in clerical duties, especially such of them as do not have to come in direct contact with the public.  
  • Head injuries:- Candidates in categories A-1, A-2 and A-3, when they come up for medical examination or re-examination, should give a declaration if they had a head injury earlier and if so, a history of the case, even though fully cured at the time of declaration. In the case of persons with past history of loss of memory, a full neurological examination and a fitness certificate from a neurologist would be required.
  • Urine: In A-1 Urine examination is compulsory.  For other categories, urine will be examined if the examinee is over 30 yrs of age. If there is any reason to  suspect renal disease or diabetes in any examinee under 30 yrs age, his urine will be examined. 

Candidates who has one of the following will be rejected irrespective of the category of employment:





Contagious and infective diseases

-          Pulmonary tuberculosis

-          Venereal infection

-          Trachoma

-          Infectious ocular diseases

-          Leprosy.

-          Other contagious diseases



Conditions commonly predisposing to invalidity or seriously enhancing the candidate's liability to occupational risks


Well marked hydrocoele

Varicose veins


If these are satisfactorily treated by operation, the evidence of their previous existence shall not disqualify.


Ectopic testes, located in the inguinal canal, abdominal wall or thigh,

being more liable for trauma/torsion passed (iii)

Fit only after the examinee has undergone surgical



Flat foot

Knock knees

Permitted only insedentary occupations





Conditions rendering the association of the candidates with others objectionable

Repulsive inveterate skin diseases


Foetor associated or otherwise with pyorrhoea alveolaris.


Constitutional disorders commonly deemed progressive and chronic disorders liable of recurrent

exacerbation of a disabling kind.




  • Normally, candidate has no right of appeal , but if proof is produced as regards to the possibility of error of judgement in the decision of the examining medical authority, a re-examination will be ordered. Such evidence, should be submitted within one month of the date of communication.
  • A medical certificate produced by candidate as evidence about possibility of error of judgement should contain a note by the medical practitioner concerned that he is aware of the fact that the candidate has already been declared unfit by Railway medical authority.

Ref : Indian Railways Medical Manual


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After selection of rrb & submitted the attestation form if i fail the medical test what should i have to do ? i want a second medical test .i have option for two categories  1. goods guard 2.reservation clerk .how can i appeal for a second test ?


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