Medical classification of different categories of Railway staff



  • Loco Pilot/ Asst. Loco Pilot
  • Motorman
  • Shunter


  • Guards/Asstt.Guard/Pilot guard
  • Shunting Master, Pointsman, Traffic porters
  • ASM, Station Master, Station Supt.
  • Traffic Apprentices


  • Loco Inspector
  • JE/SE C&W
  • JE/SE P. Way
  • JE/SE Loco
  • JE/SE Works
  • JE/SE Signal & Telecommunication
  • Traffic Inspector
  • Trolleymen
  • ​Gatekeeper
  • YM/AYM, Trains Clerk
  • Bridge Inspectors, JE/SE Bridges


  • Gang men / Trackman
  • Permanent way khalasis
  • Patrolman
  • ESM/Tech Signal
  • Train Examination staff
  • RPF staff


  • Ticket checking staff


  • Section Controller
  • Booking Clerk
  • Parcel clerk
  • Station Clerk
  • Commercial Inspector
  • Telephone operator


  • Others




Dear sir,
I am arnab saha student of electronics and instrumentation engg.My father (mcm) died on duty in kanchrapara i was offered compassionate ground joining in JE.I appeared the exam on 27-09-15. I have also cleared the exam and from Fairly(HQ) place i was offered in JE(elect.)/BWN/DSL.
But now i am facing problems in medical test.because i have power in my eye and according to them i am not suitable for this post B1 category.
So sir please help me what post can i get? And will they offer me in same grade pay or can i get any other JE post which have lower medical category?
Please help me sir and tell me what are the posts in 4200 grade pay.
Thank you.
Arnab Saha

hi arnab, udayan here i am a graduate in electrical engineering ,my mother also was a sealdah division employee and her having expired i hav also have been offered compassionate appointment but i hav binocularity problem  due to which i might be given c1 category..i wanted to know what happened in your case did they give you je in some other dept coz i know in workshop and production units they require lower standards?

my maild id is [email protected]

please do inform me i am in a lot of tension

vikram ambasta

Mon, 03/12/2012 - 22:05

Dear Sir,

I Am An Electronics And Communication Engineer.My Father (Station Manager-1/E.C. Railway) Expired While On Duty So I Have To Appear For Examination On Compassionate Ground For The Post JE/SE (S & T).

Sir, I Would Like To Know The Medical Standards For The Post Mentioned Above.

If I Will Be Having Any Problem Of color Blindness & Could Not be Able To Pass The Ishihara Test (Number Recognition Test In Medical Examination), Then also Can Personal Department Consider Me For The Post Or Not?

If Not, What are The Other Suitable Options For Me?Will I Be Able To Join As JE/SE In any Other Department (Works/P-Way/Electrical/Mechanical/Design In S &T Department)?

As JE/SE (Design-S & T) Requires Lower Level Of Medical Standard (C-1 Or C-2), In Which Ishihara Test Is Not needed.Recruitment Cell Can Consider Me For This Post?

Please Suggest, I Need Your help Sir.

Thanking You In Anticipation.

[email protected]/[email protected]



Vikram Ambasta

+91 9546718528

Navikaran Singh

Tue, 23/02/2016 - 20:49

Dear Sir,

I had given exam on Compassionate Grounds and cleared it for SE/Signal in Ferozpur Division. But in medical i was declared unfit for A3 and declared fit for B1 and below. Now i had been given clerical job with 2800 grade pay. Is there any possibility that i should be given any higher post with higher grade pay as i had cleared the exam. I had don BTech in IT.
Please reply..

Navikaran Singh


Fri, 03/05/2019 - 06:23

hi,sir.. recently I got good marks in railways technician  (heat engine). but I scare about medical test because I have varicocele on my left side, after ultrasound doppler test I had got to know that it is grade3 vericocele . is there any chance for me to get that job? if I will go for vericocele laparoscopic surgery, is there any chance to they will allow me to that job? please  reply to me, sir, will I go for surgery? this is my email id please reply sir.   ([email protected])