Medical and Health Care

  • Indian Railways has an extensive network of hospitals and clinics. There are specialized hospitals for cancer(Varanasi), heart diseases(Chennai), orthopaedics(Kolkata) and Plastic surgery(Mumbai).
  • In addition, 150 private hospitals are recognized for treatment.
  • Railway employees are referred to Medical Colleges and specialized treatment centres and expenses are reimbursed.
  • Indian Railways have their own Family Planning and Family Welfare centres to look after health of mothers and children.


  • All Railway employees.
  • Families of Railway employees and “Dependent relative” . No age and other restrictions for children and step-children, they should be wholly dependent and residing with the Railway employee. “Dependent” mean a person who does not have independent income more than 15% of the emoluments of the Railway servant concerned or Rs. 3500/-plus dearness relief thereon, rounded off to the nearest ten rupee figure, whichever is more.
  • Spouses, employed or not.
  • Act Apprentices who come within the family of Railway employee.
  • Staff of institutes, Clubs, Statutory canteens.
  • Servants of Railway employee – only outdoor treatment.
  • Casual Labours, Licensed porters, Staff of co-operative canteens.
  • Contractors’ labour if no hospital exists(Contractor has to pay).

Authorized Medical Officer

  • DMO/ADMO for Gazetted Officers and ADMO for non-Gazetted employees.
  • In case medical attendance is required at home Railway employee concerned has to pay on per visit basis or contract basis. DMO is entitled to get 2% from the pay of employee and ADMO is entitled for 1%.

Identity Cards

  • Bearing photo of the Railway employee and details of family of the Railway employee. In case of loss duplicate card on payment of Rs.10.

Medical Certificate

  • Normally employee has to take a sick memo from the office concerned and report to Doctor. Doctor may issue a sick certificate if he feels.
  • A sick Railway employee cannot leave headquarters without permission of Doctor.
  • When he is fit for duty Doctor will issue him a Fit Certificate.
  • In case a Railway employee taking treatment from a Private Doctor or report sick away from Headquarters he should report to Railway Doctor in the area. If no Railway Doctor is available within 2.5 km of his headquarters or within 1 km in case working outstation then Private Medical Certificate produced by him will be accepted if there is no doubt.

Authority for different types of Sick/ Fit certificate

Upto 4 months ADMO
Upto 9 months DMO
Upto 18 months Administrative Grade Medical Officer in charge of Hospital/Division
Beyond18 months Approval Chief Medical Director of has to be taken.

Certificate of recommendation for leave for change of air or recuperation

Upto 2 months DMO
Upto 9 months SAG/JAG Grade Medical officer
Beyond 9 months Chief Medical Director (PHOD)

Ref: 1)Indian Railway Medical Manual

2) Railway Board’s letter No. 2010/H-1/2/21 dated 07.06.2011


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Doc (not verified)

Fri, 31/08/2012 - 11:26

Respected sir,
sir,i would like to know when is the walk in interview held for contractual basis doctor for the post of junior residentship in north eastern fronteir railway.

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Guest (not verified)

Tue, 04/09/2012 - 13:30


please tell me the steps to change the address from the medical id card issued by the railways to the presnt one as we have shifted our a retired railway employee under trivandrum division.

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Ranu (not verified)

Fri, 07/09/2012 - 12:04


meri eyes me blood aata hai, mujhe dikhna band ho jata hai.

aisa mujhe 9-10 saalo se ho raha hai, 

railway doctors mujhe light work ke liye guide karte hai.

but administration not followed. 

aise me mai kya karo. 

mera eyes ka vision DV=2.50 and NV=4.00 ho gaya hai.

and superannuation ke 11 years baki hai.

mujhe kya karna chahiye.


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Guest (not verified)

Thu, 13/09/2012 - 12:17



My father got heart attack.  Here railway hospital wont function after 6 pm. So i took him to private hospital which near by and got admitted surgery was successful. Regarding the rebrushment of the expense occurred  of 85000 RS. When my father applied for  reinvestment they told they would return only 6000 Rs. Because that private hospital is not recommended but they recommended another private hospital but is 25km far-way from city. In emergency case this not the right any one for losing life.

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srikant bakshi (not verified)

Wed, 26/09/2012 - 08:27

sir i want to know that in railways any rule come about u will get some money if i had  dental surgery . sir can u tell me where i can get that rule copy thank you very much sir


Sir I would like to know the procedure for the following.

1)My Father has been referred to AIIMS(Delhi) By Gorakhpur Central Railway Hospital.
2)The consultation/Treatment in AIIMS is not so easy and pre-checks/Tests is taking a long time for Final Diagnosis and treatment.
3)Meanwhile My Father is in intense Pain/Trouble.

Now....Please let me know the procedure

1)How To get him admitted to any of the private empannelled in the case of emergency in Ghaziabad?
2)Can this admission be cashless?
3)If Not,Then How will the amount spent during treatment in the empanneled hospital be re-imbursed.

There is no provision for Cashless treatment in Private hospitals for Employees. There are some approved hospitals for private treatment. You have to contact Railway Medical Officer in Gorakhpur and ask his advise. Only after if he approves you can get reimbursement.Even reimbursement can take many many months.







To get NOC apply to DPO concerned. If you mena you want NOc for joining another job this is requirement by service rules, if you are joining another Railway post your service will be continued and previous service will be counted for leave, Pension etc.

Dear Sir, My father is railway employee RPF at Gorakhpur, since last few days he was suffering from water in lungs & was referred to Railway cancer hospital at Varanasi. here at Varanasi they declared it as a lung cancer but that too know that we have to go to doctor continuously they are not informing about the type of treatment doing to him. i have concern & want to know that whether this hospital have the proper equipment & qualified doctor who can deal with this kind of disease.

please help

Hello, My Uncle is a retired Railways employee currently residing in Kolkata and is a member of RECHS. He and my aunt are planning to visit their daughter residing abroad to take care of some family matters. Can he and my aunt have medical support through Indian Railways while abroad in case of emergency? Is there any scheme available for retired employees for medical needs while traveling in a foreign country and needing medical support immediately? Thank you in advance for answering my question.


Sat, 29/03/2014 - 15:16


Can I claim Medical reimbursement from Railways for balance amount in case of part payment of bill made by Mediclaim Insurance company i.e. @ Rs. 79000 paid by insurance company against bill of Rs. 334000 as policy was for only Rs. 1 lakh.  

Recently in emergency, my wife was admitted in private hospital due to cardiac attack and Angioplasty were carried out. she was alone and not position to go any of the Railway hospital and not aware of the area in Gurgaon during her visit as we are residing in Ahmedabad. Looking to symptoms and condition, hospital did not allow to move/shift her after admittance in ICU. 

Admittance in private hospital was conveyed to CMS by phone and fax message

All the forms of railways have been certified by the private hospitals.

I would like to know the possibilities of Medical reimbursement of balance amount paid by me.



my father worked 35 yrs in railway vijayawada divion n he retired in 2008.he got RLSHS railway pensioner medical identity card in that card it has wife n doughter relationship status with photos but without name n date of birth printed.still 2014 we got Rlhs in vijayawada hospital but recently we transfered the medical vij to secunderabad hospital but they said that wife n doughter cannot be register here until in identity card cum medical card includes name n dob.when we considered vijayawada DMO he said its not possible to enter name n give a new card.if the sec div hospital not except it then no medical service for wife n doughter.its cacelled only pensioner can get the father is paid one month pension to Rlhs.plz sir tell me the solution that how can enter the name n dob to wife n doughter on card.or how can we get the new card with full details

Robin George

Mon, 06/10/2014 - 09:53

Respected sir,
Iam a railway regular staff nurse ...can I go and work abroad during my service period ..can I get leave for long term there any restriction...?

I am working at clw/chittaranjan.My other family members residing at Kolkata. Their names are in the med.I'd card at chittaranjan. Can they get med facilities at B R Singh Hosp (out door/in door)? If yes then pl let me know the rule and procedure.Thank you.


Fri, 15/01/2016 - 00:20

Hello Team


I am a retired ASC/RPF, I retired from jodhpur division in the year 1989, My age is now 80+ and i want to avail medical facilities.

If i can avail then, what is the procedure to avail the medical facilities. Please revert as soon as possible.




Amarjit Singh Tulsi


[email protected]


Sun, 17/04/2016 - 22:04

Hi All,

1) I left head quarters and felt sick in my city. my place of stay is more than 12 kilometers from railway hospital.

Is it mandatory for me to take railway sick only (RMC) or can I apply for private medical sick ? What does the rule say ? can some one elaborate ?

2) I am hearing from my seniors that if I take Private medical sick for more than 1 month , there is every chance that my office staff of head quarters may keep a letter to the doctor who has issued sick certificate to me asking him to direct employee to railway hospital.

Is it so ? any one heard about it ? if so what should employee do ? Can employee or doctor reply that treatment is going on as per wish of the patient ?

can some one reply me on these ?

Shivam pandey

Fri, 29/06/2018 - 23:34

Sir i am Son of R.P.F and i have Gynocemostia and wanted to have surgery And the operation of this surgery is not available in Railway hospital If i go for a private one i will get the refurbished amount spent on the surgery?? And lasik too??


Thu, 27/09/2018 - 16:34


Senior Divisional Medical officer,

Southern Railway, Podanur.

Respected Sir, 

Sub: Needed your valuable advice to transfer my Rly Medical ID, Southern Railway, Podanur to South Central Railway, Secunderabad. 

I am K.BHASKARA RAO , SM-2 ,  ( RELH 8 REG .No 6591 Dated. 2.11.98 / 98-99) Retired from Indian Railways and Settled at Secunderabad. I want to transfer my Medical ID card to Secunderabad. Kindly advice me how to transfer by online. I need email Id and other details to deal with regarding above said Issue since I am not able to come in person. 

Thanking you sir,

Yours faithfully.

K. Bhaskara Rao,

Rtd SM -2