Loans & Advances from Railway revenue

Grant of various advances and withdrawals permissible to Railway employees from the Consolidated Fund of India (given in Indian Railway Administration and Finance & IREC Vol. I)are given below:

Advances with Interest

1)      Purchase of Motor Cycle/Scooter/Moped

2)      Purchase of Motor Car

3)      Purchase of Personal Computer

4)      For Construction/purchase of house, flat etc.


Interest free advances

1)      Festival Advance

2)      For purchase of warm clothing

3)      Cancer/TB treatment

4)      Advance of Pay on Transfer

5)      Advance of TA on transfer/retirement/tour

6)      On proceeding on deputation abroad / return to India

7)      Leave salary

8)      Cycle Advance

9)      For Law suits

10)   In natural Calamities like flood, tsunami etc.

​11) Outfits for school going children.


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rajan (not verified)

Thu, 30/08/2012 - 15:40

i want to know that i needed P/F lone .my father is ALIVE age 78 years. i needed P/F lone for marriage of  my dependent niece. can i got or not ?

Sir, whether undertaking/agreement on watermark paper/plain paper (?) is essentially required to be submitted along with application form for motor cycle advance as per recent rules. 


Sat, 08/06/2013 - 02:47

my age is 57. there is problem in my eyes. left distance eye vision is 6/12 and right 6/24 and near eye vision 2.5 in both eyes. my one right ear is totally damaged,,i can't hear anything  from it . i am working under clerical cadre class-3 post non gazetted. so want to know that am i medically decategorised for all the posts in railway and  if so then can i get the benefit of appointment for the ward under compassionate grounds...please do reply...