Integrated Coaching Management Systems(ICMS)


  • Punctuality Module (PAM):For Post facto analysis of punctuality loss and its causes (not an on-line system), Captures train running at Originating/ Terminating and interchange points and the causes of detention. Data input predominantly at Divisional HQ level. Status: Implemented.
  • Coaching Operations Information System (COIS): Captures events on Coaches/Rakes, Generates Reports for Management of Coaching Stock. Data input predominantly at Station/Coaching Yard level. Status: Implemented.
  • COIS Data Entry Module: Support module of ICMS, to maintain database pertaining to the information of Rake Links, Yard Infrastructure, Coach Master, Train Schedules etc. Data input at Zonal HQ level. Status: Implemented.
  • Coaching Maintenance Module: To capture depot activities related to coaching maintenance operations, Utility tool for managers looking after mechanical and electrical maintenance, Includes module for Material Management and Manpower data (gang strength per shifts etc), Data input at CDO level. Status : Under system study.
  • Time-tabling Module: For simulating the suitable timings for running of all kinds of trains, simulating the best available path for planning a train keeping in view all variables, simulating optimum utilization of rake link, generating all time-tabling documents. Data input at Zonal HQ level. Status : Under system study.


  • User connects through browser interface (like Internet Explorer)
  • Separate URL for PAMS ,COIS and DATA modules ( for ex: http/…/cois , http…./pam , http/…/data and so on).
  • Users have Thin clients at location.
  • Back-end: RDBMS (Oracle based).


  1. Master Data: Common Master database for PAMs and COIS, includes Infrastructure data: (of more permanent nature like List of Stations, Platforms, washing lines) and Other Master Data: (of less permanent nature like Rake Link Data, Time Table data, Coach Master etc).
  2. Running Data: Separate and independent running database for PAMS and COIS

a) PAM:
Feeding mostly at divisional level. Interchange owning division controls the data feeding for handing over or taking over, Zonal client does the responsibility fixing( deciding the trains “lost in punctuality”). Activities include:

  • Originating terminating, interchange timings.
  • Detention Reports.
  • Cause wise logging
  • Fixing Responsibility

b) COIS:
Unlike PAM - no concept of data “feeding” in COIS. Instead working on the system at station/yard level leads to generation of required data (and memos for the operator).This works as input for MIS. All station/yard activities from arrival to departure of rake are captured:

  • Yard stock entry
  • Dispute Resolve
  • Yard Position
  • Sick Marking
  • Rake formation
  • Sickline Placement
  • Sickline Operation
  • Modify consist
  • Shop Marking
  • Movement Shop Placement
  • Movement (Yard to yard)
  • Remove fit available coaches
  • Rake Examination
  • Search Feedbacks
  • Departure Reporting
  • Send Feedbacks
  • En route Attachments/Detachments
  • Generate memo
  • Arrival Reporting

a) PAM : Reports for Management at Divisional Level, HQ level, Board level like:

  • Railway Punctuality Performance for a date for a Division
  • Movement of Trains (Division wise) in a Zone
  • Punctuality percentage of Mail/Express
  • Cause wise/Gauge Wise breakup of Lost Trains between dates
  • Division wise analysis of Cause of Lost Trains on Date in a Zone
  • Railway Punctuality performance for a date in a Zone
  • Cause wise breakup of Trains lost in a period
  • Summary of Monitored trains daily Run and Lost
  • Section wise/Cause wise analysis for all trains on a date
  • Zone wise/Cause wise analysis for all trains on a date, etc

b) COIS: Reports for Management at Station Level, Divisional Level, HQ, RB level like :

  • Yard Stock Position (Line position)
  • Vehicle Guidance
  • Zonal Stock Balance sheet (type wise details of Bare Requirement, allotment, running in service, ineffective etc)
  • Coaches on way from/to shop
  • Foreign Railway Coaches
  • Ineffective Coaches
  • Coach History
  • Rake Link Information Zonal/Divisional Coaching Stock allotment/availability, etc.