Huray ! New First Class pass norms has been issued


New pass rules has been issued by the Railway Board today, i.e.06.01.2011.

In non-gazatted catagory,

GP 4200 and above will get First class pass - ie. Two Tier AC travel.

GP 2800 will get II class 'A' pass - ie Three Tier AC travel (yellow color pass introduced)

GP below 2800 will get One II class 'A' pass and Two Sleeper Class passes.


Cheers to all railwaymen.

Happy new year.




The facility of travelling in Rajadhani/Shatabdi on I st class pass is as follows;

On Duty

One berth in Rajdhani /  One seat in AC Chari car of Shatabdi.

Privilage/Post-retirement Pass

One berth in 2AC or 2 berth in 3AC of Rajdhani

Two seats in Shatabdi.

No attendant facility