Holiday Homes

  • Holiday Homes have been set up in hill stations, sea-side resorts or other pleasant surroundings as a measure of staff amenity. 
  • Staff who are allotted accommodation in Holiday Homes should not be refused leave except in very emergent case.
  • Where lower type of accommodation has been closed down or not available, Group 'D' staff may be allotted higher type of accommodation on payment of charges for the lower type.
  • Full recovery of rent will be made if adequate advance intimation is not given after allotment of accommodation for cancellation irrespective of whether the suite is occupied or not.
  • It is not permissible for officers to book accommodation in the Holiday Homes and allow friends or relatives to utilise it.
  • Officers and staff of Audit Deptt. on Railways including ADAI (Railways), staff and officers of the Central Govt. Ministries/ Departments as also the Lok and Rajya Sabha Secretariats may be permitted the use of Holiday Homes after meeting the demands of the staff and officers on the Railways. The charges to be recovered will be the same as applicable to the Railway servants.
  • There is no objection to the accommodation being shared with another Railway officer but the rent will be charged from the officer who reserved the accommodation.
  • There is no objection to an officer's family occupying the suite allotted to the officer in case the latter is unable of accompany the family.

Lodging charges

The charges to be recovered from officers and staff for the stay in the Holiday Homes are indicated below:

(i) Lodging charges to be recovered from staff:

Group 'C' staff (Higher Type of accommodation) Rs. 5 per day
Group 'D' staff (Lower Type of accommodation) Rs. 2 per day

(ii)Lump sum charges to be recovered from staff I children for organised trips to the All-Railway Holiday Homes at Pah gam/Srinagar :

Pay slab in the IV P.C. scales Lump sum charge per head
Upto Rs. 950 Rs. 50
Rs. 951 and upto Rs. 2,000 Rs. 75
Rs. 2,001 and above Rs. 100

(iii) Charges to be recovered from Gazetted officers :

Rs. 10 per suite per day.

(iv) Charges to be recovered from Retired Railway servents

Group 'D' Rs. 5 per suite per day
Group 'C' Rs. 10 per suite per day
Officers upto and inclusive of JA Grade Rs. 15 per suite per day
Officers above JA Grade Rs. 30 per suite per day

(v) Occupation of officers' Holiday Homes/Rest Houses by outsiders :

Rs. 500 per day per suite inclusive of all charges.

 See the List of Holiday homes

For applying to a Holiday Home download the application and send to concerned officer.


Srinivasa Harirao

Mon, 08/11/2010 - 15:43

I am a retired official from RDSO/LKO. I am planning a trip to Puri and stay there on 8th and 9th of Dec.2010. As I would like to avail of the Holiday Home fecility in PURI I would like to apply. Kindly guide me and let me know if I can apply on line.


Srinivasa Harirao

Member for

49 years 6 months

guest (not verified)

Tue, 04/09/2012 - 15:01

i have applied for the holiday home at Ajmer .for  16-09-2012 but can i confirm about it's allotment?

Member for

49 years 6 months

ajit kumar sri… (not verified)

Thu, 27/09/2012 - 19:47

Dear Sir,

I have applied for the allotment of the railway holiday home at Ajmer from 04.10.12 to 05.10.12 and at Jaipur from 05.10.12 to 07.10.12, but have not received any communication from ur side. Please take care of the matter and reply as soon as possible.

Respected Sir, 

We, want to book a Holiday Home for us in SHILLONG from 04/02/2014 TO 08/02/2014.  for (10 Members) We all are Group c employees of Electrical Department working under Deputy Chief Electrical Engineer, Lallaguda Workshop, Secunderabad.  I have downloaded the Form and the address of the concerned Officer from your given site.Please let me know from which officer shall i get it forwarded and send it to the concerned so as to get my Holiday home Booking Confirmation.To avoid any problem.We shall be very much Thank full for your advice Thanks.....Mohammed Obedur Rahman Technician 3 Electrical Department Working under Dy.CEE/Shops/Lallaguda South Central Railway Secunderabad. My Mobile No. is 09247196578.

If anything mistaken Please  LET ME KNOW the  ADDRESS and contact details  of the Concerned Officer  to whom i can send the application.....

We shall be very much Thank full and highly obliged if you could send us your Reply at the earliest.

My email id  [email protected]

My Mobile no. 09247196578

Thanks and Regards

Mohammed Obedur Rahman & colleagues


Sat, 07/04/2018 - 18:53

I want to book holiday home for 5 members at Haridwar from 26 Apr 2018 at 1800 hrs to 29 Apr2018 0500 hrs.  Form is being forwarded on 09 App 2018.  Kindly confirm the request please.


My mobile number is 7300732207-08.                     Sir I have not been confirmed for allotment of holiday home till 10.04.2018.   kindly inform me what Ihave to done now for home.  My what's app number is9410883419.   Please confirm me at the earlist on email [email protected]


Wed, 11/07/2018 - 14:26

I want to book a holiday home at dadar for 4 people from 06/08/18  to 09/08/18 . I have been trying the railway numbers but no one is answering my phone calls . It will be helpful if u can tell what to do.


I have sent the form for holiday home booking for nanital, to the respective person via Hazipur zone on 26th of february 2019. I have not received any news or confirmation on my booking yet.

How can I check the status of the application, is there any responsive way I can contact the respective person?