See this - plum posts but . . . . .

Reservation supervisor, chief commercial clerk, office superintendent, loco pilot, sr. passenger guard, junior engineer, chief telephone operator - Railway employees holding this posts having the grade pay of Rs. 4200 and even senior cadre in this catagory ( Chief Reservation supervisor, Senior Engineer) having grade pay of Rs. 4600 and appointed after 1987.

 Any outsider think that these people, as  working in Railways holding reputed posts,would have been provided with upper class previlege pass entitlement that usually provided to staff belong to the organization.  At least THREE TIER AC, leave alone the two tier AC.

But the true state is that they and their family are only entitled for THREE SET OF SECOND CLASS passes per year travel of their choice. In suburban section only in IZZAT class (Rs. 25 per month season ticket (introduced by MoR) travel,  that even enabled the beggers to do business in EMU trains with valid ticket !).

 Even LOWER DIVISION CLERKS of other ministries are eligible for THREE TIER AC in their LTC entitlements. I leave the imagination of readers about the travel entitlement of equalent grade of the above designations in that ministries.

 Railway Ministry and Federations are sleeping on the issue for the past two years. Minister of state for Railways, in reply to a question in Lok Saba in March 2010, said that the matter is under consideration. We don't know how long ? AIRF chief Shri Mishra is giving so many excuses in periodical interval for the delay. NFIR not at all talking about it.