Extraordinary Leave (ExL)

  • Granted to a Railway employee when (i) no other leave is due or (ii) the employee specifically applies for it.
  • No Leave salary.
  • Can be combined with other leaves.
  • Any kind of leave may be converted to it or it may be converted to any other leave retrospectively by the competent authority.
  • Not debited to Leave account.
  • Not exceeding 5 years at a stretch for permanent and 3 months for temporary(6 months with Medical certificate) Railway employees .
  • Temporary Railway employees suffering from Leprosy, TB, Cancer may be granted Upto 18 months.


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Guest (not verified)

Thu, 30/08/2012 - 11:26

Sir, I just Joined in Southern Railway as Trachman(Engg). I want to Take Extraordinary LEAVE for my study prupose at abroad, can i elgibel for that leave?

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Guest (not verified)

Sat, 29/09/2012 - 20:10

dear sir
i am doctor in railway and currently on extraordinary leave for 2 yrs for PG.further i wanted to do SR ship for better experience which is for 3 more yrs.Is it possible to get EOL for another 3 yrs.if yes then what is the rule reference if no then if i donot join the railway and join only after completing SR ship than what action can railway take against me.

As per leave rules EOL can be sanctioned upto 5 years. But even one day leave is subject to the approval of competant authority. So you can write for extension of EOL and avail if permitted.
If you don't join after sanctioned period administration will serve you a notice and terminate your services.

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K M ABY (not verified)

Sat, 06/10/2012 - 10:40


        i got twelve year service as ALP/ LOCO PILOT. I wish to get 5 years EOLeave for take care of my old aged in laws. what way i must apply for that? pl. advise me. 

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Guest (not verified)

Sun, 07/10/2012 - 18:32

sir , i am a doctor and have done MD (GENERAL MEDICINE). I joined diesel locomotive works , varanasi in march 2012. in august 2012 i was under extreme mental pressure and i submitted my resignation which was accepted on 3 september 2012. now i am repenting a lot my decision and i want to take my resignation back. is there any possibility of resignation being revoked so that i can join my duties back?


P Shamsheer Ahmed

Tue, 04/12/2012 - 21:37

Dear Sir, I am working as Grade III Diesel Technician at Diesel Loco shed, Gooty. I wanted to take extraordinary leave for two years and three months for pursuing MBA course regularly at the college. So If I need to take EoL from Sr.DPO. What things I had to enclose to my body letter. The last date for joining MBA course is December 10 and Is it better for me to take admission immediately in the college? I will be thankful If you reply me earlier.

Apply to Sr. DPO with your admission letter and all relevant particulars. You may not get an answer by Dec 10 as it will involve sanction of all officers concerned and files doesnt move that fast in Railway offices.

So better to join while waiting an answer. But you should think of the possibility of a NO and what you will do in that case.


keshav kumar pathak

Sun, 13/01/2013 - 13:38

sir, i got selected for CMSE 2012 ; my rank in merit list is 38. i will be alloted in railway . i also got selected in pg entrance 2013. my pg session is 2013 -2016 ;for 3 years. sir can i  join railway   and get any leave without pay for completing my pg course . please reply soon sir.........



Sun, 16/06/2013 - 02:07

Hi sir I just joined in my umb division. And I want to take leave for class 1 job preparation for 3 to 4 months. Can I take these leave. I don't want money for those leave I just want time for preparation. For this how can and whom should I apply? Sir I also want to ask u that if I ll be absent for 3 to 4 month without telling anyone then will railway remove me from service ? How maximum days I can be absent in rail ? Hoping a quick reply to u. Thank u sir. If possible then pls give me ur number I want to take guidence to u.

3 or 4 months leave is practically impossible to get. Try to apply to your training in charge officer and see.

Even for one day absence a Railway employee can be removed from service even though it does not always happen. In your case since you are a trainee, it is very easy to remove you from service by a simple order.


Wed, 17/07/2013 - 11:32

Dear Sir Or Madam,

I am working as Goods Guard at Delhi Division. i have completed 5 years service at same post.. My mother is too old and i am the only person to take care of her.. due to this i am not able to continue my service at this post as it is unscheduled job..

due to this i want a leave to set-up another business.. i listen many time there is provision to take such type of leave... Please help me and show me the way and procedure to take such leave as i am absent since last one year..


Hi sir I joined as sectional SE pway after completion my 1 year training of 1 year. Sir now I become a permanent employee of railway. Sir now I m thinking to prepare for IAS/IES 2014. Sir I just joined on 22 june 2013 but then I took leave on 23 june for 6 days. And return back to 30 july 2013 for this duration I submitted medical of my mom. Sir now I rejoin on my section on 30 july. Sir now I am not satisfied the work profile of pwi in rail as I was in training too. Sir how I can take 1 year leave for preparation? May be leave without pay railway give me ? Sir I only want time I don't want money for this duration. Sir tell me proceedure for it. Now I m permanent employee sir how many maximum days I can be absent from rail or tell me how maximum days rail wait to its employee if he not come after taking leave of some say 3 days. If I will come after 1 yr and submit my medical for that( if they may not give me leave for my preparation) duration then what action rail will take on me. Sir I also want to know after how many days rail issue notice to remove from service to its employee if he is absent without any information and if he inform timely that I am sick every month? Sir in both cases what time duration rail take to take any reaction to its employee. Sir I need 1 year ext( leave without pay) and I don't want to loose job too so suggest me what I should do. ?

LEave sanctioning depends on the officer concerened. As vacancies exist everywhere leave is highly unlikley to get, whether aid or not. In any case try to apply to your DEN/Sr. DEN.

As for other question of absenting, even for 1 day abset Disciplinary action can be taken and removed. But in any case as you say you are not interested in this job, better you leave.

Sir I am not saying that I m not intrested in SE pway job. But sir in rail I can be class 1 officer through IRSE bcs I am degree holder from IIT. but sir I want to effort last time in my career for that bcs frm last 3 year before training I was in pvt job and 1 time cracked ies written. Sir that's y I want 1 year leave for preparation. But I applied for 1 year then my ADEN saus that I will not possibly to get these leaves frm authorities. Sir what I should do? I m of 29 year now after 1 year I will be overage. I am not in a position to leave job bcs I have so many responsibilities on me of my family so I don't want to loose the job. Sir please guide me how can I take 1 year leave easily? Bcs if 1% my selection will not happen then I can keep this job SE pway .

meenakshi yadav

Wed, 22/01/2014 - 14:14

Hello sir,

I work as TTE in Jaipur,NWR,I wanted to know if I want to do an  MBA or any masters degree from abroad vl I b eligible for ExL.Plz giv me details abt vl I get 5 years of leave or less n were shud I apply for that.How much time it takes to get d leaves sanctioned.Can I join duties if leave is sanctioned for 5 years n I want to join b4 completing 5 years.Plz guide me 

Thank u


Mon, 17/02/2014 - 17:59

Dear Sir,

First of all, I'd like to take time to thank you for all the advise you have given to the employees and their families. This is a very good and much needed service.

My wife is working with Railway for past 2 years. My company has posted me abroad in Japan for 2 years and then to return to India. I'd like to bring my family to Japan for a year as she is struggling with baby. Which leave category will be the correct one for this? Is she eligible for such leave? Do I have to furnish any document from my company for the sake of proof of my work?

Thank you,



sumit kumar1

Thu, 01/05/2014 - 12:51

sir i m sumit kumar ALP H.Q.-jalandhar DIV.-firozpur. sir i m suffering from T.B (Tuberculosis), but sir my all leaves are used in fever and tests now my all leaves are used. but i need rest beacaus of fever please sugest me how can i get more leaves with salery... pllzzz help me sir....

Hello sir..
I am working as goods guard in western railway,sir i want to apply for 1year or 6 months leave to take care off my widow mother whos is high dibetic pateint and my sister who is an asthma patient but i dont have these much leave in my account,
Sir i am eligible for EXL and who will senction these leave i dont want to be absent in my service.

2nd thing i have promoted to goods guard from comnercial department 3 months back now i am willing to do refusal from guard category so is it possible me to get back to commercial department again.
Please guide and give me your best suggetion
Do rply
With regard,

Wasim ahamad

Thu, 10/07/2014 - 14:54

Sir please tell me nfr guwahati ki medical result 29 may ko aa gaya. Joining letter kab tak aayega. Lagbhag 40 day ho gaye hai result nikle

Wasim ahamad

Thu, 10/07/2014 - 15:07

Sir main groupd me select hua hu aur main btech 2nd year me hu kya main btech ke baad(2 yr) ye job join kar sakta hu. Please tell me rules if possible. Please sir answer


Fri, 26/09/2014 - 14:47

Sir, I had recently selected as Trackmaintainer-IV in scr, and got appointment letter on 19-09-2014. I want to join lately on 16-12-2014 due to some personal problems. What I've to do.