Combination of appointments and Dual Charge Allowance

  • An officer may be required to hold charge of a post in addition to his own post.
  • In such case in addition to his own pay he shall be entitled Dual Charge Allowance for additional post for a period of 6 months. • He may also draw sumptuary allowance of the post.
  • No additional payment if one is put to hold current charge of duties only. • Entitled for TA/DA for staying at the place of additional post.
  • Additional post may be of higher /equal/lower status.
  • GM has powers to make Dual Charge arrangements and compensatory payment upto JA Grade for 6 months and upto SA grade for 3 months, beyond which permission of Railway Board has to be obtained.
  • Prior approval of Railway Board is necessary for Dual Charge arrangement for Chief Medical Director.
  • Dual Charge Allowance will be 10% of Pay subject to the limit that Pay plus Dual Charge Allowance shall not be more than Rs. 39000/-


As i join on the post of sse direct recurited from rrb allhabad.. i m on period of training of 1 year..
am i applicable to ta as we reguraly go for site work ??

am i doing night shift so are we applicabe for night allowance ??
Please provide me rule as soon as possible