Calculating Crew Requirement Of A Division

  • Running staff review should be carried out after every six months i.e. on 15t Jan. and 1st July by the division.
  • Before preparing review, loco pilot's links of all the sheds have to be prepared and vetted by personnel branch.
  • Statement of average hours on road and number of goods trains ran during last six months for each section should be ready duly approved by Sr.DOM/DOM.
  • A list of shunting' specials and DMTs running to be prepared and signed by Sr. DOM/DOM.
  • Mail/Express/Passenger Loco pilots requirement has to be worked first on the basis of loco pilots/crew links.
  • For goods crews the requirement should be worked out as per power plan signed by Sr.DME(P) and Sr. DOM. 7.67 Crews are to be demanded for one freight Power On Line(POL).
  • Separate crews to be demanded for the activities which cannot been covered in power plan e.g., Light engine and Empty coaching rakes running etc.
  • 30% leave reserve and 10 % trainee reserve should be demanded for this additional requirement.
  • Shunters should be calculated at the rate of 1 against 8 hrs. point. Also rest giver at the rate of 1 for 6 shunters to be calculated. Leave reserve and trainee post to be demanded separately.
  • Requirement of DSL assistants should be same as that of loco pilots (Excluding motormen where no assistant loco pilot is required).
  • Running staff review duly signed by Sr. DME/Sr DEE will be put up to Sr. DAO for vetting.
  • After accounts vetting sanction of DRM be taken and Sr. DPO will issue circulars of revised sanction.
  • Running supervisors review should also be made with staff review at the rate of 1 loco Inspector against 25 loco pilots or 50 shunter.
  • No rest giver allowed. Leave reserve 12.5%.

Points to be kept in view while preparing loco pilot's links(HOER requirement)

  • Loco pilot/Crew links are prepared by CPRC/CTLC and got verified from Personnel Branch.
  • Objective of crew links is to ensure optimum utilization of crews while at the same time ensuring compliance of HOER provisions.
  • Train timings to be checked from the latest timetable.
  • Links to be prepared before new time table is prepared.
  • Max. duty hours in anyone trip should not exceed 10 hours.
  • Avg. duty hours in a fortnight should not exceed 104 hours.
  • Minimum number of rests in a month should be 5 of 22 hrs. or 4 of 30 hours including night in bed from 22 hrs. to 6 hrs. from sign off to sign on.
  • Efforts should be made to include all the sections in the link to avoid giving learning road again and again.
  • Min. out of station rest in case less than 8 hrs. duty in the previous trip should be 6 hrs from sign off to sign on. In case duty is 8 hrs or more than 8 hrs, then 8 hrs. rest to be given. In case of short trips of less than or equal to 5 hours then duty performed plus 1 hrs. will be sufficient.
  • Minimum home station rest should be

If duty performed in the last trip is less than 8 hrs

Rest of 12 hrs

If duty is 8 hrs. or more

Rest of 16 hrs

  • If staff is required to work train less then stipulated rest then breach of rest allowance is payable to running staff.

  • Link having the maximum earning kilometerage should be worked by senior most loco pilots and so on.

  • Separate links should be prepared for superfast trains such as Rajdhani/Shatabdi Exp.

  • Chronic late running trains should be kept in view to avoid link failures.


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Arbaaz (not verified)

Sat, 22/09/2012 - 13:16

Sir iwant to join indian railways assistant loco pilot job ihave passed out 10 and my age is 23 sir what is procesdure and how many month of iti shoul be done

Dr. sir 

I want to do this job because i am very interested to doing hard work i am also doing  job in MSEDCL  but i want job in your Department so tell me when job requirement &send mail on my personal account number when requirement is coming i am waiting your replay sir


                                                                                                                      your faithfully  


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Guest (not verified)

Sat, 29/09/2012 - 14:19

I had worked for 23 years dealing with this stuff and now working in open market in same profile. The big wrong things in railway are that 'Personal' and 'account' branch verfies and vet the links. It is required and procedures to account for revenue cost and employee hiring ( account and HR branch), but we have developed it like these branches does not not know nitigity of how many numbers are rquried and where these are required. At SO/SSO-Accounts level or OS/COS-Peronal level, the objective is lost. In my views a committee consisting of Sr.DOM/Sr.DPO/Sr.DME or Sr.DEE should vet the requirmnets made for a division by CPRC/CTLC/SLI-HQ etc. Hiring 100 employee against requriment rises the cost , whereas hiring 90 , when requriment is 100 affects the work. Hence a balance approach is a must, and SrDOM/DEE/DME are only the capable persons justifying the number.

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Guest (not verified)

Sat, 29/09/2012 - 14:23

For all aspirants who want to Join as "Asst Loco Pilot" the minimum edu qual is Matri+ITI in any technical field and you have to clear Railway Recruitment Test of respective region. It was diploma in enggg earlier but not now.However i know many Tech graduates joined as ALP
Gurpreet Singh- One of the First Indian Railway Batch of directely appointed "App Ast Loco Pilot"