70% selection to Group B Services

Frequency  of  Selection

  • Selection  for  appointment  to  Group  B  posts  should  be  held  once  in  two  years.
  • Vacancies  for  two  years  should  be  assessed  taking  into  account  the  vacancies  in  regular  cadre  (both  permanent  and  temporary),  as  also  in  the  construction  and  work-charged  cadre/posts. 


  • Group C employees in Pay Band PB2 (9300-34800) with Grade Pay Rs. 4200 and above with 3 years in the grade (including services in the corresponding pre-revised grades).
  • When persons are from different streams, an integrated seniority list is prepared.
  • In the integrated seniority employees Pay Band PB2 with Grade Pay Rs. 4600 will be placed above those with Grade Pay Rs.4200. In either category relative seniority of employees will be determined with respect to the length of non-fortuitous service in the Grade Pay Rs. 4600 or Rs.4200 as the case may be.
  • In personnel branch all those eligible and volunteering for selection are called for written test.

Selection Procedure
The  selection  is  based  on  a  written  test  to  adjudge  the  professional  ability,  viva-voce  and  assessment  of  record  of  service  by  the  Selection  Committee.  The  marks  allotted  and  the  qualifying  marks  under  the  different  heads  are  as  follows:-


Prescribed  papers

Max.  Marks

Qualifying  Marks


One  paper  on  Professional  subject  and  Establishment  And  Financial  Rules.



Out  of  150  marks,  the  professional  subject  will  carry  at least  100  marks.



Max.  Marks

Qualifying  Marks


i)  Viva-voce


30 (including  at least  15  marks  in  the  record  of  service)


ii)  Record  of  service



(  Ref 3)

  • The  question  paper  for  the  written  test  should  have  a  practical  bias  i.e.  it  should  be  designed  to  test  the  ability  of  candidates  to  tackle  the  practical  problems  they  are  likely  to  face  rather  than  their  theoretical  knowledge. 
  • Ten  percent  of  the  total  marks  allotted  for  testing  the  professional  ability  should  be  set  apart  for  questions  on  official  language  policy  and  official  language  rules.  Questions on Official Language will not be compulsory.
  • Personality,  Address  and  Qualities  of  Leadership  should  be  assessed  at  the  viva-voce  test.
  • The panel is prepared with those getting 80% and above as 'outstanding' and 60% to 79% as 'others'. 
  • The  panel  should  consist  of  employees  who  had  qualified  in  the  selection,  corresponding  to  the  number  of  vacancies  for  which  the  selection  was  held.  Employees  securing  the  gradation  'Outstanding'  will  be  placed  on  top  followed  by  those  securing  the  gradation,  'good'  interse  seniority  within  each  group  being  maintained.
  • In selection/LDCE the total marks secured by all the candidates who had appeared for viva-voce after qualifying in the written examination and the marks secured in written test in the case of remaining candidates may be notified after finalisation of Group B Panel.

Field of consideration of eligible employees will be determined as follows:

Vacancies                         Emloyees to be considered
1 6
2 8
3 10
4 or more 3 times no of vacancies
  •  In case of SC/ST employees field of consideration may be expanded to 5 times if not available.
  • After notice of selection issued, if any employee gives unwillingness in writing field of consideration may be expanded to include additional employees.
  • A model Timetable has been suggested by Railway Board as follows:
 Working out vacancies 31 December every year
Drawing up integrated seniority list 31 December every year
Issuing a notice and circulation of seniority list 2 weeks
Written examination 4 weeks
Supplementary examination for absentees 2 weeks
Arranging a viva-voci  2 weeks
Arranging a supplementary viva-voci 2 weeks
Finding of selection board submitted to GM for approval 2 weeks
Publishing panel 2 weeks

Delayed selection

If a selection procedure is delayed by more than one year then it will be conducted as per the procedure for Delayed selection as follows:

  • Number of vacancies for each selection should be assessed separately.
  • Field of consideration of eligible employees should be assessed separately starting from earliest selection.
  • Separate panel for each selection.

Currency of Panel

  • The  panel  will  be  current  for  a  period  of  2  years  from  the  date  of  approval  of  the  competent  authority  or  till  a  fresh  panel  on  the  basis  of  next  selection  becomes  available  whichever  is  earlier. 

Refusal of Promotion

An  employee  empanelled  for  promotion  to  Group  'B'  refusing    promotion,  when  his  turn  arises  should  be  debarred  for  promotion  for  one  year  and  if  after  one  year,  he  refuse  promotion  again,  his  name  should  be  deleted  from  the  panel.

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