5 myths about Indian Railway employee

1. Myth : Railway employees have huge salary package.
Fact : Railway employee salary is on par with other central government employees often for far worse working conditions. In comparison with Banks and some Corporations Railway employee is grossly underpaid. 
2. Myth: Indian Railway pays its employees a huge amount as annual bonus.
Fact : Even though each year they declare bonus like 60 days, 75 days none of the employees actually get this much day of salary as bonus. They calculate it and then they declare we have a ceiling of say Rs. 7500 for this year.
3. Myth: All Railway staff can travel all over Indian Railways with their families including in air-conditioned coaches.
Fact : For the first 5 years of service of a Railway employee he is given only one set of pass for staff and family to and fro any destination in India. This pass is for one single to and fro journey. This is very much like LTC (Leave Travel Concession) facility for other Government employees. Railway employee is not eligible for LTC. From sixth year of service the number of passes is three.
4. Myth: Working conditions in Indian railways are best.
Fact : An average Railway employee works in some of the worst working conditions. Day & night, scorching sun or pouring rain he is forced to work. Work for some of the categories like gangmen, technician are extremely arduous in nature.
5. Myth: Working hours are flexible.
Fact : Absolutely not for many categories of railwaymen. Most employees are forced to work 48 hours or more. Some are even forced to work even 72 hours in what the call as EI roster.


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Guest (not verified)

Tue, 28/08/2012 - 20:57

I want to know what is
job profile and promotion
scope of chief depot
superintendent.which one between cmds and sse
c&w is better in terms of
work load and place of posting?
thank you sir.

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saswatika (not verified)

Tue, 28/08/2012 - 21:25

Dear Everyone,
recently i have been selected as a staff nurse in eastern railway. i want to know how much salary i will get???

IM vengatesh working in bank of india as clerk for last 8 months with 15000/- net salary. Now i got selected as JUNIOR ACCOUNT ASSISTANT in railway with grade pay 2800/-. Now i got confused wether come to railway or stay in bank any body clarify what should i do please..

Definitely JAA in Railway is much better than bank clerk job.  Here your net salary in the beginning will be Rs. 23000 to Rs. 25000.  Also, work pressure is less as compared to bank.  In JAA you have a bright career prospect.  By passing Appendix III A exam you can become Section Officer and after that by passing LDCE exam you can become Group B gazetted officer.  I am myself a JAA in Central Railway.  So, I feel, you better join the JAA job and quit your job with bank. Also, In railway you will be a Central Government employee, whereas in bank you are a PSU employee.