Medical Decategorization of Railway Staff

  • The post of a Railway Staff on medical decategorization should not be dispensed with or reduced in rank, but to be shifted to some other post with same pay scale and service benefits.
  • Medically decategorized Railway staff shall cease to perform duties of the post held. If the employee cannot be adjusted against or absorbed in suitable alternate post immediately, he may be kept on a special supernumerary post in his own regular grade pending suitable alternate employment.
  • Absorption - Medically decategorized Railway employee should be absorbed in the same department in the first instance, otherwise in other wings of the same department in posts carrying appropriate lower medical classification. When it is not possible to do so, he should be considered for absorption in other departments.
  • No option is available to a medically decategorized employee to decline alternate employment. In case of declining payment of salary against supernumerary post will be discontinued.
  • Fixation of Pay - Pay of decategorized/disabled Railway employee will be fixed on absorption at a stage corresponding to the pay previously drawn in the post held earlier. For running staff pay element of Running running allowance will be taken into account also.
  • Benefit of past service - Will be allowed for all purpose and it will be treated as continuous with that in the alternate post.
  • Seniority - Pay of decategorised/disabled Railway employee will be fixed on absorption at a stage corresponding to the pay previously drawn in the post held earlier. For running staff pay element of Running allowance will be taken into account also –Pay will be fixed taking 30% of basic pay (pay in Pay Band + Grade Pay) rounded off to the next multiple of 10 and adding it to pay in the Pay Band. There will be no change in the Grade Pay of substantive post, in alternative post. (Ref 1)
  • Request of the employee refusing alternate post in the same grade involving transfer or for absorption in lower post can be agreed.
  • Employees with less than 20 years of service opting to quit Railways can be settled.
  • Even if the Railway employee is engaged on a lower post for want of an equivalent post he will be treated as super numerary till an equivalent post is available.
  • With effect from 29.04.1999 if the employee opt for retirement request for appointment on Compassionate grounds to  an eligible ward/ spouse may be considered provided he had 5 more years to serve and GM is satisfied about financial and other implications.


1. Railway Board’s letter No. E(NG)-I/2008/RE-3/4 dated 30.04.2013(RBE No. 41/2013)


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ashish sabbrwal (not verified)

Wed, 22/08/2012 - 23:04

Dear sir,

                   my father is serving in dehrdoon as electric fitter gradeIII bt around 6 months he is on sick due to paralises problem he is patient of brain sir can my father take retirement and we should get would get job on behalf oh him please help as soosn as possible thank you



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Meher Kumar (not verified)

Fri, 31/08/2012 - 21:13

Dear sir,

Earlier in V pay commission if running staff medically decategorised then he will posted next scale i.e 5000-8000 (RSRP) will be posted in 5500-9000(RSRP0 so on. please what will come as per VI pay commission

My request is if running staff i.e. Loco Pilot (Pass)  with grade pay 4200/- is medically decategorised then in which grade he posted as per extent rules

with thanks

meher kumar



Dear sir :

If a running staff medically decategorised then what will be his pay of after fixation according to 7CPC, is there any rule of personal pay in 7CPC? If his basic pay fixed by adding 30% pay element and whatever amount comes, if it is between 2 cells in pay matrix of 7CPC i.e 65650(it is between 64100 and 66000) of 4200 GP in Level 06. Then what is his actual basic pay?

  1. Is he entitled to get next higher cell 66000 in 4200 GP in level 06 or else  he will get previous level i.e 64100 ?
  2. If any railway board circular which clarifies this matter kindly share.




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Wed, 13/11/2019 - 16:05

In reply to by sattu

hi there,

 I'm also facing same problem. recently one letter was issued by rly board RBE: 171/2019. You can download online. 

Tapas mondal kalna

Sat, 17/02/2018 - 00:18

dear,                                                                               sir my father working is SE(pway) DIG: CHOWKIDAR at a medical board at railway hospital on 12-01-2018, declares that he is not eligible for rail service(Unfit for railway service). Let us know it. And sent it to the letter  / SR, DPO office. The SR, DPO office has forword the  DEN (c) office and SR DEN forword to SE (pway)  but has not given us any news or has not given any patty copy till today. we have not been able to get 
enough with out payment for tha last tow years .What are we now?please it will be beneficial to intervene ...(8350019263)



Sun, 18/03/2018 - 10:13

it's urgent

oct 2017 mai ek list nikli jismai 80% alp ko 2400 grade dene ki baat  kahi  jis din se  2  saal  poore  ho jayenge toh 26 dec 2017 ko mere  2  saal  poore  ho  gye hai  aur  15 jan 2018 ko mai  medical unfit  kr   diya   gya   toh  kya  mujhe  2400 grade milegi??  aur  maine clerk post  mangi  hai pr  mujhe  pr  administrative dawab banaya jaa  rha hai ki  likh kr  do  ki   hum jo post   denge   woh  le   loge   pr  mai  nhi   de  rha  likh  kr   aur   ek  baat  janni hai ki  kya  mai apni btech qualification ke   karan  alp  se    sidha   junior  engineer  ki  post  mang   sakta hu???  yaa koi  aisa  rule hai ki   mera  exam  le  kr  mujhe    JE / SSE   ki post   de  de???? mera   saara  kaam   rok   rakha hai  aur    bola jaa  rha hai ki  likh kr  do  jo   bhi  post   denge   woh  le    loge   ab mai kya  kru    koi  mujhe   batao 

agar  mai  guard mai jaana   chahu  toh  kya  kru???  kyu ki   a1  mai  unfit  aur   a2 and  other  mai  fit hu  mai    

jo   bhi  jaanta  hai jaldi  se  reply  de   do  bhaiyo 

npd. railway

Tue, 10/04/2018 - 22:06

I was loco pilot passenger and medically unfit in february 2017 and joined as OS in same pay and grade.At that time my basic pay was 78800 after adding 30% pay element it is 102440 as par 7th pay commition pay matrix of grade pay4200 nearest pay matrix is 102800 where is my pay fixed. As par 7CPC any provision of PP? Where my pay is fixed please advice accordingly.


jai mata di

Mon, 24/09/2018 - 13:50

Sir I am working in North Western railway Jaipur as a tech-I, I am not able to continue this job as a tech-I because all time I have headache poblem when I see the all big machine I m going in depression I have phobia for all machine and electrical equipment. Sir I psychology and  physically not fit. please suggest.

मैं LPG से DECATERIZED हुआ हूं मेरी बेसिक 4900 gp 4200 थी

मेरी non running में बेसिक क्या होगी जोकि 30%ऐड करने पर 63700 आ रही है क्या 64100 होगी या 62200 + pp

कृपया किसी के पास कोई रेलवे बोर्ड का आदेश इस संबंध में हो तो बतायें