Family Pension

  • On the death of a Railway employee or Retired Railway employee.
  • For grant of Family pension family is categorised into two.

- Category I

  1. Widow/Widower upto death/remarriage.
  2. Son/Daughter including widowed daughter upto date of his/her marriage/remarriage or till the date he/she starts earning or till 25 years whichever is earlier.

- Category II

  1. Unmarried/Widowed /Divorced daughter not covered by Category I above upto date of his/her marriage/remarriage or upto death whichever is earlier.
  2. Parents who were wholly dependent on the Railway employee when he/she was alive provided the deceased employee had left behind neither a widow nor a child.
  3. Dependent disabled siblings of a Government servant/pensioner .
  • Family Pension to Unmarried/Widowed /Divorced daughter and dependant parents will continue till death. 
  • Family Pension to Unmarried/Widowed /Divorced daughter and dependant parents will be paid only after other eligible persons in Category I have ceased to be eligible to be receive Family pension and there is no disabled child to receive Family Pension.
  • Grant of Family Pension to children in respective categories shall be payable in the order of Date of birth so that younger of them will not be eligible unless next above him become ineligible.
  • Dependency criteria for purpose of family pension shall be the minimum Family Pension along with Dearness Relief.
  • Childless widow of a deceased Railway employee shall be continued to be paid Family Pension even after remarriage subject to condition that the Family Pension cease once her income from all other sources becomes equal to or higher than the minimum prescribed Family Pension along with Dearness Relief. In such cases the Family Pensioner has to declare her income from other sources to pension disbursing authority every 6 months.
  • The turn of unmarried children below 25 years of age comes after the death or remarriage of their mother/father ie, the pensioner and his/her spouse. Thereafter the family pension is payable to the disabled children for life and then to the unmarried/widowed/divorced daughters above the age of 25 years. (Ref 2)
  • Every Railway Servant on entering service shall furnish his family details. Subsequent information will be submitted to Head of Department who will keep the information.
  • Family Pension will be payable to only one person at a time except when a Railway employee is survived by more than one wife or one wife and children from another wife or when twin children of a deceased Railway employee are eligible in which case it will be paid in equal shares. In those cases on the death of one of the twins or one wife cease to be eligible other get full Family Pension.
  • Family Pension is also admissible to post-retirement spouses and their children.
  • When both husband and wife are Railway employees or Government Servants on death of one , the other will get full Family Pension and in case of death of both, children will get two Family Pensions subject to the maximum limits laid down. However when is charged of murdering the Railway employee no Family Pension will be paid until acquitted.
  • Claim towards Pay and Allowances of a deceased Railway Employee may be paid on execution of Indemnity bond.

Procedure for getting Family Pension on the death of Railway Pensioner

  • In case the pensioner and spouse are holding a joint account, the spouse may inform the Bank of death of the Pensioner and request the bank for commencement of family pension, through a simple letter. He/ She may enclose a copy of death certificate of pensioner, PPO, proof of his/her own age/date of birth and an undertaking for recovery of excess payment. (Ref 3)
  • In cases where the pension is not being credited to the joint bank account of the pensioner and his/her spouse, a standard form called From 10 has to be submitted to the Bank. Witnessing by two persons in this form is necessary. Previous condition of attesting by two Gazetted officers is not required now. (Ref 3)

Two family pensions in case of widow of Ex-serviceman

  • Two family pensions are permitted where the pensioner is drawing or may draw two pensions for military and/or civil employments. (Ref1)

FP to unmarried son or an unmarried or widowed or divorced daughter

  • An unmarried son or an unmarried or widowed or divorced daughter, except a disabled son or daughter, shall become ineligible for family pension under this sub-rule from the date he or she gets married or remarried.
  • It shall be the duty of son or daughter or siblings or the guardian to furnish a certificate to the Treasury or Bank, as the case may be,  once in a year that (i) he or she has not started earning his or her livelihood and (ii) he or she has not yet married or remarried. A similar certificate shall be furnished by a childless widow after her re-marriage or by the disabled son or daughter or parents to the Treasury or Bank, as the case may be, once in a year that she or he or they have not started earning her or his or their livelihood.  (Ref 1)

Family Pension in case of death/Injury by hostilities/Terrorists/Dacoits etc.

  • Widow will get Family Pension equal to pay last drawn by the deceased Railway Employee for life/remarriage.
  • After remarriage Family Pension will be paid at the normal rates and subject to conditions following remarriage.

Railway Employee disappearing suddenly

  • Salary due, Leave encashment, PF may be paid on application and after expiry of one year. Family Pension also to be paid one year from date of first report lodged with Police.

Family Pension at enhanced rates

  • Family Pension at enhanced rates is paid for a period of 10 years in case of a Railway employee dying in harness.
  • In case of death of a Pensioner  below 67 years, Family Pension is paid at enhanced rates for a period of 7 years  or upto the date on which the deceased pensioner would have reached 67 years whichever is earlier.

Nomination Forms
Has to be given separately for:

  • Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity.
  • SR Provident Fund.
  • Contributory Provident Fund.
  • Arrears of Pension etc.


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My husband passed away in the year 2002 & then my father passed away in 2004. I father was a Railway Grade-1 employee. Now I came to know I am eligible for the pension of my father since am a widow as per the new rule. I live in Kolkata-West Bengal. I have all the relevant documents 1) My identification documents (PAN, AADHAR, VOTER ID, BANK ACCOUNT). I have proof of my father's last pension scheme, voter id card. I have proof of me being her widowed daughter.

Could you please guide me about the steps & about the office which I need to follow or meet to initiate the process & to get the pension. I am in a very urgent need for this.


Hi sir my father died in the year 2009. My mother was getting an amount of pension which was constantly increasing. But now it suddenly got reduced. Can you please help me in this matter. 

Sankalp Sharma

Sun, 30/09/2018 - 10:29

Dear sir/madam My father is passed away in sep 2018,my mother was also passed away in 2003 My father has retired in 2017 After his retirement he got pension and pass We have 4 in family me my 2 sister and father (all age 25+,and unmarried) Now my question is whether my sister is eligible for pension or not Plz reply Now

Hi Sir/Ma'am,

My Father took VRS in 1992 from assistant railway driver after that he was taking his pension. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2012 now my mother is getting the family pension. I want to know can I eligible to take job according to VRS rules or not? Please help me on this and your kind guidelines are required.



My mother who passed away was getting my fathers pension after his death .when  my mother passed away she was 81 years old but she did not get the additional 20% allowance as is said in one rule that a person will get additional 20% if attain this age .

Where should i claim that amount.


Hi Sir/Madam

My father passed away on Dec 24th, 2018 and he was 82 years old. I am trying to apply to get family pension for my mother. Can you pls let me know what all documents to be submitted? Also i am not able to find out where my father kept the PPO document? Is there any other option to get a duplicate of the same?

Your response will be highly appreciated

Thanks & Regards



Dear sir,  An expired Railway employee (A) wife (B) is getting her pension and his son (c) had worked and retired from Railways and getting his own pension already, Now ( A) has a daughter (D) who is a widow now and has no income to support her own family. Now will she be eligible to receive A's pension after B's Death??? Please clarify. Thanks


Fri, 31/05/2019 - 00:57

Dear Sir,

My father was expired on 26/06/2018 at the age of 79 years and his pension deposited in his account till Dec’2018.I have informed to bank but they haven’t done anything yet.

Please suggest me solution for two things:

1. How can I return the pension to railway department?

2. In such case, what is the procedure to start the pension for my mother (no joint account)?

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Sat, 10/08/2019 - 13:01

Family pension for dying in harness.

Respected Sir,

My father died of heart attack on June 2012 while still in service. He had 32.5 years of service in South Central Railway at the time of death. My mother was getting Family pension at enhanced rates till May 2019 (ie., 7 years). When I see the section Family Pension at enhanced rates in this page, I see that "Family Pension at enhanced rates is paid for a period of 10 years in case of a Railway employee dying in harness"

Can you please explain whether my mother should be getting enhanced family pension till May 2022 or May 2019 with Circular numbers so that I can claim the same (as I cannot find the circular numbers in the Reference attachments)



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Fri, 01/11/2019 - 13:14

Dear Sir,

We have been pursuing for the family Pension for my Younger Sister Rajeshwari (Unmarried) since last 10 months but nothing has happened, we have taking rounds every now then to the office of Western Railyway EMU Mahalaxmi Workshop and office.

After submitting all the required documents mentioned by the officer, nothing has happened now they are asking us to submit the documents for elder Sister Mary, who got married and after some months was taken care by my parents she is also mentally ill and under medication and we don't have any documents of hers as Marriage certificate, death certificate of her husband, birth certificate, school certificate, aadhar card etc., and also her name is not mentioned in the PPO.

Now i want to know that in this scenario will Rajeshwari get a pension till she gets married and can Mary's name be added the PPO.....

We are really very desperate as their income source is nothing....

Looking forward for help and proper guidance................

With Regards,

Bimla Gadwal

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Sat, 09/11/2019 - 12:42

Dear SIR,

MY father was a railyway pensioner expired and mom expired . I am a phyicall handicapped elder son . Can i get the family pension.

please advise..