Mutual Transfer Rules

  • Railway servants transferred on mutual exchange from one cadre of a division, office or railway to the corresponding cadre in another division, office or railway shall  retain their seniority on the basis of the date of promotion to the grade or take the seniority of the railway servants with whom they have exchanged, whichever of the two may be lower. [Ref 1]
  • Minimum service - There is no minimum service conditions in case of Mutual Transfer. [Ref 2]
  • Composite Transfer Grant - not admissible in case of Mutual Transfer .[Ref 3]
  • Sportspersons - For transfer of sportsperson recruited against sports quota at least 5 years service on the Railways, including probation period is required. When sportspersons request for transfer on mutual basis and when both employees are sportsperson 5 years minimum service is not applicable. [Ref 4]
  • Backtracking of orders of transfer on mutual exchange should not be done under any circumstances. [Ref 5 & 10]
  • Seniority - In case of Transfer on mutual exchange basis employee get own seniority or seniority of the employee with whom the exchange takes place, whichever of the two is lower. [Ref 6]
  • Efforts efforts should be to upload information regarding transfer requests through Rail-Net for inter-Division and intra-Division transfers . [Ref 11]
  • Forwarding Applications - Request for mutual transfers should be processed / accepted as soon as they are received. [Ref 9]
  • Relieving - Once the transfers are accepted, the employees concerned should be relieved immediately without waiting for the other unit to relieve the employee first. [Ref 9]
Mutual transfer between Different Community
  • Mutual transfers should be normally be allowed between staff belonging to the same category (i.e., General with General, SC with SC and ST with ST). [Ref 6 & 7] . Term General in this case include OBC also as there is no reservation in posts filled by promotion for OBCs. [Ref 8]
  • Mutual transfers in the recruitment grades will also be allowed without any restriction regarding community in following cases:  [a] the posts in the grade are entirely filled by direct recruitment from open market; e.g. the category of Staff Nurse or [b] Where posts in the grade are partly filled by promotion and partly by direct recruitment, both the employees seeking mutual transfer should have been recruited directly from the open market. But such transfers should be allowed only against vacant direct recruitment quota posts and not against promotion quota posts. [Ref 6 & 8]
1. Indian Railway Establishment Manual Vol I Rule 310
3. Indian Railway Establishment Code Rule 1642
7. High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam order dated 07.06.2005 in O.P.No.2150/02
9. Railway Board’s letter No. E[NG]I-2007/TR/26 dated 04-12-2007  (RBE No.156 /07)
11. Board's letter No.E[REP]I-06/Transfer/Misc/1 dated 23-10-06  



Sat, 19/05/2018 - 07:49

Sir is it possible that mutual transfer between direct recruited Je Diesel shed of sc category to direct recruited Sse CnW obc category please reply

Respected sir, myself chirag parmar posted as station master . I belong to sc category. My friend is also station master but is from general category and we both are recruited from rrb. Can mutual transfer is possible

Jai Singh Rawat

Sat, 15/09/2018 - 23:25

Sir please give me following information about mutual transfer-

1. My one friend came carriage workshop Ajmer from Wagon repair shop Kota, now due to family problems he wants to go back  to Wagon repair shop Kota can he go or not?

2. How much time must he stay  at carriage workshop Ajmer? Is there any  time boundation for him? If there is any rule please refer the rule

3. He is working as a technician grade 1 fitter and he wants to make mutual transfer with a technician grade III fitter, is it possible?


Sun, 16/09/2018 - 02:46

is it possible to mutual between GDCE & RRB candidate in station master cadare, both r in same category (obc), if possible plz mention the time period after application, plz reply sir

Sir, Humne Tech gr 3 me join kiya tha ab Tech gr 2 me promoted h to keya hum Tech ged 3 ke sath mutual kra sakte h agar h to koi reference dijiye plz. Railway bords ye fir kio ve kra chukah unka final release ka copy. Q ki mera Sr DME bolta h ki eysa nhi hota h. Agar koi pe huwa h to dikhao mey sing krunga. Plz sir koi vi help kokiye plz plz plz


Sun, 11/11/2018 - 14:36

Sir, whether a JE/AC/SBC is possible to mutual transfer with a JE/OHE/BBQ ie. Inter Railway muMutu transfer between General Electrical versus Traction Distribution (TRD).

Sir, me and my mutual candidate both are DIRECT RRB RECRUITED SSE WORKS and of same grade GP4600, but our community differ myself UR and he is SC.

Is our inter zonal inter community mutual transfer is possible? 

If yes please give the supporting documents. 


I want to know if a person who was working in salem division. Then he got mutual transfer from salem division to Guntakal division. But now that person wants to come back again to Salem division from Guntakal division after getting another mutual transfer but with different person.
Sir is it possible to come back to parent division after getting mutual transfer with other person.
If yes then please provide me that circular which justify this matter


Thu, 23/05/2019 - 11:08

Sir mai parel workshop me tec 3 hu our obc me hu mai mutual transfer kar raha hu lekin mera mutcal employ grade 1 hai our obc hai mai mechanical department se hu our o engeenearing me kya mera mutuhal transfer ho sakta hai kya

सर मैंने 1 साल पहले म्यूच्यूअल ट्रांसफर लगाया था दिनांक 10/06/2018 लेकिन रेलवे बोर्ड का नियम है कि 90 दिन में म्यूच्यूअल ट्रांसफर हो जाना चाहिए उस दौरान मेरा LDC ranker कोटे के तहत TC में पास कर प्रमोशन हो गया result लगने के बाद मेरा म्यूच्यूअल पार्टनर यहां आकर मेरे स्टेशन पर ज्वाइन कर लिया क्या सर मुझे प्रमोशन देंगे या ट्रांसफर में भेज देगी 


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Mon, 27/01/2020 - 17:01

I put up my file on 9dec2019 to p branch .but still my dealing clerk sending My NOC to another division where i m getting Matule ... matule transfer rule is transfer in 3 months but 2 month over .. no process  . I went drm office 7 8 tyms .. now what should i do ? .. suggest me ...  8983225381 , 8837696010 wats app 

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Wed, 19/02/2020 - 15:32

Mutual eligibility check.