Against dar

Sir please tell me awm issued chargesheet sf11 to me .I want to my netive place and I have accident from my scooty I have taken 33 days leave medical And quickly information given by watsup and after 10 days I have done speed post. after return from home PMC made by railway hospital and leave considered and sing by chargeman ,awm,and dipty cme  , what is the best solution for this


Unfortunately as per DAR rules you are supposed to report to the Railway Doctor at the earliest. Now the only thing you can do is to explain the things clearly in the explanation you give and hope for the best.

सर मुझे उस लेटर का नंबर चाहिए जिसमे ये उल्लेख है कि यदि रनिंग एंप्लॉयी का रेस्ट दिन मै 12 बजे के बाद पूरा होता है तो उस दिन की lलीव नहीं लगती है बल्कि उपस्थिति दर्ज होगी 

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