Aptitude Tests in RRB exams and Qualifying marks

Railway Board Letter No
E(RRB)2003/25/7 dt.4.6.03
Circular Subject
Procedures to be adopted for RRBs -Recommendations by High Level Committee on Psycho-Testing on Indian Railways
Board's letter no.(RRB)-2000/23/9 dated 13.10.2000.


The recommendations in respect of procedures for adoption by RRBs as made by High Level Committee on Psychotesting on Indian Railways have been considered and approved by the RRCB as under:-


i.              Psycho Test for the 'identified categories' should be continued both 'at the time of recruitment' as well as at the stage of 'in service promotion'.  However, instead of calling it 'Psycho-Test', it should, henceforth, be named as 'Aptitude Test'.


ii.            The following categories of staff and stages only are recommended for Aptitude Test for the time being.

Direct Recruitment

At the stage of In-service Promotion

(a)  ASM

(b)  Assistant Driver (Diesel/Electric)

(c) Motorman

     (EMU/     MEMU/DMU)

(a)  ASM

(b)  Assistant Driver(Diesel/Electric)

(c)  Motorman (EMU/MEMU/DMU)

(d)  For deployment of High Speed Driver [beyond          110 KMPH]

(It need not be given to drivers of Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express running at lower speeds; but drivers running even non-Shatabdi/Rajdhani trains running over 110 Kmph should be subjected to the test)



iii.           Out of both the components i.e. Written Test & Aptitude Test,  for selection for the safety category the Written Test will contain 100/110/120/140 questions i.e. maximum marks 100/110/120/140, which would be converted to 70 marks base and Aptitude Test of 30 marks maximum.  Marks obtained in written test should be added to marks obtained in Aptitude Test to prepare a combined merit list on basis of total marks of 100.  However, a candidate is required to obtain minimum qualifying pass marks in written test.  A candidate who fail to obtain minimum qualifying marks in written test would not be called for "Aptitude Test".  Further a candidate must obtain minimum laid down qualifying marks on basis of "aggregate of both the written and aptitude test" also.


iv.           Ratio of candidates to be called for aptitude test vis-à-vis number of vacancies, would be as per instructions issued vide Railway Board letter no.(RRB)2000/23/9 dated 13.10.2000 for the time being.  It may be reviewed after a year or so, if necessary, after gaining experience.  Further ED/Psycho/RDSO confirmed that Test Batteries for administering "Aptitude Test" would be ready by July,2003.  So any Employment Notice issued after 1.9.2003, should incorporate "Aptitude Test" in lieu of "Psycho Test" for the specified safety categories.  All existing/on-going selections would be finalized as per Employment Notice already issued.


Instructions  issued vide Railway Board's letter no.(RRB)2000/23/9 dated 13.10.2000, would continue to be followed.


Sun, 28/09/2014 - 01:30

Sir I cleared the rrb Bangalore exam for the post of ALP held in the month of July 2014. I also have an attitude test in the month of the October 2014. I need to know about the book materials that are to be studied for the aptitude test. Plz suggest me the book materials for the exam.