HOER Rules for Running Staff

  • Loco and Traffic Running staff even though classified as Continuous will be required to be on duty more than 8 hours at a stretch in view of special nature of their duties.
  • Overall duty at a stretch of Running staff from signing On to Signing off should not normally exceed 12 hours and they should be entitled to claim relief thereafter.
  • Running duty at a stretch should not normally exceed 10 hours from departure of train and staff are entitled to claim rest thereafter.
  • In operational exigencies running duty may be extended beyond 10 hours within overall limit of 12 hours provided a due notice has been given to staff by Section Controller before completion of 8 hours of running duty.
  • If a train doens not reach within overall limit of 12 hours its normal crew chaning station/destination of the train or where a relief has been arranged and such point is approximately 1 hour journey staff may be required to work upto that point.
  • In exceptional emergencies like accidents staff may be required to work beyond the limits prescribed above. In such cases Controller should advise the staff in advance.
  • Undermentioned period will count as duty under 10 hour rule:
    (i) Engine attendance time as prescribed.
    (ii) Time taken from starting station to crew changing station including intermediate stations.

Periodic Rest to Running Staff

  • At least 5 periods of rest of not less than 22 consecutive hours each per month or at least 4 periods of rest of not less than 30 consecutive hours each per month each including a full night shall be given to Running Staff.
  • Hours of work for this purpose shall be calculated from ‘signing on’ to ‘signing off’.
  • Periodic rest shall be given at headquarters.
  • As far as possible it should be given once in 10 days.

Rest after duty

  • Based on total duty ‘signing on’ to ‘signing off’ rest after duty shall be given as follows:


At headquarters

For duty of less than 8 hours

12 hours

For duty of 8 hours or more

16 hours

In either case a Running staff shall not be called to go out if rest is under 6 hours except in unavoidable necessity as in case of accidents or breakdowns.

At outstation

F 8 hours rest for 8 hours running duty or more (staff may sign for rest to the extent of 6 hours if they so desire)

  • In case of Running staff who are employed on duties which provide for daily rest at headquarters including Shunters, Running staff working in suburban trains, ballast trains, pilots etc. above provision will not apply. These staff will not normally be called for duty before expiry of 10 consecutive hours after completion of previous duty. If however if any such staff is required to work trains out of headquarters and return he will be eligible for rest outstaion and at headquarters.
  • Interval between trips shall be considered as duty if it is equal to or less than 1 hour plus time allowed for train or engine attendance before and after trips.

Allowance for Train or engine attendance

  • Engine attendance - 45 minutes before departure from engine shed and 15 minutes after arrival at engine shed except for garret and other special type of engines for which the Railway Administrations may decide.
  • Train attendance  - 30 minutes before departure and 30 minutes after arrival. In case of goods trains allowance before departure will be 45 minutes.

Night duty

  • Performance of continuous night duty beyond 6 nights at a stretch shall be avoided.

Absence from headquarters

  • Running staff shall not normally be away from headquarters for more than3 or 4 days at a stretch.


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Nitin Ingle (not verified)

Sat, 18/08/2012 - 15:31

sir, In  section AKOLA - KHANDWA  of nanded division , south central railway, passenger train running with 30 kmph as divisional caution order but WTT  giving 40 kmph as mps more than one year period.

is there specific rule for passenger train minimum speed to run  and any special allowances for running staff for such like low speed as material train which is 30km per hours 

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Guests.t.selvan (not verified)

Thu, 13/09/2012 - 12:39

How the hours of out station rest calculated while making crew links,
Are we eligible for preparatory time at outstation while working in link.

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M D RAO (not verified)

Tue, 09/10/2012 - 21:07

sir loco pilots unifom should be changed. current uniform is not good. my openion is marron and black colour checks shirt and black pant.

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kaushik gandhi (not verified)

Fri, 12/10/2012 - 07:14


pl let me know the rules for leave reserve and who will  work as L.R. junior or seiner in running staff for the guard.


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pijush (not verified)

Fri, 12/10/2012 - 08:33

in sealsah division passenger link diagrammed is prepared in such a way that
1)duty hours is less than 8 hours and the running staff( guard and DRIVER) is called again after 12 hours of Hq rest
2) A weekly rest is given of 30 hrs but this time Hq rest is ignored. as a result running staff have to work 365 days in a year.
it is very much troublesome to work without a calender day rest.
please let me know whether it is right or there is some space to fight.

Sir, i have worked 32 hours in loco, then i got relieved. 16 hours rest had to be given to me.. but they gave me duty under rest when i denied to go to duty because i was under rest.  Because of this they gave a chargesheet... besides this i am not getting periodical rest after 10 working days. if i applied for Periodical rest. and denied to go to duty.. they again gave me chargesheet... plz tell me what legal action i can take against the administration...


maheer basha

Wed, 11/09/2013 - 17:57

Sir, in our depot we are given/availing PR after 10 days due to tight position thus losing 1PR also if we are reporting sick/leave we are compelled to work continuous 6days after resuming for availing PR. On questioning we are asked to show board letters in the context by incharge, and also the PR is being given only by CCC on recieval of application and during day time when he turns up for duty. Sir it would be of great help if you can give the letter no/board orders in this regard

maheer basha

Sun, 27/10/2013 - 16:03

(1) Whenever crew is sent pilot by train/vehicle to work train further than the wheel movement period shall be taken from departure of pilot train/vehicle or the departure of train which we work enroute.
(2) While working a goods train if GDR performs shunting enroute for 1Hr or even more than after how many hrs can they demand for relief.


Tue, 11/03/2014 - 09:28

sir, I  have posted as shunter at  VRI/TPJ Divn  S.RLY  where  22.00 HRS to  06.00  HRS Duty only available.How  many continuos nights can allowed  to work at a sretch.since only one  post  sanctioned  no releiver arranged & no roster  followed..kindly  guide for suitable remedy  in  this  matter


Thu, 18/09/2014 - 07:06

Within 10 hrs how many loco/trains have to charge taken over/charge handed over?  Whether 10 hrs rule entitled for either same train/loco or another train/loco??

Sir Iam aLab.Supdt (Direct Recr Quota) in 9300 34800 (GP 4200) can I report to Stn Supdt who is on same pay band .

Is there any Estb Sl no for this

Thanks and regards

Saurav Ghosh


Mon, 19/02/2018 - 11:12

Sir, if periodical rest is not less than 30 hrs & should include a full night(i.e.- 22.00 -6.00), does it inclusive of time of travelling from workplace to registered residential address and also preparing time

E.g.- if i sign off at 22.00 & given off periodical rest duty at 6.00 on next day(32 hrs rest) & my residence is 2 hrs far from my headquarter, i am reaching at 00.00 hrs at home and next day leaving at 4.00 & waking up at 3.00

Does it fulfill conditions of rest