Classification of Posts

Railway services are classified as follows : 

(a)   Gazetted

                (1)   Railway Services Group A 

(2)   Railway Services, Group B. 

(b)   Non-Gazetted 

(1)   Railway Services, Group C 

(2)   Railway Services, Group D 

(3)   Workshop Staff ( Group C & D ) 

From 08.01.2010 Railway Service posts shall be classified as follows :  

Description of Posts Classification of Posts
A Railway Service Post in Apex Scale (Rs.80000-fixed), HAG+ (Rs.75500-800000), HAG  (Rs.67000-79000), GP Rs.10000, Rs.8900 and Rs.8700 in PB-4 (Rs.37400-67000) and GP Rs.7600, Rs.6600 and Rs.5400 in PB-3 (Rs.15600 – 39100) but excluding the posts in Gr B & C below. Group A (Gaz.)

A Railway Service Post carrying GP Rs.5400 and Rs.4800 in  PB-2 (Rs.9300-34800) but excluding the posts in Gr C below.

The post of Assistant Nursing Officers carrying Grade Pay Rs.5400, Principal/Head Master/Head Mistress (Secondary/High School & equivalent) (Basic Grade & Sr. Grade) carrying Grade Pay Rs.5400, Rs.6600 in Pay Band PB-3 (Rs.15600-39100) and Non-functional Grade of Group ‘B’ Gaz. Posts of various organized Railway services & RBSS/RBSSS carrying Grade Pay Rs.5400 in Pay Band PB-3 (Rs.15600-39100) will continue to be classified as Group ‘B’ (Gaz.)

Group B (Gaz.)

A Railway Service Post carrying Grade Pay Rs.4600 and Rs.4200 in Pay Band PB-2 (Rs.9300-34800) Grade pay Rs.2800, Rs.2400, Rs.2000, Rs.1900 and Rs.1800 in Pay Band PB-1 (Rs.5200-20200).

The post of S.O. (Acs)/Sr.SO (Acs), TIA/Sr.TIA and ISA/Sr.ISA (Merged grades) carrying Grade Pay Rs.4800 in Pay Band PB-2 (Rs.9300-34800), Nursing Sister carrying Grade Pay Rs.4800 in Pay Band PB-2 (Rs.9300-34800), Matron / Chief Matron (Merged Grade) carrying Grade Pay Rs.5400 in Pay Band PB-3 (Rs.15600-39100). Primary School Teacher/Trained Graduate Teacher / Post Graduate Teacher and equivalent (Basic / Senior / Selection Grade) carrying Grade Pay Rs.4800/5400/6600 in Pay Band PB-2/PB-3 (Rs.9300-34800/15600-39100) will continue to be classified as Group ‘C’.

Group C
A Railway Service Post carrying Grade Pay Rs.1650, Rs.1600, Rs.1400, Rs.1300 in Pay Band 1S (Rs.4440-7440). Group D (till the posts are upgraded)


(a) A person placed in higher Grade Pay/Pay Band under In-situ promotion scheme/ACP or MACP Schemes will continue to retain the classification of his Basic Post.

(b) The classification of Non-functional posts, Sr. & Selection Grade posts of Teaching/School staff will continue to remain the same as applicable to Basic Grade post.

(c) The Assistants of Railway Board Sectt. Service & Personal Assistants of Railway Board Sectt. Stenographers Service will continue to be classified as Group ‘B’ (Non-gazetted) as laid down in respective service rules.

(d) If higher classification than that indicated above is presently prescribed for any specific post in the respective service rules, the same shall continue till further orders.

2. Posts created subsequent to date of effect of these orders as specific additions to existing cadres shall have the same classification as posts in the cadre to which they are added.



1.   Rule No.  106 & 107 of Indian Railway Establishment Code

2.    Railway Board Letter No: PC.VI/2009/I/RSRP/4 dated 08.01.2010 (RBE No: 05/2010)


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Amit Mathur (not verified)

Tue, 04/09/2012 - 21:25

Sir my father expired on 31-3-2012 and he was in railway as a tcm-III under divison i appiled for job after him and my qualication is complete & also pursuing MBA private...i got a letter from jhansi divison for medical and oral & written test for posts of class C..please give me to guideness for the basic of medical and written test and which class c post jhansi divison prefer to me..

Only Jhansi division know what you will get.
In any case you are lucky to get Class C post because nowadays they give only Group D posts.
Medical depends on post.

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Saranga (not verified)

Mon, 24/09/2012 - 19:16

Hello Sir.

May i know in which group of NEF railway division, the post Jr. Clerk will fall? And what is the grade pay of this post?

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Vipul7192 (not verified)

Sat, 29/09/2012 - 11:23

I am pursuing B.TECH,electrical, final year. Can i apply for J.E post during 7th/8th sem. . If I Can show my provisional documents at the time of joining. .

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deepak l narayan (not verified)

Wed, 10/10/2012 - 20:24

dear sir what is p.way engineer and i completed diplomo in civil engineering(66%)and engineering(79%)and in transportation engineering(82%) if i join for j.E can i get promotion early or late.pls help me sir am waiting


Apex scale means the  highest scale given to a Central Government Employee.  Under Sixth Pay Commission recommendation,  Apex Scale (Rs.80000/-) corresponds to erstwhile scale of S-33 which is the pay Scale designated for officers of the rank of Secretary Govt. of India.


Thu, 10/01/2013 - 21:26

sir i had completed diploma in civil engg in 2009 & i had givn je work exam n the rslt was dclr oct 2012 . i had pass the exam n imy doc verif also done in nov. how much time it will take for joining the post. & i also completd the degree ts year 2012 so i can get the advantage of my degre whule pramotioning?


The time takes varies from Division to Division according to varying factors. You can expect 12-24 months delay. Your degree wont give you any financial benefit. The promotion also will be based on your performance in departmental exams and seniority.

Nagarjuna Cool

Mon, 21/01/2013 - 20:04

Dear Sir,

My Father Worked as Sr.Goods Guard in South Central Railway had expired on March 2012.

I completed my B.Tech (Information Technology) in 2009.

Am I eligible for JE Post.If Yes, May I Know in Which Department i am Eligible For JE.

B.Tech with Information Technology will come under Technical Qualification?? .

Can you please send the Book names in which i have to prepare for JE with Information Technology Branch.

I Heard a news  that B.Tech with I.T are eligible for JE in Signal Department.Is It True?.

Please Clarify Sir..

Please Suggest me Sir,,Eagerly waiting for your Good Reply..


Thanks and regards


Software Developer.





My Father worked as......

Dear Sir,


My Father Worked  in South eastern Railway had expired on 2004.
I going to complete my B.Tech (Information Technology) in 2013.
my name was already being registered as an nominee,
So,according to my i.e B.Tech(IT),so would be eligible for which post and what will be the pay scale???
 Please Suggest me Sir,,waiting for your Reply..


You are eligible to be considered for SE(Sig) or Tele. While GM has power to make upto GP 4600 post(upto SE level) in  Compassionate Ground the offer of post depend on the availability of vacancies. GP 4600 or 4200 postings are rarely made in  Compassionate Ground