Performance Appraisal and Confidential Report

  • Confidential Report(CR) is prepared for Railway employees in Group A, B, C at the end of each Financial Year.
  • It is written by immediate superior who must take inot account performance of concerned railway staff over the period.
  • Senior subordinates and officers to be given targets in advance and work is to be reviewed periodically.
  • At the end of year Railway employee gives self-assessment along with resume of work done and reasons for shortfalls.
  • Reporting officer must fill up each column and make overall assessment based on assessment in each column based on actual performance and matters on record.
  • Form covers general qualities, professional abilities, integrity, intelligence, tact, industry, keenness, attitude to SC/ST, to superiors, equals and subordinates, general conduct and character, sociability, aptitudes and shortcomings etc.
  • Whenver an entry is based on actual incident it should be indicated. Resume given by the employee should alos be considered.
  • Reporting officer will submit report to Reviewing officer who may make his own assessment and record changes if necessary. Report is finally put up to accepting authority.
  • Adverse entries in the CR should be communicated to the employee concerned and his represetation if any in this regard shall be considered by the acceptin authority who will pass a speaking order if representation is to be rejected. If accepted adverse remarks shall be expunged.
  • CR should be written with utmost circumspection, caution and care.
  • CR is in two parts.
  • Entries in part II are not communicated.
  • Self appraisal should be fillled in by staff in GP 4200 and above who are likely to be considered for Group B posts.

Merits of Performance Appraisal

  • Gives opportunity to the staff concerned to review his own performance through self-appraisal.
  • It is beneficial for the administration for placements, promotion, deputation, training, career planning, growth etc.
  • Periodical review of targets and performance.
  • CPOs shall ensure that schedule of writing  CR adhered to.
  • No officer under suspension shall be allowed to write/review CR of subordinates, if during major part of writing/reviewing he was under suspension.



Tue, 01/01/2013 - 18:05

Respected Sir , I have completed document verification for Junior Engineer , How much chance for job if i pass medical Test ?  what is further procedure after document verification ?

If you are in RRB mainlist (not in waiting list) and there is no problem in medical you will get the job surely. After Document verification your file will be sent to CPO of the Zone from where it will be send to Division. From Division they will call you to complete the formalities. As Railways still depend on the laborious system of transfer of files it will take quite a long time before the process gets completed and you get appointment. 


Tue, 01/01/2013 - 18:22

Respected sir,
I,Arun kumar has been working in ICF Chennai since last five years.I
belong to kanpur U.P & i willing to come raibareli. I appiled
application cum optional form dated 31.7.2010 through proper channel.i
came to know from someone to reliveing letter has been come for us
from raibreli still more than 5 month has gone but no any needful
action taken by officers.kindly resend relieving letter or reminder to will greatful to me.
Yours faithfully
Arun kumar
Technician Gr II
Millwrite ICF


Tue, 01/01/2013 - 20:54

Respected Sir , I wanna know one thing that......

C & W  Tech-lll  (mechanical) Fiter jo k promoted hai.....ka C & W Tech-lll (Disel) Fiter k sath mutual transfer ho sakta hai kya????

jab ki dono ki category SC hi hai.......

please do reply Sir.....................i need an urgent transfer.

thank you.

As far as Railway rules are concerned mutual transfer is permitted between employees of same category. As for your question it depends on your HODs as there are no clear clarification in this case. There are cases where employee got mutual in similar stuations and some others where it is denied.