Circulars on Pass Rules Topic

Extracts from some of the important Circulars on the topic. This is not a comprehensive list. 

Title Date RBE No
Revised pay limit for entitlement of privilege pass 21/2001
School Pass to the student son/daughter of Railway employees studying in the recognised institutions and Declaration 196/2000
Provision of Parent/Guardian in the School Pass issued to Handicapped boys of 18 years of age and above 81/2004
Issue of 2nd Class 'A' Pass to eligible Railway employees 88/2003
Revised pay limits for entitlement of Pass as per Fifth Pay Commission 17/1999
Provision of containers to eligible railway employees on Transfer/retirement 156/2004
Validity of Passes/PTOs for travel in Garib Rath Express Trains 24/2007
Travelling on duty over Konkan Railway by Indian Railway employees 73/1999
Entitlement of travel by Jan Shatabdi Express Trains with Privilege/Post-retirement/Duty Passes 259/2004
Policy instructions and Pass Quotas in Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains
Entitlement for travel by Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains on Duty/Privilege/Post Retirement Complimentary Passes 30/2004
Return of Metal Pass by the Retiring Officers
Surrender of Metal Pass by retiring Railway Officers 104/2000
Entitlement for travel by Rajdhani Express trains on Duty for Silver Pass holders and Metal and I A pass holders 73/2007
Entitlement of family of Railway Officers to travel in saloon when officer return by some other mode of transport 107/2008
IInd Class Pass and PTO valid for travel in Sleeper Class
Issue of Bronze Metal Pass/Card Pass to below JAG Officers with All India validity 175/2002
Surrender of Metal Pass by officers who avail of LAP for a short period in continuation of duty 156/2002
Revised pay limits for entitlement of Duty Pass as per V th Pay Commission Scales 162/1999
Entitlement of Metal Pass holders to travel in I-AC Class for self and for family to travel in 2-AC Class 72/2007
Revised Pay limits for entitlement of Gold Pass 286/1999
Entitlement for travel in First AC coupe for Officers holding Gold Pass 94/2008
Free Pass Scheme for widows of Railway employees 174/87
Passes for widows of Railway servants - mode of joining 52/2001
Passes for Widows of Railway employees 83/98
Inclusion of children from void marriage in the privilege passes issued to railway employees 39/2005
Family members and dependent relatives for issue of Special Pass on medical grounds 185/2000
Inclusion of legally divorced sister as dependent on Railway servant for eligibility of Pass and PTO
Full sets of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) allowed after 20 years of railway service 132/2013
Privilege Pass eligibility in Duranto Express in non AC accommodation 35/2013
Pass Quota for Duty and Privilege Passes in Duranto Express Trains
Privilege and Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) allowed in Duranto Express Trains 20/2013
Entitlements on Kit Pass admissible to Railway servants on transfer/retirement 112/2011
Revised entitlement of Pass for Running staff 47/2012
School Pass permitted in Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains 97/2000
School pass can be issued for students travelling for counseling purposes
Wards of Retired railway employees not eligible for School Pass
Post Retirement Complimentary Passes /widow passes for GP 1800 (erstwhile Group D employees)
Special Passes to participate in Sports events 160/2009
Companion in lieu of attendant to First /Ist A Post Retirement Complimentary Pass /Widow Pass holders 164/2009
Duty Card Passes to the Government Railway Police personnel (GRP) in Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains 143/2009
Raising income ceiling for grant of Privilege Passes/PTO to dependent relatives 155/2009
Rail travel facilities admissible to MR/MOS[R]/DMR, Chairman and Members of Railway Board 129/2009
Duty Passes in favour of officers deputed for training in IIPA/ New Delhi 112/2009
Revised entitlement of Kit Pass on transfer /retirement 111/2009
Issue of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes to Chairman and Members of Railway Board 85/2009
Post Retirement Complimentary Card Pass facilities to Minister of Railways/MOS[R]/DMR 84/2009
Encashment of LAP while availing Railway Passes/PTOs permitted without any linkage to leave availed 104/2009
Constant Attendant Allowance 72/2009
Affixing of Rubber Stamp on Passes /PTOs/Post Retirement Complimentary Passes for travel in Rajdhani / Shatabdi Express Trains 20/2009
Entitlement of Privilege Pass in sixth Pay Scales 09/2009
Inclusion of son above 21 years in Privilege Pass 10/2009
Transport Allowance (TPA) to Railway Employees having Residential Card Pass (RCP) facility 16/2009
Grant of 1st A Pass to Asstt. Audit Officers (AAOs) - Not permitted
Revised pay limits for entitlement of School Pass, School Card Pass and Residential Card Pass(RCP) 145/2011
Validity of second class Privilege passes for travel in Garib Rath Express Trains 131/2011
Facility of First AC travel while on duty to JA Grade Officers on ad-hoc basis
Rail Travel facilities available to Members of Parliament, their spouse and companions
Companion in lieu of attendant to First Class/1st A Post Retirement Complimentary Pass/Widow Pass holders in Jan Shatabdi Express 140/2010
Issue of School Passes during vacations 104/2010
Emergency quota to Railway servants suffering from cancer and traveling for treatment on Medical Passes
Waiver of Security Deposit, Fare & Empty haulage charge for booking of special coaches for holiday camps organized by the Railway Administration under the Staff Benefit Fund and for tours of serving and retired Railway employees
Validity of Complimentary Card passes to freedom fighters and their widows in Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains 86/2010
Mention of Adopted may not be made on Railway Pass/PTO
Issue of School Passes upto four months in advance 101/2011
Privilege Pass/PTO and Post Retirement Complimentary Pass in the next year account 80/2011
Freedom fighters pass - travelling facility extended to 2nd AC in Rajdhani trains 74/2011
Duty Card/Cheque passes to the Government Railway Police (GRP) 62/2011
Pay limits for Pass/PTO on the basis of pre-revised scales
Duty Passes allowed in Duronto Express 37/2012
Validity of Railway Passes & PTOs extended to 5 months 41/2012
Issue of Railway Passes to Trainees and Apprentices 171/2006
Entitlement for travel by Rajdhani Express Trains on Privilege /Post RetirementPasses 79/2009
Entitlement of Pass facilities & MACPS 06/2011
Travel entitlements of Railway gazetted officers on duty , privilege and post retirement passes. 18/2011
Revised pay limits for entitlement of Passes/PTOs 03/2011