Transport Allowance (TPA) to Railway Employees having Residential Card Pass (RCP) facility

Railway Board Letter No
PC-V/2008/A/TA/2 dated 23.01.09
Circular Subject
Grant of Transport Allowance to Railway Employees – clarification reg

In continuation to the Board’s letter of even number dated 12.9.2008, the issue regarding admissibility of Transport Allowance to Residential Card Pass (RCP) users has been reviewed by the Board and in partial modification of para 4 of the letter dated 12.9.2008 ibid, it has been decided that Transport allowance be made admissible to those railway employees who are already availing the RCP facility with a proviso that no further railway or section will be added to the ambit of Residential Card Passes in future.


These orders are effective from September 1, 2008.