Setting up of Railway Recruitment Cells and Recruitment of Group D staff

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG)II/96/RR-1/62 dated 18.7.05
Circular Subject
Procedure for recruitment of Group ‘D’ staff on Indian Railways

1.       In terms of instructions contained in this Ministry’s letter No.99/E(RRB)/25/11 dated 27.11.2001, recruitment to Group ‘D’ in the Railways were to be done through Railway Recruitment Boards.  Detailed guidelines/procedure for such recruitment were circulated under this Ministry’s letter No.E(RRB)2004/33/2 dated 10.8.2004 (RBE No.178/2004).  In the light of Hon’ble MR’s directions as also announcement made by him in his Budget (Railway) Speech for 2005-06, the issue has been reviewed and it has been decided by Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) that recruitment to all Group ‘D’ posts will henceforth be done directly by the Zonal Railways.


2.         It is also clarified that indents from Zonal Railways/Production Units and other units on which action has been initiated by way of issue of Employment Notice, the recruitment shall be completed by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) concerned and the uninitiated indents shall be sent back to the concerned Zonal Railway/Production Unit etc.


3.             A ‘Recruitment Cell’ should be created in the Headquarters Office for handling this work.  The Cell would be headed by Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment ) in JA grade or Selection grade and Assistant Personnel Officer (Recruitment) along with Group ‘C’ and Group ‘D’ staff. Necessary creation/sanction for these posts may be done by General Manager under his own powers.  No posts should be created in categories where there are surplus/supernumerary posts in the Headquarters Office.


4.             General Managers may delegate powers to Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) to ensure smooth functioning.


5.             Broad guidelines for recruitment to Group ‘D’ posts are enclosed as Annexure-I.  However, in case any further clarification is required, the Railways may consult Chairman/Railway Recruitment Boards and Manual for Railway Recruitment Boards, 2000 published by the Railway Board.  Certain shortcomings, which have been noticed in Railway Recruitment Board’s selections, have been listed out at Annexure II.  These may be guarded against in the selections to be done through this scheme.


6.             This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways (Railway Board.).



Enclosure to Ministry of Railway’s letter No. E(NG)II/96/RR-1/62 dated 18.7.05






1.1          Unit of recruitment shall be a Zonal Railway.  Requirement of all Divisions/Workshops/Production Units and other organizations falling within the territorial jurisdiction of the Zonal Railway will be clubbed together for the purpose of recruitment.




2.1                Recruitment shall be done at intervals of two years.

2.2                Vacancies shall be counted as those existing on 1st January or 1st July of the year of recruitment plus those anticipated over the next two years.  The number of posts to be filled up should be got vetted by Associate Finance.




3.1          The educational qualification for recruitment to all posts in Group ‘D’ in the Railways shall be Class 8th passed, as already stipulated in Ministry of Railway’s letter No.E(NG)II/98/RR-1/107 dated 4.12.1998.


3.2          The age limits for recruitment shall be as per extant instructions, with relaxation for specified categories as admissible under specific orders issued by the Ministry of Railway’s from time to time.


3.0                EMPLOYMENT NOTICE:


4.1          A detailed Employment Notice shall be published in leading local newspapers and an ‘Indicative Notice’ be published in the Employment News/Rozgar Samachar and national newspapers giving reference of the advertisement given in the local newspapers.  A detailed vacancy notification shall also be sent to the nearby Employment Exchanges and recognized associations of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.  A copy of the Employment Notice shall be supplied to the Resettlement Directorate of the Ministry of Defence and the Rajya and Zila Sainik Boards for the purpose of employment of ex-servicemen by the Railway Administrations.  Copies of the notice should also be exhibited on Notice Boards outside railway offices situated in the area of recruitment.


4.2          Whereas an indicative notification shall be published in the Employment News/Rozgar Samachar and national newspapers, a detailed notification shall be advertised in the local dailies giving the following details.


a)                   Recruitment Unit

b)                   Name and number of posts for which recruitment is to be conducted along with reservation details.

c)                   Qualification.

d)                   Age limits, including relaxation provisions.

e)                   Scale of pay.

f)                    Names of the Divisions/Workshops/Production Units/other Organizations for which recruitment is being held.

g)                   Examination Fees.

h)                   Procedure for submission of applications.

i)                     Closing date for submission of applications.

j)                    Choice of language for question paper (Hindi, English or regional (official) language(s) as specified in the VIII Schedule of the Constitution of India, prevalent in the Division/Workshop/Production Unit/Other Units for which recruitment is being made.  Question paper shall be set in Hindi, English and the regional language(s).

k)                   Physical Efficiency Test standards.

l)                     Medical test standards.

m)                 Railways right to hold additional/supplementary examination or re-examination for all or some of the candidates.

n)                   Any other relevant information.


4.0                HOW TO APPLY.


5.1          Candidates shall apply on plain paper, as per format indicated in the employment notice, directly to Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment).  Fees may be charged @ Rs.40/-(forty only) per candidate.  However, no fee is to be charged from candidates belonging to SC/ST categories.  In his/her application, the candidate should mention the recruitment unit & posts applied for .  Candidates should be asked to give option (maximum three) in order of preference for the Divisions/Workshops/Production Units/Other Organizations etc. within the territorial jurisdiction of the Zone.  If a combined examination is being held for more than one category of Group ‘D’ post then the candidate should specify his preference for the posts also.  No change of options shall be permitted at any stage subsequently.





6.1          Each recruitment shall be conducted under the overall supervision of Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment).


6.2          Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment ) shall have the discretionary powers (delegated by General Manager) in matters relating to issues like outsourcing of work viz. Data entry work, preparation of lists, despatch of call letters, printing of question papers etc. and shall be responsible for overseeing the selection process (pre-examination as well as post examination).  He/she shall have the right to reject any application, the reasons for which would have to be recorded on the application.  Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) may requisition the assistance of Division(s) Workshops etc. for conduct of the examination as is done at present also.


6.3          Applications are to be called against vacancies of various categories by issue of notification etc. as specified in para 4 above.  Only one application should be submitted even if the candidate wishes to be considered for more than one category of posts.  Applications so received are to be sent to the nominated agency for processing of applications as also for dispatch of the Call Letters.


6.4          Simultaneous preparations will be made for conducting examination in various towns.  Depending upon the number of applications received, Divisions/Workshops etc. will be approached by Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) to hire examination centres (Schools and colleges) to conduct the written examination.


6.5                A Town In-charge (JA grade officer) for each town will be nominated by the GM/AGM of the Railway.  In addition, an overall In-charge for a Division (normally ADRM) for the towns falling in the territorial jurisdiction of the Division will be nominated by the GM/AGM.


6.6          Question Paper will be set by Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) and sent to Private Agencies (Specialized in confidential printing) for printing.  Such agencies should be of good reputation and proven integrity and proof of having conducted similar jobs for RRBs, JEE, CAT etc.


6.7          Duplicate type OMR sheets shall be procured from the printer (specialized in such printing) in which answers to questions are to be given by the candidates.


6.8          Question paper shall be printed with questions jumbled in four to five series.  Sealed Question Papers (town and centre wise) be delivered by the Agency to Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) in sealed packets/boxes which shall be distributed to respective Town In-charges where examination is to be held or alternately by the Agency directly to the Town In-charges as may be decided in advance.


6.9          Name, Father’s name, address and community of each candidate should be entered in a computer database along with any other information considered relevant.


6.10        Roll Numbers may be generated on the computer and call letters should also be generated through Computers.  Call letters should be posted under certificate of posting, at least one month prior to the date of examination.


6.11        Instructions to candidates containing detailed guidelines on how to fill the answers, roll numbers etc. and a sample OMR (Optical Mark Reader) answer sheet printed on a plain paper should be enclosed with the call letter.




7.1          The selection shall consist of a Written Test followed by Physical Efficiency Test and Medical Examination.


7.2          Question paper for the Written Test shall be based on Class 8th standard consisting of 150 multiple choice (four) objective type questions aimed to assess general knowledge/awareness, mathematics and reasoning etc.  No question shall be asked for checking proficiency in language.  Question paper should be entirely objective and shall be printed in Hindi, English and regional language(s).  The duration of the Written Test shall be 2(two) hours.


7.3          Answer scripts shall be readable on Optical Mark Reader (OMR) and evaluation of answer scripts shall be on computers.  After the examination, original OMR sheets will be sent to the Evaluating Agency (identity of which is known only to Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment).  Duplicate OMR sheets will be kept in the custody of GM/AGM.


7.4          Result of Written Examination will be declared based on the Evaluation Agency’s Report and scrutiny of the records.  Minimum pass marks will be 40% for General candidates, 30% for SC/ST and OBC candidates.  In order to eliminate the advantage of guesswork, one mark shall be deducted for three wrong answers (assuming choice of answers in objective type question papers is four in each question).  Result of written examination should be tabulated in order of merit of candidates.  While preparing the merit list of the written test, due care should be taken to ensure adequate availability of candidates to meet the requirement of reservations prescribed for SC, ST and OBC.


7.5          Candidates to the extent of 10(Ten) times the number of vacancies in order of merit out of those who have obtained the prescribed minimum pass marks in the written test as in para 7.4 above will be called for being subjected to PET as per standards mentioned in para 7.6 below.  Candidates will be called for PET in order of merit separately for each group of General, SC, ST and OBC.  Applications of all candidates to be called for PET should be scrutinized carefully in order to check their eligibility.


7.6          PET should be of the standard prescribed vide letter No.99/E(RRB)/25/11 dated 4.9.2002. It will be ONLY a qualifying test.  Physical Efficiency Test should be video recorded.  Passing of PET is mandatory.  Result of PET will be declared on the same day.


7.7          PET shall be supervised by different teams at different places of three Assistant Officers nominated by Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment), one of whom should be a medical officer.  One of these three officers will be nominated as the Convener.  List of candidates qualifying in the PET will be displayed on the Notice Board after finalization of the result on that day.  Officers conducting the PET shall advise the result of the test to Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) immediately after completing the tests.  Convener of the Committee shall be the final authority for deciding then and there, any dispute/representation preferred during the course of PET.


7.8          Medical examination of the candidates who have passed the written examination and PET shall be done before their empanelment.  Accordingly, only those who have passed the medical examination will be included in the final merit list.


7.9          Existing provisions of verification of the original educational/caste certificate(s) and other relevant documents of the candidates, mentioned in Para 6 of Board’s letter No.99/E(RRB)/25/2 dated 18.3.99, will be applicable.


7.10.       Panel shall be formed by Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) for the entire Zonal Railway on the basis of merit of the candidates in the Written Test and their qualifying the PET and Medical Examination.  Thereafter, Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) shall allot each successful candidate the Division/Unit after taking into account his merit position and preference of Division/Unit etc.


7.11        Currency of the panel shall be for a period of two years from the date of publication.   General Manager may extend the life of the panel by one year in case of administrative exigencies.


8.0                Budget requirement:


8.1          Expenses for a Group ‘D’ recruitment shall be calculated on the basis of the table below:


Advertisement for calling applications


Processing of Applications and dispatch of Call letters

Rs.12/- per application

Seating arrangement for conducting Written Test

Rs.4/- per seat

OMR Answer Sheets

Rs.2.5/- per set

Question Paper

Rs.20/- per set

Evaluation of Answer Sheets

Rs.2.5/- per set


Rs.1000/- per vehicle per day.


9.0          Financial Powers of Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment):


9.1          For the purpose of incurring expenditure, the same procedure as was adopted by Railway Recruitment Boards prior to issue of these orders should be followed.


9.2          Accounts  officer for each Recruitment Cell will be the FA & CAO of the Railway or the Accounts Officer nominated by him.


9.3                Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) is authorised to draw the required amount in cash from the concerned Accounts Officer/Chief Cashier after giving a certificate that the amount is required in connection with the recruitment for Group ‘D’ posts for which funds are available with him.


9.4.              Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) will arrange payment  to the coordinating supervisors of the centers to meet the expenditure connected with the conduct of examination.


9.5            Accountal of Expenditure: The Pay  Order in favour of Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) will be passed by debiting “Miscellaneous Advance Revenue– Recruitment Cell”.  On receipt  and verification of all the vouchers in  support of the exendititure incurred by Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment), the amount of advance standing as debit to Miscellaneous Advance Revenue (Recruitment Cell) will be cleared by debiting to the appropriate final head’


9.6.         It is  to be ensured that all vouchers & other documents required for the accountal of the amounts drawn in advance are  kept in safe custody of Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) and submitted to the FA & CAO/Accounts Officer nominated  by FA & CAO promptly and positively within one month of the drawal of the Advance.


9.7          For  expenditure incurred for confidential work, only a declaration by Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) stating that the amount of expenditure incurred on confidential work, shall be treated as a valid voucher for submission  to Accounts Office.  For this purpose, confidential work would  be processing of application forms & related data; setting, printing & supply  of question papers and answer sheets; evaluation of answer sheets, processing of results etc. or any other activity the disclosure of which  (names/addresses of the persons or agency) may lead to malpractices and influence the conduct of free and fair recruitment.  The original bills /vouchers related to confidential work will be retained in the custody of Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) for the period of their codal life.  


9.8                A separate accommodation of office with sufficient secured storage space with necessary lockers and furniture should be  made available to the Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) and the Cell  under him.


9.9          Since the exercise involves movement of highly sensitive and confidential material, adequate transport facilities should   be made available.


9.10        Communication facilities including Railway  and MTNL/BSNL Telephones with STD facilities, both in  office and residence of the Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment), Fax facility, internet connection, web-site, Mobile telephones and adequate number of Computers with all peripherals and LAN shall have to be provided.




Enclosure to Ministry of Railway’s letter No.E(NG)-II/96/RR-1/62 dated 18.07.2005.




                Some of the pitfalls which may lead to major problems and, therefore, need to be kept in mind and guarded against are:


1.                   Ambiguous and incomplete Employment Notice including format of the application form.

2.                   Selection of pre and post examination & printing agencies without adequate care.

3.                   Fixing of unsuitable dates for examination that conflict with other major examinations, festival season, social functions, adverse local weather conditions etc.

4.                   Not arranging adequate funds in advance.

5.                   Poor or lack of co-ordination with the agencies that can lead to inaccuracies in call letters etc.

6.                   Inadequate arrangements at inquiry window for the candidates before the examination.

7.                   Inadequate/ambiguous Directions to Divisions and examination centers.

8.                   Late setting up of question papers and inadequate/confusing directions to printer regarding delivery.

9.                   Failing to hand over confidential material to the concerned personnel in time.  Distribution of wrong material in cases of written examination of more than one category on same date.

10.                Leakage of question paper before examination.


The above list is only indicative and is not exhaustive.  Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) has to be a person with sufficient experience and skill to guard against these pitfalls.