Option for Fixed Medical Allowance in case of change of residential address by Railway pensioners

Railway Board Letter No
PC-V/98/1/7/1 dated 15.7.2002
Circular Subject
Change of residential address by Railway pensioners/family pensioners- Option for Medical Allowance
Board's letter No.PC-V/98/1/7/1 dated 21.4.99


1.          As per para 4 of Board's letter referred to above existing pensioners as well as future retirees shall have to exercise one time option in the prescribed form gto avail of medical facilities at OPD of Railway hospitals or to claim fixed medical allowance of Rs. 100/- per month.


2.      References are being received from Zonal Railways /Pus that a large number of applications are being received with request to record change of residential address and option for availing medical allowance.


3.      Matter has been considered in the Board's office. Frequent changes in residential address by a pensioner would cause hardships to the pensioners as well as to the Pension Disbursing Authorities. It is, therefore, decided that only one change in option in the lifetime of a pensioner shall be allowed, which should be supported by proper proof of change in residential address.


4.      The pensioners may apply for the change of option with proof of change in residential address to the Pension Disbursing Authorities who will forward the application to the concerned Railway Administration for processing the application for approval and advice to the Pension Disbursing Authorities.