Minimum educational qualifications for recruitment in grade pay of Rs.1800/-

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG)II/2009/RR-1/10/Pt. dated 27.04.2011
Circular Subject
Minimum educational qualifications for recruitment in PB-1 Rs.5200-20200 with grade pay of Rs.1800/-

Attention is invited to this ministry’s letter of even number dated 05/01/2011 on the above subject, stipulating therein, to continue with the existing practice that has been followed before the issue of Board’s letter of even number dated 9/12/2010 up to 31/03/2011 for appointment on compassionate grounds, engagement as substitutes (fresh face, TADK, Act Apprentices etc.) and legal heirs of accident victims where specific approval has been given by the Board.

Pursuant to references received from some of the zonal Railways and also the recognized Federations, the issue of relaxation in educational qualification for the above categories have been reviewed by the Board and it has been decided to extend the date of relaxation of the minimum educational qualification to the above categories upto 31/07/2011 beyond 31/03/2011, uniformly to all zonal Railways. Other conditions remain the same.

Further, wherever the model code of conduct for elections comes in the way, the concerned Railway may take prior clearance from the Election Commission.