Minimum cut off marks for Aptitude Test in Departmental PRomotions

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG)I-2002/PM1/31 Dated 29.3.05
Circular Subject
Psychological Test in departmental selections.
Ministry’s letter of even number dt.22.8.2003


1. As the Railways are aware in terms of instructions contained in this Ministry’s letter of even number dt.22.8.2003, Psychological Test renamed as Aptitude Test has been given a weightage of 20% in the departmental selections for promotion as ASM, Dsl/ Elec.Asstts. and Motorman and has been integrated in the selection proceedings with the stipulation that the Aptitude Test is not of qualifying nature.


2.         The Advisory Committee Constituted by the Ministry of Railways inter-alia  advise and guide the Psycho Technical cell of RDSO in the area of Aptitude Tests has recommended that the Railways may switch back to the old system of multiple cut off and qualifying status for Aptitude Test with the existing system of adding marks of aptitude test with written examination continuing for deciding the eligibility for empanelment amongst those candidates who score the minimum cut off marks and above in all the sub tests of the Aptitude Test.  This has been considered by the Board and the recommendations of the Advisory Committee accepted.  The minimum cut off marks will be as may be decided by RDSO.


The IREM, Vol. I, 1989 is accordingly amended as in the ACS No.171 .




Chapter II, Section B, Rules governing promotion of Group C Staff

Advance Correction Slip No.171


I.              In the existing Note (v) below para 219(g) for the qualifying marks “NIL” substitute the words “Minimum cut-off as may be decided by RDSO”

II.            In the existing Note (ii) below para 219 (j) against item (b) for the qualifying marks “Nil” substitute the words “Minimum cut off as may be decided by RDSO”

[Authority: Board's letter No. E(NG)I-2002/PM1/31 Dated  9-9-2003 & 29.3.05]