MACPS benefit to Guards

Railway Board Letter No
PC-V/2010/MACP/7/ECR dated 10.2.2011
Circular Subject
Grant of MACPS benefit to Guards category-clarification-reg
Railway Board’s letters dt. 10-6-09 (RBE No. 101/2009) & dt. 11-9-08 (RBE No. 108/2008)

With reference to the letter above, it is stated that the matter has been examined in consultation with Department of Personnel & Training and it is clarified that every financial upgradation is to be counted as upgradation and offset against the financial upgradation under MACPS in terms of Board’s letter dt. 10-6-09 (RBE No. 101/2009). Therefore, the placement/grant of higher Grade Pay from Goods Guard to Sr.Goods Guard on Non-functional basis should be reckoned as upgradation for the purpose of MACP Scheme.


Further, the categories of Passenger Guard (5000-8000/-) & Sr. Passenger Guard (5500-9000/-) have been merged and allotted Grade Pay of 4200/- in PB-2 vide Board’s letter dt. 11-9-08 (RBE No. 108/2008). In terms of Para-8 of the Board’s letter dt. 10-6-09 the promotion from Sr. Goods Guard to Passenger Guard should be counted for the purpose of MACPS and in terms of Para-5 of the said letter, the promotion from Passenger Guard to Sr. Passenger Guard should be ignored for MACPS. Therefore, an employee appointed as Goods Guard has earned following three promotions/financial upgradations till he reaches Mail/Express Guard, viz:-


(i) From Goods Guard to Sr. Goods Guard.

(ii) From Sr. Goods Guard to Passenger Guard.

(iii) From Sr. Passenger Guard to Mail/Express Guard (Passenger Guard to Sr. Passenger Guard to be ignored).


Thus, such employees are not entitled to any further financial upgradation under MACP Scheme.