Giving second chance and calling a day before for Aptitude Test in Compassionate ground appointment

Railway Board Letter No
E[NG]II/2006/RC-1/Genl./9 dated 04-04-2007
Circular Subject
Compassionate ground appointment – extending second chance for Aptitude Test.


The matter regarding extending second chance for appearing in Aptitude Test to those candidates who have secured qualifying marks in the written test for the post of Assistant Station Masters and Assistant Loco Pilots came up for discussion in the PNM/AIRF meeting held with Railway Board on 18th and 19th January, 2007.


            After due consideration, the Ministry of Railways [Railway Board] have decided that all candidates being considered for appointment on compassionate grounds for the post of Asst. Station Masters and Asst. Loco Pilots may be called a day prior to the test for a hands-on practice session while conducting Aptitude Test so that they are familiar with the nature of the test batteries and in exceptional cases where circumstances warrant additional [second] chance being given,  the competent authority in the Railway may consider the same only after a gap of six months duly taking into account the merit of each case.