Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) to Railway pensioners and family pensioners

Railway Board Letter No
PC-V/98/I/7/1/1 dated 07.02.2008
Circular Subject
Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance @Rs.100/- per month to Railway pensioners and family pensioners – Clarification reg


          References have been received from  Railway pensioners / family pensioners, Banks & other establishments seeking clarification on the issue of payment of Fixed Medical Allowance @ Rs.100/- per month to Railway pensioners / family pensioners irrespective of the fact whether they are members or not of RELHS, or, any other health scheme.  There have also been demands to eliminate the distance criterion of 2.5 km, for the purpose of grant of Fixed Medical Allowance. 



         In this connection, it is stated that as per extant instructions, Fixed Medical Allowance is granted to  only those Railway Pensioners / Family Pensioners, who reside beyond 2.5 kms, from Railway Hospital / Health Units, irrespective of the fact whether they are members, or not, of RELHS.  It is, reiterated, that the pensioner is, however, required to be eligible for being enrolled under a health scheme, in terms of Board’s letter No. 97/H/28/1 dated 23.10.1997 and actual enrolment under the scheme, is not compulsory.  As regards the distance limit, it is clarified that the distance limit of 2.5 kms has been imposed by Hon’ble CAT/Ernakulam and subsequently, upheld by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.  As such, altering this limit, or eliminating the same, is beyond the competence of this department.  Railways are requested to dispose of cases pertaining to Fixed Medical Allowance, on the above lines.