Calling the candidates a day prior to the Aptitude Test in departmental selections

Railway Board Letter No
E[NG]I-2002/PM1/31 Vol.II dated 20-03-2007
Circular Subject
Aptitude Test [earlier Psychological Test] in departmental selections- Calling the candidates a day prior to the test


1.           As the Railways are aware in terms of instructions contained in this Ministry’s letter of even number dated 29-03-2005 Aptitude Test in departmental selection wherever prescribed is qualifying in nature i.e., the names of those candidates who fail in the Aptitude Test are not to be included in the panels/suitability lists.  However, the marks secured in aptitude test by those candidates who score the minimum cut-off marks and above in all sub-tests of the Aptitude Test are required to be added to the marks obtained in the written test, for deciding the eligibility for empanelment.


2.         The Staff Side in the forum of DC-JCM have represented for restoration of the non-qualifying nature of Aptitude Test in the departmental selections as provided for in this Ministry’s earlier letter of same number dt. 22-08-2003.  The matter has accordingly been considered again by the Board and it has been held that in the interest of safety the existing system of Aptitude Test being of qualifying and mandatory in nature should continue and the candidates who fail to qualify the Aptitude Test should be considered for appearing again in the Aptitude Test only on qualifying the next selection/suitability tests.  However, in order to improve the performance of the candidates in Aptitude Test it has been decided that they should be called for appearing in the Aptitude Test a day prior to the actual date of holding of test for a hands-on practice session so that they get familiar with the nature of the test batteries.


3.         The provision of calling the candidates a day prior to the holding of test will be applicable to the Aptitude Tests notified on or after the date of issue of this letter.