Change of Category rules for Railway Employees

  • Requests should not normally be entertained for change of category to Commercial and other non-technical popular categories like Clerk, Accounts Clerk, Ticket Collector, Commercial Clerk, Sr. Clerk, Jr. Accounts Assistant, Commercial Apprentice, Traffic Apprentice, ECRC etc.  except in case of surplus staff and medically decategorised staff in any category.( Ref 5)

Compassionate Ground appointment

Mutual Transfer Rules

  • Railway servants transferred on mutual exchange from one cadre of a division, office or railway to the corresponding cadre in another division, office or railway shall  retain their seniority on the basis of the date of promotion to the grade or take the seniority of the railway servants with whom they have exchanged, whichever of the two may be lower. [Ref 1]
  • Minimum service - There is no minimum service conditions in case of Mutual Transfer. [Ref 2]

Promotion of Group C Staff


1. Promotion within Group C

  • Made through Selection or Non selection method.
  • Posts are categorized into Selection or Non selection for Promotion purposes by Railway Board.
  • For non-selection posts selection is primarily done on the basis of seniority cum suitability whereas for selection posts it is done primarily  on the basis of  merits.  

2. Promotion from Group D to C

Joining Time

  • For transfer in administrative interest from one station to another and appointments to permanent posts filled by competitive exam.
  • Commences on the day one relinquishes charge.
  • Not admissible if change of station is not involved.
  • Joining time is allowed based on the actual distance between old and new headquarters as follows: 

1000 Km or less

10 days

Transfer Rules

  • Normally a Railway employee is employed throughout his service on the same Railway or Railway establishment to which he is posted on first appointment.
  • A Railway employee claim as a matter of right to be transferred to any other Railway establishment.


Types of Transfer


  • Seniority means the relative position of a Railway employee in the cadre to which he belongs. Seniority may undergo certain changes in circumstances like promotion, transfer, punishments etc.

On initial Appointment

Journey on Transfer and Composite Transfer Grant

  • By Air : Officers drawing GP Rs.12000 and those in scale HAG+ and above may travel by air. Admissible for self only.
  • By Rail : Free passes are issued to Railway Employee and family.
  • By Road : If not connected by rail , Railway employee and family can travel by road. Entitlements for journeys by road will be same as admissible for journeys on tour.

Composite Transfer Grant(CTG) on transfer