Pay, Allowances and Advances

Job Profile of Commercial Clerk (CC)

Job profile

  • CC can be posted in Ticket Booking Offices (known as Booking Clerk) or in Goods Shed (Known as Goods Clerk). 

  • Booking Clerk issues tickets to Passengers (either traditional paper tickets or through computerized Unreserved Ticket System – UTS), book Luggage and parcels, supervise their loading and maintains concerned registers. Nowadays in some small stations Booking Clerk is also given additional charge of Computerized Passenger Reservation.

Projection of seventh Pay Commission (VII CPC) salary from the comparative Study of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Pay Commissions

On comparing Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Pay Commissions scales and Grade Pay, it can be seen that the salaries were normally increased 2.5 to 3 times by each Pay Commissions. Here is a comparative study of last three Pay Commission scales.


4th CPC Pay scale w.e.f. 1.1.1986

Running Allowance

  • Running allowance is an allowance granted to running staff for the performance of duty directly connected with the charge of moving trains and includes “Kilometreage allowance” or “Allowance in lieu of Kilometreage” but excludes special compensatory allowances. This allowance is paid on the Kilometreage basis calculated at the rates specified per hundred kilometers. (Ref 1)

Hostel Subsidy

  • Hostel Subsidy means reimbursement of expenses incurred by the Railway employee if he/she keeps his/her children in a hostel of a residential school/institution located beyond a distance of 50 kilometers from his/her residence. (Ref 3 & 8)
  • It may include expenses towards boarding, lodging and other expenses permitted for Children Education Allowance (See below). (Ref 3)     

Fixation of Pay on Promotion

  • In the case of promotion from one grade pay to another in the revised pay structure, one increment equal to 3% of the sum of the pay in the pay band and the existing grade pay will be computed and rounded off to the next multiple of 10. (Ref 2)

  • In the case of calculation of increments under the revised pay structure, paise should be ignored, but any amount of a rupee or more should be rounded off to next multiple of 10. (Ref 4)

Job Profile Of Health & Malaria Inspector (HI)

  • Health and Malaria Inspector normally work in big railway stations or under a Railway Hospital.
  • Duties of HI are supervisory in nature and there will no night shift. He will supervise cleanliness of station and sanitation. He will have staff working under him for cleaning, sanitation. He will have to collect water samples and send lab for testing.  Malaria related duties previously assigned on HI are almost gone.

Recruitment (Ref 1)