General Railway Topics

FOIS enquiries/Reports

  • FOIS will have online information pertaining to basic data. Therefore information will be available from the system in real time in the form of Reports and Enquiries.
  • Reports can be programmed to print at specified time at specific places like the morning operating position. Or they can be programmed to be printed automatically in select yards on the route of the train. 

Industrial relations in railways

Budget Speech 2012-13

I assign highest importance to continuance of healthy and harmonious tradition of industrial relations across length and breadth of Indian Railways. In recognition of the commitment of the employees to the organisation and their contribution to increasing the productivity, Indian Railways paid the Productivity Linked Bonus equivalent to wages of 78 days for 2010-11.

Industrial Harmony

Trade Union movement in Indian Railways

  • With the formation and recognition of employees organization the management cannot make unilateral decisions that affect employee relationships.
  • Decisions relating to policies on employment, transfer ,promotion, training, adoption of latest technology, wages,  lay off are no longer can be determined unilaterally by the management and employees unions has to be consulted.

Employees Organisations and Trade Union History of Indian Railways

  • Trade union history of Indian Railways is as old as the labour movement in India. The trade union movement in India had been the child of industrial development.
  • The first employees organization in IR is formed in 1897 under the name of “Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants of India and Burma” in the backdrop of a strike conducted by Guards.

Early Trade Unions in Railway Companies
Many Railway Trade union movements sprang up in different Railways during 1918-21. Important among them were:

Single file system

  • The main purpose of the single file system is to have the full picture of a subject in one file itself.
  • A single file contains two parts, namely the correspondence portion on the left hand side  and noting portion on the right hand side.
  • There should be no noting on the letters attached to the files on the left hand side, except endorsement of Officers calling for file, marking previous reference numbers and references to other files.
  • A file cover can run up to 300 folios.

THE INDIAN RAILWAYS STRIKE OF 1974:A Study of Power and Organised Labour

Indian Railways strike of 1974 is a saga of heroism of ordinary railway workers and their families who dared  to stand up against the might of the Indian state. It is the most widespread revolt by the working class in independent India and the biggest strike in the history of Indian Railway. How many of us know about this heroic story of the ordinary railwaymen resisting terror unleashed by the Indira Gandhi regime?Indian Railways strike of 1974