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Establishment Rules

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Indian Railways establishment rules are detailed in Indian Railways Establishment codes, Manuals and any changes will be notified through Gazette as well as Circulars from Railway Board.  Some of the extracts of the establishment rules are reproduced on this site.


The articles are intended to be interpretation of Establishment Rules detailed in Manuals and Codes.  In any case of any doubt readers are requested to refer the Manuals and Circulars published on the Indian Railways website.

Railway employee Establishment Rules



sir i passed medical test in

sir i passed medical test in C2 but actully i should have passed in C1 is there any relaxation for SC/ST employee

Sir, I am selected in

Sir, I am selected in Technician Gr-3 cat No. 20 Diesel  at under RRB Board, I got NR region , when i call for Medical examination my result was publish on RRBALD site on 25.06.2012 but till now i m not getting any letter regarding final result and medical examination, any body guide me what i should do

Your result has just been

Your result has just been published. You may have to wait many more months before to get letter from Division. Just wait.

Sir pls clear my doubt, Any

Sir pls clear my doubt, Any Un reserved railway employee is eligible for age relaxation? according to his service, if he wants to apply for higher posts in other services through proper channel.

Relaxation "upto three years

Relaxation "upto three years (including apprentice categories) in respect of serving Railway employees applying for direct recruitment to initial categories" permitted as per IREM para 115


          respected sir

                                   i am working as sr.clerk at present in electrical(op)department.i was appointed as an ALP with pay in scale 3050-4590 on 21/02/2002. Later i was medically decategorised and fit in A3 and below. i was posted as junior clerk with pay in scale 4000-6000 on 25/04/2006.
i was promoted as sr.clerk with pay in scale 4500-7000 on 10/07/2008. please let me know with detailed statement what is the basic pay & GP to be as on 01/07/2012 after drawing annual increment in july 2012, if i opted for pay fixation from 01.01.2006.


k. jagadeesh


It depednds on your Basic Pay

It depednds on your Basic Pay on 01.01.2006

sir, If 80% of the previous


If 80% of the previous question paper for promotional quota repeated in the LDCE examination, is there any  provision for re-conducting the exam

There is no such provision.

There is no such provision. But an employee can approach court saying suspected fraud.

Sir,        I have joined


       I have joined railways in Feb' 2005 as an App. Section Engg in TRD dept.(now GP4600) in Central Railway and completed my training in Feb'2006 (1 yr training). I want to know that on which date i will get my seniority, is it from year 2005 or 2006. Also tell me that if i didnt get a promotion till 2016 then when i will get my MACP in next grade, is it in 2015 or 2016. 

     Please tell me that can i get a mutual transfer with another RRB Section Engg. of Electrical general Dept.

      Thank you

You will get your seniority

You will get your seniority only from 2006. The same for MACP(you will get only in 2016).

You can get Mutual Transfer with SE electrical if both the departments agree.

Respected Sir, I am working

Respected Sir,

I am working as Ch.OS with GP 4600/-,in BSP Division (SECR) belongs to  SC community in Electrical Depot, another person also working as Ch.OS with GP 4600/- in Secunderabad (SCR) belongs to ST community in Electrical Depot , sir we are interested to submit our mutual ,please give a suggestion if it possible or not .  

If both are ready to accept

If both are ready to accept recruitment level seniority it is possible. Otherwise no.

I f both is ready to apply

I f both is ready to apply mutual in recruitment level , both are graduates 

MY PARTICULARS                                                             mut Particulars

 DOA.26/05/1998                                                               02/09/1989

Intl App:App Assistant Driver (950-1500)                       Jr.clerk (950-1500)

 Now my Basic :20030/-

Desig: Ch.os  GP 4600/-                                                    OS GP 4600/- (Got through MACP)

1.How much GP will fixed?

2.Whom seniority will fixed?(I am the CH.os ,My mutual partner o.s but got GP 4600/- through MACP)

3.If my basic reaches 20200 /-  will stagnate or not ?



Retired Chief Controller, H.No.26-44-23/1st floor,
Venkataramana Colony IInd Lane,
Behind Mahatma Gandhi College,
GUNTUR – 522002. Mobile: 08019443692
Mail ID:

The Secretary,
National Federation of Indian Railway men,
New Delhi.

Respected Sir,’
Sub: Grievances and haraasment
Ref: 1. DLSA/Guntur PG 589/2011 dated 24..12..2011.
2. Sr.DPO/GNT letter No.SCR/P-GNT/661/4/KDPR/63/2010 dated 12..04..2012.
3. My application addressed to the DLSA/GNT sent through Registered post Ack/ Due
Bearing No. A RN627995894IN dated 10th May 2012.

Most respectfully submit that I, Kona Durga Poleeswar Rao, s/o. late Satyanarayana, belong to Turpu Kapu come under BC (D) group from Parvathipuram, Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh state, presently residing in H.No.26-44-23/1st floor, Venkataramana Colony 2nd Lane, Behind Mahatma Gandhi College, Guntur respectfully submit the following few lines for your kind information and necessary action please. It is to submit that I have retired voluntarily on 31st October 2009 due to Heart Disease having 3 major blocks. As per the oral instructions given by the DLSAto send the grievances for disposal which was accepted by the representative on behalf of DRM/Sr.DPO/GNT. Who is neither attmpted to solve my grievance and not attending the DLSA/GNT on 9th May 2012 and 31st May 2012.
It is requested to give item wise replies along with the statements for the money paid with along with their acknowledgements.
It is to submit that even though my self retired in the month of October 2009; despite representations I am not provided with the Pensioner’s ID card and Medical Card till date. It is further to submit that an amount of Rs.10/- were deducted from my settlement amount. The processing of the Pension Papers is to be started from the day of the receipt of the VRS application vide extant railway establishment Rules.
It is to submit that I was under sick list from 16-02-2009 to 08-10-2009 as per SICK and FIT Certificates, dt. 16.02.2009 and dt. 08.10.2009, issued by Senior M.S., Guntur. Immediately after reporting for duty on 09.10.2009, I got the letter of commutation duly forwarded by the DOM/GNT along with the original AMC/DMC bearing No.952273. The same was regularized on 13.09.2010 only after direction of the DLSA/Guntur. I have applied for the due CLS and taken LPR without performing any duty and finally retired on 31st October 2009. Despite of the Legal Notice, dt.08.02.2010 , which was acknowledged on 09.02.2010 along with the Awards given by the Lok Adalat Guntur in O.S.No. 793/2009, on the file of the Prl., Senior Civil Judge, Guntur, dt.21.01.2010 and in O.S.No. 1029/2009, on the file of the 3rd Addl., Junior Civil Judge, Guntur, dt.21.01.2010 for a total amount of Rs. 1,84,942/- was withhold willfully which was released only after the intervention by the DLSA/Guntur in Notice No. 120/2010, dt.24.07.2010. These amounts could have been paid along with the other amounts paid on 26.02.2010 .
It is to submit that I have applied for selection to the post of Section Controller in the year 1986 (as per avenue channel of promotion) from Guards Pool and got qualified in the selection. While coming into the stationary grade I am given a pay element of 30% and fixed in the promotional grade. In the olden days the pay scales of the running staff were too meager and the mileage rates were increased from Rs.6/- to that of 150/-. Despite given the pay element as it is a huge financial loss, the Administration felt it necessary to give Allowance in Lue of Kilometrage for the running staff performing the stationary duties. Now the pay scales of the Mail Guard and the Chief Controller is Rs.9,300 – 34,800, except a slight difference in the Pay Band dt.21.01.2010 . Sri. J. K. Naik who joined into the Guards cadre in the year 1989 is drawing Rs.5,000/- over and above me in the form of Pension. The Welfare Officer Guntur should have referred this anomaly to the Anomaly Committee for redressal.
It is to submit that the Sr.DPO/GNT stated that the P.L.C.No. 120/2010 was dismissed by the Hon’ble DLSA/Guntur where as the said matter was closed for the reason of non-cooperation of the Sr.DPO/GNT which fact is apparent from the record. Sr.DPO/GNT stated that I have represented the APHRC/Hyderabad the case was posted to 11th June 2012. My wife represented the case to the APWOMEN’S Commission who has dismissed the case stating the case pending with the APHRC/Hyderabad. In all the three cases irrelevant replies are given.
1. Fixation of pay:
a. Difference in DA/Increment for January 2006 to March 2006 - not given
b. Normal increment which is to be given in July 2009 - not given
c. As per RBE257/2004 financial up gradation is to be given for an employee who completes 12 years of service in one grade and completes 24 years of regular service dt.21.01.2010 . In my case my date of appointment is 29.07.1976 and I am in Deputy Chief Controller grade in scale Rs.2000-3200 from 22.11.1988 (Sr.DPO/BZA letter No. B/P.535/VI/2 dated 22.11.1988). I have been empanelled to the post of Chief Controller in scale 6500-10500 vide Sr.DPO/BZA letter No.B/P.535/VI/2/Vol.2. dt.12.09.2001). In this case I have been in DY.Chief Controller grade for about 12 years 11 months.
d. RB letter No. FT/8(5)/97-E.III/E.IV dated 29..12..1997 one increment is to be given as per the Vth Central Pay Commission Norms in view of my normal increment fall on 01.01.1996.
e. As per RBE No. 101/2009 MACP is to be given in the intervals of 10, 20 and 30 years of continuous regular service. For this purpose only the date of entry into the railways is to be taken into consideration. Restructuring promotions and selection posts should not be taken into consideration. In my case I am due for financial up gradation in 1986, 1996 and 2006 whereas I am given MACPIII duly ignored MACP I & II.
f. As per F.No. 1/1/2008-IC dt.13.09.2008 I am to be given one increment on 01..01..2006 in the pre-revised scale and then fixation done as per VIth Central Pay Commission norms.
g. As per F.No.7(20)/2008-E.III(A) dt. 24.09.2008 the increment given towards small family norms for 9300-34800 grade employees is Rs.500/- whereas I am given only Rs.250/-. While fixing the revised pension the family planning allowance was not taken into consideration.
h. As per letter No. 38/64/98-P&PW(F) dated 1st May 2012 issued by the Department of Pensions and Public Grievances interest to be paid for the delayed payments @12% by the Commissioner concerned on all the delayed payments .

As per the Railway Board instructions the settlements should be finalized on the day of superannuation/VRS . The Indian Railways were very kind enough to arrange the Pension just like salary following the retirement month . In my case some of the benefits were released in February 2010 and Pension is drawn from May 2010. The delay resulted a case filed on me by money lender in the Guntur Court. I have taken a personal loan from the State Bank of India which was not cleared till date. The SBI authorities have given a legal notice on me for failure to pay the loan amount to which I have replied . Whereas it was stated to the Court that the delay is taken place only due to non cooperation by me needs evidential proof.
It is to submit that I am not utilized in the capacity of supervisor from the formation of the Division till the date of the VRS for the following reasons.
a. Guntur Division is formed on 01.03.2004.
b. As per the instructions of the Railway Board after completion of one year the Division has to procure their own men and material. The same is failed.
c. Not given posting orders as Supervisory in view of 5 Chief Controllers existed.
d. Duty Rosters were given to the TNCs, SCORs and Deputy. CHCs but not to the CHC.
e. I was deputed to work in Time Table duty for a period of two spells 4 months in 2004 and for one month in 2005.
f. Not discipated the duties of CHC in view of 2 CHCs exhisted.
g. The then DOM/Guntur with a view to accommodate my junior as the CHC in-charge at one stage ordered to work under my junior in shift duties. The instructions were revoked only after interference by the SCRES/Guntur.
h. I am given huge banging’s, memorandums shouting for not available round the clock and at no fault of mine I was awarded 36 months increment withheld which was reduced to that of CENSURED by the then ADRM/GNT after personal hearing Sri. G. Kumar senior most CHC to me was posted with a view not to utilize me in the capacity of the supervisor.

i. The clarification letter given by the DOM/Guntur vide letter No.GNT/Optg./T.305/KDP/2010 stated that I am utilized in the capacity of supervisor and in shift duties. Despite the inspection report by the RLC(Central) Vijayawada and his 2 D.O. letters the action is siphon by both the Optg./Personnel Branches The out come of their negligence caused me heart disease ultimately VRS duly foregone huge financial loss in the form of various benefits besides lost a valuable service period of about 7 years and treat the period of sickness as on duty and ex-gratia paid.
2. It was submitted that I have put in up a service period of 33 years and my settlements were finalized without observed the rules concerned as mentioned herein before. The ignorance of the rules prevailed in many ways. For example the selection for the post of AOM/ACM is processed in the month of September 2008 and is to be finalized by December. Despite the instructions to finalize the seniority lists by December every year whereas in this selection delayed till 16-02-2009 duly added the names even after.
3. As per MC16 item 1.(IV) it is clear that the compassionate appoint may be given to the wards of the employees who were crippled while in service due to Heart attack or Cancer. The Railway Board given clearance that even if the wards are highly qualified appointment will be given suitably.
4. Point No. g at page No.2 of the reply submitted by the respondent is not at all correct because my sick period is 16.02.2009 to 08.10.2009.
5. It was mentioned vide item No.(F) that my pensioner benefits were drawn on the last pay drawn Rs.27,390/- but where as my last pay drawn is 28,420
It is come to understand that the respondent willfully delaying in my settlement work. Any further delay will cause serious mishap. Further it is to submit that my case represented to the Ministry of Pensions and Public Grievances vide the registration Number DOPPW/P/2010/18721 dated 28th Oct 2010. The case was with the EDPG Railways since 27th Jan 2012.
It is to submitted that the Sr.DPO/GNT commented that I am of complaining nature. The Sr.DPO/GNT should have not given the room for genuine complaint. In the light of the facts submitted it is prayed to issue instructions to conduct necessary inquiry and to finalize the benefits and entitlements at an early date.
It is prayed to sanction kitpass as well retirement grant only after all my settlements are finalized.

Thanking you Sir,

Yours faithfully,

(K. D. P. Rao)
Dated: 25th May 2012

R/S         I'm working in


        I'm working in S&T. PL tell me what are the conditions to appear higher Ed for working employees in rly. Now I'm preparing M.Sc by correspondence education. July 2012 I'm going to write exams. Shall i eligible for apply general competitive exams like RRB,SSC.....also LDC in rly.

When you are pursuing a

When you are pursuing a higher study it is better to inform the Railways. Write a letter to DPO informing this.

You can apply for any exam RRB, SSC ..... But you have to apply through proper channel or get NOC. For LDC you dont need any permission. Just apply when they call for the exam.

Respected Sir,   I have

Respected Sir,

  I have  decatogarized  from Loco pilot (G)  on Dt.12.02.2009 medical board give fit in C-ONE and bellow  for sedentary job only and screening committee decided and posted me in ministerial department under ADEE/TRD office as O.S after few days  Sr.DPO issued letter posted to me as CREW CONTROLLER (SHIFT) as advice of Sr.DEE(OP). After came in this job I got lot of health problems for ex. my B.P raises from 140(when MD) to 200 .Sir,   my question is 1. what is the medical standard of  CREW CONTROLLER(SHIFT),   2. Above said officers are authorized to posted me with out guidelines of  railway doctor (Doctor  also member  in screening committee).3. If my health is decreases of fitness who is the responsibility (Doctor advice for me every day do 45 minutes brisk walk  in view of cardiac     I have not done this due to shift duty)



As IRMM for all the

As IRMM for all the Controllers medical is C1 only needed.

Doctors role in this is to just issue the category you are fit for.
After DPO and Departmental officers decide in which alternate post you can be fit. Since Doctor gave you fit in C1 you can be posted in any c1 job.








Normally since you leave for

Normally since you leave for a lower grade post, you have to pay back the stipend amount. But as the Railway rules are complicated with hundreds of laws and bye laws they can relieve you without any payment. All depends on your DPO. (There are cases of people left without paying  anything in similar circumstances).

Please guide me as what to

Please guide me as what to study for the post of welfare inspector.




Pass Rules, HOER, Industrial

Pass Rules, HOER, Industrial Relations, Workmen Compensation Act, Seniority Rules, Promotion rules, MACP, Fixation rules. Consult IREM & IREC and all articles under Estblishment Rules on this site.

Dear sir i am a sr Alp in

Dear sir i am a sr Alp in railway . I punished for three increment with non-cumulative from july 2011.As per my seniority my promotion training to Loco pilot is so nearer. Sir please tell me after my training when promotion effect can i get promotion or not ? Or when i get promotion to LP?

If the penalty is a bar to

If the penalty is a bar to promotion it should have been said so in your penalty advice. If it is not mentioned you will get promotion.

SIR      WHAT IS J.P.O. ?



JPO is joint procedure order.

JPO is joint procedure order. On what subject you search? It can be  by Board, Zonal level or any other level.





You can apply. If the said

You can apply. If the said JPO is not of a confidential matter you can get a copy.

sir,mujhe compensation 

sir,mujhe compensation  ground key adhar par mujhe appoint Kia gaya. appoint key pahale mane group 'C' ki exam diya , aur pass kar gaya. mujhe 3 years(12.02.2005 to11.02.2008) ki training ke liye bheja  gaya.12.02.2008 se mujhe tech-3 ke post par appoint kiya gaya. 6th pay commission ke anusar sabhi rail employee ko  brtan aur betan briddhi ka labh 01.01.2006 se diya gaya, par mujhe sirf  12.02.2008 tak betan briddhi ka labh diya gaya hai. administration ni 01.01.2006 se 11.02.2008 ke bich ka arrears dene se mana kar dia. KYA YEH SAHI HUA HAI MERE SATH. jab ki compansation ground ke adhar par hi clerk-2 ke post par appoint kiye gaye employee ko betn aur betan briddhi dono ka labh diya gaya, sath hi ye bhi kahana chahta hoon ki clerk-2 post par appoint employee ne mere sath hi compansation ground ke  adhar par aayojit group 'C' ki exam me samil hua tha.

आपं 2008 तक training मे

आपं 2008 तक training मे थाsad!Clerk  कोtraining  नही हे!

SIR, clerk-2 par jisne join

SIR, clerk-2 par jisne join kiya usne koi special exam to nahi di thi na. agar mujhe tech-3 ki training ke liye bheja gaya to isme meri kya galati hai? 6th pay commision ke anusar sabhi regular rail employee ko arrear ka bhugatan 01.01.2006 se diya gaya hai. jabaki mujhe nahi diya gaya hai. is ke anusar mai (ANUKAMPA KE ADHAR PAR NIYUKT HUA HOO) to regular employee nahi hua. .. aur clerk-2 me jisne join kia wo regular employee hua?             . SIR, kindly ye batane ki kripa kare ki ANUKAMPA ke adhar par niyukt employee railway ka regular employee hai ya nahi?. NOTE- MERE SATH KUCHH CANDIDATE JO MERE SATH HI GROUP-C KI EXAM DIYA, MAGAR WO DISQUALIFY HO GAYE, AUR GROUP-D ME JOIN KIYE THE, UN SABHI CANDIDATE KO BHI ARREAR KA LABH 01.01.2006 SE HI DIYA GAYA HAI. MERE LIYE QUALIFY KARANA TO PUNISHMENT HO GAYA.

It is very unfortunate. But

It is very unfortunate. But wherever training is prescribed for a Railway job, the regular posting comes only after successful completion of training. Your friend who got Clerk was more fortunate than you.

how to see our monthly pay

how to see our monthly pay slip on internet  please tell me

The facility is not available

The facility is not available on internet.

sir my basic is 8130 and

sir my basic is 8130 and appointed on 05/04/2006 if i up grade by 2400 gp . what would be my new basic . working under s.e.pway ( jhargram )

Are you not getting a pay

Are you not getting a pay slip showing your salary particulars?

sir, me JE,MECH.(c&w)(9300 to

sir, me JE,MECH.(c&w)(9300 to 34800) me training kr rha hu, is se phle me ass. loco pilot(5200 to 20200) three years work kiya. mene JE join krne se phle NOC ke liye apply kiya tha but unhone NOC dene se mna krdiy unka khna he ki ap ne exam ke tim NOC ku nhi mangi ,ab muzpe cleam(1700000 Rs.) kr rhe he,mene yha pichle job ke bare me koi jankari nhi di he. sir me bhut presan hu,mera future hi brbad ho jayega kya muze rly. drop krna pd skta he kya is problem ka koi solution he, pls give the ans.............


i want to work as railway school teacher where should i go
to achieve my goal.can i work in loan ( teacher)
pl advise me the way or rule

The only possibilty is RRB

The only possibilty is RRBsad

सर मेरा सेक्शन इजीनियर Post

सर मेरा सेक्शन इजीनियर Post पर चयन हो चुका है अब Join करने वाला हु मैँ 1साल SSC मे 4200 Grade pay पर काम कर रहा हु जबकि मैँने अभी तक Railway मे कही पर भी Job के बारे मे नही बताया है और ना ही मेँ Previous Job को रेलवे मे count करवाना चाहता हु और Fresh Joining करना चाहता हु
तो मुझे पहले वाले विभाग मे क्या लिख कर त्यागपत्र देना ठीक रहेगा

Think twice before joining

Think twice before joining Railway. There is a difference of Rs.400/- in grade pay, but lot of difference in culture. Take opinion of any railway employee close to you or call me on 09004471826.

dear sir in emp. notice

dear sir
in emp. notice 01/2012 sr section engg. post apllication form can i apply for more then 1 category in the same rrb .

i want to join a lower pay

i want to join a lower pay grade job from the present Indian railway job which is higher grade. i am getting age relaxation for my service experience in Indian railwaysand want to join a job in SSC graduate level. what are the way to do? my age is now 32+ and need age relaxation to be eligible 

Normally they dont give NOC

Normally they dont give NOC for a lower grade post. You can try to get from DPO concerned. In that case you may get your service benefit.

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